Thursday, October 2, 2014

Random Stuff and Ruminations

Alrighty, so it shouldn't (and doesn't) take an entire month just to bust out a Spider-man set. Problem is with sets that long is that they become tiresome. So attention drifts to other things until the inspiration comes back to work on the set. Sometimes that attention goes to things like videogames or movies, other times it goes to far more productive things like ideas for other sets. So got some new shit I worked on, plus some old old old test pics that were lying around on my harddrive.

First a bit of the classic Barsoom hottie Dejah Thoris before Disney completely fucked up that story. No fucking clue why Disney decided to use 1920's masturbation material as a family movie. Seriously, WTF?! When did that seem like a good idea?! Not to mention turning her into some sort of dreamy-eyed scientist instead of the badass warrior princess who always needs saving (wait... how does that even make sense? w/e). Anyway they took a giant shit all over a literary classic that was fine for the period it was written for. So fuck Disney. And yes technically Dejah SHOULD be completely naked, but some skimpy clothing does add some anticipation and all that.

Then some random old shit. With a slightly asian and fighting game feel. Doubt I'll ever use those ideas tbh. Followed by a recent work on Red Sonja cuz... well just cuz. It's Red Sonja! She doesn't need a reason! Then a remake of Sylrahtae and a Drow chick for a story idea. More on that later. And lastly a Medusa I was working on from awhile back.

And because folks seem to like Assassin's Creed, a bit of Elise from the new game. Took a bit of liberte (pun) with her. French redhead seems a bit silly, so made her a bit more brunette and used the closest thing I had to a period hairstyle. Kinda unsure about this one. Depends on how the game turns out. Hopefully it's NOT going to follow in the idiotic footsteps of previous games. With gems like "Capitalism was created as a tool to control people" bullshit *facepalm*. Ugh. Seems like it MIGHT be a bit more balanced and questioning of the differing philosophies. But we'll see. I'm not much for trusting game companies or reviews anymore.

And then some fine-tuning of the Imperial Sniper chick for the next SWTOR set *spoiler*. Tweaked her jacket a bit, and gave her a *cough* more accessible skirt instead of pants. Some minor changes, but makes for better final product.

And then some derivatives on one of my favorite characters ever. Have been a HUGE fan of American Mcgee's Alice since... well forever. Original game was fantastic. Second was so-so, just got kinda tedious and repetitive after awhile. They also Kickstarted a sort of interactive animations or something called Alice: Otherlands as their next project. So should be something interesting to look forward too. And in related news Amusteven released an Alice set a few weeks ago over at Affect3d. Which is fairly entertaining. It's not "super-awesome", but it's okay.

Anyway, the point is that Alice is fantastic character. And she has been shamelessly ripped off in various other incarnations. Some of my favorites being X-23, the girl-Wolverine from X-Men/Marvel. Who's character history reads as a cliche of "damaged girl" mixed with freaky Japanese porn (ie. guro and stump fetish). And then in slightly newer version, Glory from Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall. Which recently released a Director's Cut with some game improvements and expanded content. And it is actually worth playing, I do recommend it. Still a fantastic storyline, even on replay.


So also in the past month, with Zombaio apparently turning tits-up, have had a bit of time to think about this whole business thing. Like wtf am I gonna do to make money and keep making pr0n? Do I even want to keep making pr0n? Change does tend to open one's eyes to other possibilities and reflect on choices etc. So have come to the rather obvious conclusion that the work I do is rather fucked up. I mean I've always known that, it's just that I actually had time to sit down and think about it more in depth. And I've come to the conclusion that I am perfectly okay with it. If people wanna buy it, then hell, I'll keep making it. I'd probably also sell cigarettes to teenagers (of legal age, of course). So yeah, there was that.

Then there was the whole business end. Currently working the straight sales thing. See how that works out. Other ideas were to go more softcore/vanilla and pick-up a subscrip service with a different processor. Sell thru other outlets like Affect and Rotica. Would probably even be more profitable since there would be a wider audience for it. Don't know if it would be quite as much fun though. Who knows? Another idea was to take up Hibbli's suggestion of going with Patreon. He/she (everyone on teh intrawebz is a guy until irrefutably proven otherwise) has been pushing me on that idea for awhile. And it is kinda appealing. Could switch to a more comic/story driven thing with text etc instead of just image sets. And god knows I have plenty of stories running around in the back of my head for Alice, Sylrahtae, Shadowrun, and of course Amilee. So it COULD work. Only problem is fucking Paypal. Paypal is involved in Patreon, and they pretty much destroy anything they touch regarding pr0n. Would really hate to get started on that, only to have Paypal fuck everything up later. So we'll see. Still ruminating and chewing my cud.


Trond said...

Dejah Thoris looks the hottest with Alice on a close second. Sylrathae on third.

The rest doesn't look too appealing.

Trond said...

Zzomp is good with dialogue bubbles. You could draw some inspiration from him.

Some ideas for comic book characters for you:

Aspen or Kiani from Aspen (Aspen)
Grace from Soulfire (Aspen)
Dani or Sabine from Angelus (Top Cow)
Sara Pezzini from Witchblade (Top Cow)
Demonslayer (Arcana)
Several characters from Webwitch (Avatar)
Empowered (Dark Horse)
Robin Hood (Zenescope) or Tinkerbelle (Neverland, Zenescope), or Anna (Salen' Daughter, Zenescope), or one of the two girls from Zenescope's Jungle Book.

Trond said...

Darkchylde would also make a great character...

Anonymous said...

comics with stories are a lot more difficult to create, thats true :) you have to follow the storyline that is given by your writer, layout it later and and and... i could hand out those, like i call them, "nobrainers" in maybe half the time. i did this strip poker thingie in 3 days for example. but i get lots of positive feedback about those ongoing storylines so i will continue :)

patreon/paypal with stuff like ours is risky in the "land of the not-that-free" lol... here in europe its way more relaxed :D

burnout02urza said...

Alice and the Wonderland Queens are hot. I'd love to see more SAO sets, to be honest.

Faro09 said...

I'm a huge fan of X-23, strictly for the fan service, and to see her in your sexualized style is satisfying. I'm also liking the Alice images. I played the first Alice game ages ago and it was disturbing, I was fairly young at the time, but I enjoyed it. The second one was, as you said, repetitive. I prefer the first one, though now-a-days the graphics are severely outdated.

Seems like you're in a bind. I too heard that patreon doesn't fair well for porn, but I've seen a few artists use it triumphantly so maybe a little more investigation will help. I've always liked your image sets. Love the way you convey emotions through facial expressions and I don't mean just the sex scenes. It's an aspect I hope doesn't go when you switch to comic/story driven content.

Anyway, wanted to stop by and comment. I wanted to comment on the new Spidey set, but I haven't seen it yet. Buying stuff seems a little too weird, don't want to put all my information out like that. >.> Think I got the grasp of what happens in the comments. I'm sure you'll figure something out. Good luck!

Darkkon said...

I would love to see your work of American Mcgee's Alice, you would do great scenes with it

Trond said...

Thought you were doing shorter and more frequent updates now... Change of plans?

darkstarsomega said...

Love the Dejah Thoris pic & would love to see her in a set. The Barsoom setting seems a perfect fit for your style. Red Sonja also looks great and it would be awesome to see her done in a set by you. Maybe fighting a monster with tentacles or something. Also thought the Assassin's Creed chick was intriguing and would be interested in seeing more. Keep up the amazing work!

Kei Seya said...

Truly lovely incarnations of Alice. I suppose I still like her classic dress best. If I may ask, which hair, face morph, and texture did you use for that one? Would love to see more of her. :)

Epoch said...

Hey dude. Haven't talked in awhile. But I'm running cloth sims like crazy and have lots of time to kill, lol...

Why not just take the plunge and start your own store? Yes, it is an assload of work, but I've been setup for over two years now and I can tell you who to get set up with and offer guidance. It is nice having money deposits to your bank account literally every day from your sales. Also, I really think you should sell at Renderotica and Affect3D as well. I mean, if you like money. :-)

Trond said...

I'm starting to wonder if Mongo died in a car accident or got raped by some nutter on crack breaking into his house...

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