Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zen - Monster Trilogy

New Zen set, with three stories in one! A captive Blood Elf forced to service the lust of her orc masters. Little Red Riding Hood has her classic encounter with the Big Bad Wolf and his bulging cock. And a maiden learns that the town folktales are actually true when she is swept away by a demon. It's an 88 pic Halloween treat at And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So support him and check it out now!


Anonymous said...

Mongo, the new zen set is bugged. When you click on one of the pics, it shows the previous zen set.

Trop Sangria said...

Hey Mongo Bongo, I like your stuff a lot and hope you keep doing it. Regarding Patreon which you spoke of a few threads back, apart from Paypal they also have Payoneer. It is stated in the FAQ that if one's work is NSFW then one cannot be paid via Paypal. Since there ARE NSFW stuff on Patreon and they are getting paid, that should mean Payoneer doesn't have a problem like Paypal does. You should give it a try.

Trond said...

Judging by the frequency of updates now (which you claimed would get lowerred), I am guessing the sales didnt go that well on the last set. So you are contemplating what to do now... I'd chip in to say that Paytreon might just be worth a try as well. Its worth a shot...

Little Matty said...

Dunno if Mongo knows but I hope he doesn't judge his sets sales power on his last set. He should draw whatever he wants but a lot of people like me aren't into lesbian or girl girl , or furry girl stuff. Hope he doesn't quit. I really enjoy a lot of his work. If he's looking to increase sales I guarantee if he makes another Jessica Rabbit set with some evil super hung villain his sales will skyrocket. Hope this helps.

Kirk said...

Please don't stop making your art, Mongo. The world will be lessened without it.

Darkkon said...

I wonder if Mongo stopped doing the Art, its the best out there

Didi Solomon said...

More than a month between sets... Are you okay, man? Sorry I didn't grab the last one, but I figured I had to conserve my $ for the ones of yours I really wanted. If I'd known it was just one per month (or fewer) ...

FWIW, Patreon seems to be going really well for a lot of us. Building into some real numbers, and actually getting paid. Gotta work around their usual service to deliver adult work, but...

Anyway, hope you're okay. I miss you.

-- DD
(Hopefully, Open ID works correctly this time. Nope. Sigh!)

Adam said...

Mongo, seriously. Take a damn look at the comments. When you go see this set on the members page, it shows up as the previous zen set. It is completely bugged out.
If you didn't want people paying the subscription no more, there are easier ways to do it than jeorpadizing the entire thing.

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