Saturday, December 20, 2014

SWTOR: Sniper & Sith

If you've ever played SWTOR then you are probably already familiar with this set. It's what happens when Snipers try to PvP against a Jugg/Guardian (or well any other class tbh). It's 36 pics of epic Star Warzy goodness at

Btw, was playing a bit of SWTOR a couple months ago to get some ideas for this set. Remember when I said that SWTOR was a horrible game and not worht playing ever (or something like that). Well I was wrong, it got better. Actually worth subbing for a month or two and playing. It's still a themepark MMO so once you've hit all the rides, you're pretty much done. Not alot of replayability after that. But the game is pretty fun until you reach that point. So if you bailed on it before (like I did) think about giving it another shot.

Oh and fixed the Zen Halloween set links for those that are still members. Why you would be a member I don't know. Seriously not worth it.

But what you are probably more interested in is "y no updates 4 so long?!". Well mostly it's cuz I don't give a fuck anymore. In fact this is probably the last update for a good long while. It's what happens when I get screwed by my payment provider for a good amount of money - like the amount that some of you make in 6 months. Imagine that, you work at your job for half a year and then don't get paid for it. Awesome! Amirite? 'Course I could just get a different payment provider. Hell I could just get a merchant account (like Epoch advised in a comment *fistbump*). Either one is super easy to do. Problem is I'd have to wipe my site due to content. No tentacles, no beastiness, no alcohol, no non-con. And what's the fun in that? There is a reason that Affect3D, Rotica, and other places don't carry stuff like I do. Not cuz they have some high and mighty moral objection to it. It's cuz they work with reputable payment processors, y'know the kind that DON'T fuck you over. So I could switch to doing vanilla pr0n, but bleh. There's already a million people doing that.

So yeah not really happy about all that. And then tack on to that the piracy bullshit. When I was giving away free downloads to members, this shit would be up on sites within an hour. Which was bad enough when it was just happening to me. But when other artists (Zen, Hibbli, Zafo, Vaesark) are getting ripped from my site it's just.... yeah. Fuck that. In fact, fuck all y'all. Well not all of you. Really it's just a small segment. So fuck them. They are the reason we can't have nice things. And if you are the type that doesn't support the artist and leeches off pirates... well you're kinda the problem too. Sorry, truth hurts. (Mind you piracy does provide an advertising benefit to some extent. However the current state of it is so far beyond that level that it is causing far more harm to artists than any benefit they could possibly get.)

So what it comes down to is... I'm pretty much done. Updates will be few and far between. This shit ain't fun no more. That's all folks!

.... or is it?

Well no, it's probably not. Cuz pr0n is like crack - it's not something you just walk away from. And I had a choice, I could either whine like a bitch about my situation, or I could do something about it. But fuck binary choices. I'm gonna do both! I'll be a whiny bitch AND do something about it! And that something is games. Everyone is doing pic sets. Very few are doing games - and those that are, are mostly RPGMaker. I'm thinking like full 3d games. And that's where the Unity game engine comes in.

It ain't easy, but it ain't exactly hard either. And little known fact, I actually used to be a halfway decent C++ coder. C# isn't that much different. Plus, picked up the upgrade to Poser GameDev which makes import/export formats and polygon reduction a hell of alot easier. So I got that going for me. But still alot of other stuff to put together - voice sets, music, level making, etc. And then of course pr0n renders to splice in (cuz everything is better with pr0n!). Not a small amount of work for one person. Which is why you're not gonna see alot of me. Gonna be busy!


Little Matty said...

Well seeing an update from you made my Christmas Mongo! Looks like a great set too!

Mongo fans! If you give a fuck about Mongo's 3d Art ( which is the best in the world ) and you want him to keep up the awesome work - then give him a reason to keep it going strong and buy this set! BUY THIS SET! And you know what if you really like Mongo's Art like I do, then buy multiples of this set or whatever set you like best because it's dirt cheap anyway! Load your cart up in Mongo's store with your favorite sets and show your support!
Please Mongo keep following your passion! Thank you for your hard work! Have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Little Matty. If possible, I want to take it a step further and ask if you would be interested in starting up with commissions again, MB. You're one of my favorite artists in this business and while I can see how it can drive people like you to the point of not giving a fuck anymore, I hope you can consider this option as a good alternate method for you to continue releasing relatively smaller sets while possibly getting a higher return on your investment. If the last 6 months of lost payment have really been hell for you, let us know if you need any help to offset expenses on future releases.

I'm sure for a lot of us, your work stands out because it is so different from anything else going on right now. For your type of craft to keep going for as long as it has, there had to be that passion behind it. But if your passion has truly moved on to creating games, I look forward to seeing your characters realized in a new format. Though to be honest, the time it would probably take for that to become a reality compared to seeing a new picture set of yours doesn't sound too appealing. These past two months have felt torturous for a lot of us and while I'm sure you've got plenty of other things on your mind, I don't look forward to a future of even fewer MB sets and updates.

Hopefully, you can consider all of these options I discussed going forward. In the meantime, thanks for this awesome new set. I have a feeling this new girl is going to become a new favorite. Thanks again for your time, effort, and keeping up what you've been doing for the past few years and I can't wait to see what comes next. Have a good holiday and all that stuff too.

Trond said...

Didnt think I would like a set with that sniper chick, but it seems like you made it very good. Will buy it once I get on my desktop.

And I agree with all Magic Dude says. A game feels like it takes too long time to create as opposed to 2d sets like this. I also fear that you won't be able to sustain your uniquely awsome personal graphical quality in a game based on the unity engine.

And besides, there are so many other ideas for good 2d sets.

I also am not sure you have tried out all options regarding keeping to your old model. Have you looked at foreign service providers for example?

Faro09 said...

That's funny, I just recently picked up SWTOR again myself. Around the time they released Revan last week. Your previous swtor sets inspired me to start a Mirialan female, the green species for those of you who don't know. I even fleshed out a backstory and wrote an erotic adventure for her, though I don't think it'll fit quite right in the lore of star wars. I agree with the pvp, it's brutal on my server. Kind of demotivating actually. Then again I rolled a Sage/Sorc who are fairly squishy so...

Anyway, I made a purchase. First time doing it outside of the sub. They do require a lot of information out of you that's for sure. Haven't seen the set myself yet, but from the samples it looks great. I absolutely love the holo projection of the naked twi'lek. I've always fantasized that about the projections. Might inspire me to start up a twi'lek, though I think they made them Republic only species now.

I was wondering what had happened to you. Now I see the frustrations of all the payment stuff have put you off the whole thing. I don't blame you, I'd get demotivated too. Glad to see you're still working your creative juices and with a video game no less. That project seems interesting. You definitely have the modeling skills. The main reason I keep coming back to you is because I like the look of your stylized females. They're toony, and yet sexy and that's what I love. I look forward to see what you can accomplish next year.

Adam said...

Fuck you and your "Shitty-low-rez-sets". I'm done with you too, Mongo. Try throwing less trash at monthly-paying members.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually not sure how to react. Your site was one of the few I felt worthwhile maintaining a constant subscription to when I'd only subscribe every once in a while to others. So, I'm disappointed that we won't see the annual Mynxie getting stuffed for Christmas... or my favorite series... your annual Spring Breaks.

On the other hand, does that mean you'd be more open for commissions? It probably could give some supplemental income while you're working on the game and they'd be images instead of whole sets. That'd be awesome and I'd certainly invest in that!

MongoBongo said...

@ Matty & Magic Dude - LOL no one set purchase is fine. It's not like I'm in dire financial straits - I'm rather frugal with my pennies so I have enough to live on. A better analogy probably would have been "You were promised a bonus and worked your ass off for 6 months to earn it and then they don't give it to you". I'm more annoyed at not getting what i earned than actually "needing" it per se - though everybody needs money.

@Trond & Faro - Oh no, it wouldn't be the same quality of models at all - and keep in mind I don't even make these models, I just morph and texture them. The DAZ V4 model I use is about 150K polygons, while a typical good-quality game model is only about 13K polys. So no, definitely would not be the same quality in-game. I'm thinking more along the lines of gameplay and then adding pics in as cutscenes etc.

@Adam - ZOMG! I R SO ANGRY RITE NOW!!!!... wait.. no I'm not. You're obviously a troll or a complete idiot. I've been saying for months that subscription is no longer worth it. Hell, it says it right in this post... gitgud nub, lrn2troll

@(Google Hashtag) - Commissions? eh, maybe. Always open to ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. It's still December. What would it take for you to make another one of your annual Mynxie sets, MB? In case you feel up for it, let us know what you would need from us (or privately, if you prefer) to get one done.

Kraveortic said...

Adam encapsules the bitchy whiny types that want the best but are willing to pay the least for it. You Mongo are one of the BEST 3Derotic artists around and in terms of the diversity of characters you use there is simply no one else out there doing what you can do. I would pay more for your sets, hell a shitty e comic from amazon is like twelve bucks. Dont let the haters get to you, dont let them keep you down I hope you keep doing your art and if you do I will buy.

Lazy Fuck said...

Well, it's sad to have confirmation that you're going taking a sabbatical from the scene for the foreseeable future, but your posts for the last while have made it pretty clear that you're getting fed up with several aspects of things and that this was coming. I'll miss your sets and the wide breadth of content that they range across...

...but at the same time I can't say as I'll miss it as much as some of the other posters here. I don't mean to sound dismissive, but your attitude towards piracy is a little tiresome to read. Not to say that you don't have legitimate grievances, because you certainly do, but acting like it's gotten worse over the last few years or quitting over it just seems a little melodramatic to me.

I say this by the way, as someone who has actually pirated 3D content in the past, yours included. I've had a subscription to your site for a good chunk of the last few years and usually try to pay for some content from artists I like when I feel I have the money to justify paying for porn (which I normally do these days). It's just porn is, like any other business, to some degree a zero sum game for the consumer, because paying for one artist's stuff usually means they can't afford to pay for another artist's stuff. It's just porn is, to some degree, a zero sum game, at least for the consumer, because paying for one artist's stuff normally means there's another artist they can't afford to pay for, at least in the short term. Add to that that access to pirated content is so simple and quick through sites like Exhentai and it makes far too tempting a target to by pass for many, especially those short on funds.

I tried to make this point to Vaesark a year or so back and got nothing but dismissal from him for doing so because I felt he was overcharging relative to some of the other content available on your site and may have seen better results overall if he'd charged less but sold more - so I could be facing exactly the same thing here. I don't, by the way, believe you're overcharging or really making any real missteps, because your site was easy to navigate and subscription made it simple to keep up to date with new content and so on. I say this more to make the point that piracy is a problem that simply isn't going to go away. You can minimize it by making content easy to get (which you have), something that Hollywood learned the hard way (and the long way), but which new companies like Netflix took to heart and made a bundle from - but it will always exist and will almost always be up within short order regardless of what you do. Throwing spittle online about it isn't really going to do anything beyond perhaps make you feel better, but at the cost of occasionally annoying some of your userbase. A better option to my mind is to vent to friends, not your followers.

I certainly would never be advocating people buy multiple copies of your set or anything of the sort. I want you to succeed, but people doing that is just plain stupid. Donations would be a simpler option if they really want to pay more than the cost of a single set. I also would be wary of the suggestion though because one of the guys making it sounds quite similar to the shitposter Zen, Zzomp and others have been suffering recently who talks a big game about paying for content he wants to see at every possible opportunity but never actually pays for stuff by the looks of things having spoken to Zen.

I hope you get over this funk in the future and I really hope to see more sets from you since I would have similar reservations to others about video games, but I really hope you learn to just live with piracy in future instead of making a big drama out of it at the same time.

Best of luck in the future and Happy Christmas regardless.

Little Matty said...

Mongo is the best artist with the best monsters and creative really hardcore sets so I think he should charge more for each set. I would gladly pay at least 19 bucks for a set like his TMNT or the SAO Leafa with that giant red beast!

MongoBongo said...

@Kraveortic - I don't know man, I didn't get that so much from his post. On face value it's a legit complaint - "I'm paying for sub but not getting my money's worth". Which is true, and amazingly enough it's exactly what I've been saying for months. that the subscrip is NOT worth it. Hence the reason I think he's just a troll. - And I do appreciate that you think my work is worth that much. But it's not. $5-$10/set is pretty much the ideal price for most work.

@Lazy - You do realize you wrote far more about piracy than I did? Amusingly enough, compared to most of the other artists I've chatted with, I tend to be one of the more practical and understanding ones when it comes to this shit. I'm just one of the few who actually post about it, so it seems "ZOMG DRAMA-LAMA!!111". Piracy is just a piece of straw on the camel's back. The main irritant is getting screwed by my payment provider. That being said, I do agree with much of what you wrote. You are dead on with most of it. But to say that it hasn't gotten worse, is incorrect. It is far more organized and developed into a business thanks to filelockers (Uploaded, Rapidgator, etc) and their payment schemes. Which have been around for awhile, but took some time to spread widely into our little niche of the pr0n kingdom.

Regardless, I'm not gonna keep silent on calling out bullshit. And if that offends people, then tough. They don't like it? Then they don't have to read it. It's not like I'm forcing people to come to my blog. And if that drives away customers then.... what? I mean how does that even work? "I don't wanna see your porn because your views don't match mine!" Seriously? I don't doubt that there are people like that out there, but I'm certainly not gonna cater to them.

Blog_checker said...

Great looking set mate! Have a great Christmas and hope the 2015 will be as good as 2014 or even better. Happy Holidays !

Liquid Illumination said...

This was the first and only thing of this nature that I've ever signed up to. Albeit it was just a month, and they put my CC on hold after I did leading to a few embarrassing moments which lead me to likely never sign up to something like this again... I still really adore your art, MB.
I don't see any art that comes close to the style that you've mastered here. There's a ridiculous charm to the art style you use that I can't even come close to putting my finger on. I'll miss seeing your usual rate of updates, it was a real treat to see new stuff. I wish I were more comfortable throwing money at the internet in hopes it would land on you. The really sad part is is the month I Sub'd was during the period of time you didn't get paid. So I"m real bummed about that.
Going to miss the Bretonnian Knight series a lot, really awesome stuff.

DAI2KSILVEI2 said...

Well Mongo, I have been enjoying your work, you been one of few artist I been following and to see what new art he comes up with. I think your business is very hard and extremely competitive. All said and done, you have talents. Don’t let it go to waste. From other websites I have seen considering number of replies in the comment section. People care about you (positive or negative) :P. All I can say to you is have faith, screw that company that didn’t give your payment as promised. You will find new one. It’s good of you tell us about your position. Some may not like it but to me this makes your more human and you will have more respect from your fans. We will miss you, we will be eager to hear some good news in the future.

nubian said...

Good luck in your future endeavours.

killerm@ster said...

Have you thought about Patreon?

Kenneth Mays said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Matty said...

The pics are great high res worth buying!
Anyway is anyone here friends with Mongo? I'll pay you 20 bucks or more if you help me! I I'm weirded out cause I think Mongo knows my step dad and they don't get along at all so he won't do my commission. My commission idea is 5 pics of April TMNT force fucked real hard by a giant hog beast bebop all POV epics views. Please email me if interested and can help at
I'll pay you $ 220 via PayPal then you can pay mongo $ 200 for the commission and keep $ 20 for yourself! I'll pay you more if needed! I really want to support Mongo and see more of his best art but I need help! I swear to god or my grandma's head I'm legit! I'm no troll! Seriously I just love Mongo's Art a lot!

Little Matty

Trond said...

Either way, I don't like the game idea at all. Those kinds of games are allways silly. Even Sexy Beach has nothing to it. Amd what would be the point? To play just to see a new picture? Sounds so mundane and useless...

Hermilio Carvalho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Seriously, you should do Patreon. A lot of us erotic artists are making money there. It's very reliable, and you can connect with peopl.e who want to support you on an ongoing basis -- like your old sub service used to be, before they became unreliable.

The trick is, you can set up a Patreon for anything you do -- even adult work -- but you _can't_ use their system for delivery of adult content. So, you've got to use your own site/URL, or a drop box or something like that. It's not that hard, and you've got friends (like us) who will give you tips. Zen, Hibbli, Stone Sorceress and a lot more are doing well on Patreon. We'd love to see you there (and because you're delivering the content, you can follow what you like to do).

Sure, there are moochers and deadbeats, like always, but the regulars more than make up for them. InCase is clearing $2500 a month for doing a comic he gives away. And let's not even talk about Breeding Season! (It's making a fortune, and it doesn't even seem to be a good game.) I'm sure you'd do well on Patreon, and there seem to be a lot fewer trolls, too. Try it! It might restore your faith in your fans.

Nice SW set, though I prefer the Belf and Brettonia Knight -- and I hope one day you'll get back to them. ('Fraid I don't have the dough for a commission -- though I'm always willing to trade stories for art. :-) )

Good luck, keep the faith, and I hope we see more from you soon.

-- Didi Solomon

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