Sunday, October 19, 2014

Serra Angel - Hellslave

The continuing adventures of Serra Angel in Hell. Sold to a succubus and beginning her training under her new owner. It's 32 pics of pure angelic harmony at

So yeah.... I had a crazy ass week. (Crazy in the good way.) Didn't get a lick of work done on the set during that time. Good thing we're not relying on the membership thing anymore, eh? Hopefully I'll be able to get more on track with the next set.

And Hibbli released a new Elayne set... 2 weeks ago *cough*. Yeah yeah, I was busy screwing around. Anyway! It's a new chapter in her continuing misadventures. This time visiting a priory and falling victim to a corrupt priest and his vile demon minions! So head on over to Hibbli's site and get all 70 pics of hard-pounding church action!

Alice by AerySoul (see Aeon Soul for similar)
Mistress Charm by AerySoul (see Aeon Soul for similar)


Trond said...

Serra Angel looks great. This set was long overdue :)

Too bad if you ask me about the membership thingy though if tou ask me.

Anonymous said...

Want to raise money to continue the series chicken vampire (ideally a couple of pieces) I have a credit card itching)))

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so upset :( There are no boots on Angel girl( I thought it's a part of your style.

CARLOS RAW said...

Very good, thank you for this set stays that way with Serra Angel

Trond said...

Lack of boots and a slight expressionless face drags it down a bit. But love the setting of this story, and she is a hot babe!

DopePope said...

Jaaaay! More Serra Angel!

Goth said...

Hope that serra's next set will be fuckin hotter with more track or image of it,and don't forget to make more terrible demon to rape her

Goth said...

I thing that the first set "temptation of evil" is the best set of serra angel's trilogy,perhaps you would to make like it one anymore for next set,i mean about details of every pict of it and the story,unholy single sexual relationship.

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