Friday, October 2, 2015

Belf & Worgen

And finally the super long-awaited set. Our favorite slutty Belf taking it long and hard in some PvP action from a Worgen rouge. Her tight little body ravaged and dominated by the bestial creature, knotting deep inside and filling her with it's lust until she bloats! It's 121 pics of fantasy combat the way it always should have been at

And with almost a year in the making, so you know it's super awesome quality! LOL. Not really. It's better quality than previous sets, but it's not like I devoted anywhere near that amount of time to it. ALSO, since you've all been waiting so long and so patiently, I'm releasing the LOW-REZ version that is normally in the Member's gallery - for free! Cuz I'm just a dick like that, forcing you to have free stuff! :-P Keep in mind though that it is shitty low-rez. If you want the better quality, then toss in a few bucks to buy it.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cumming Soon!(tm)...

Right! So I've been incredibly flakely lately. "No way!" you say. But really! It's true! (I decided to make "Be a Dick" Day an entire week instead of just a day - cuz that's how you be a dick!) I realized that the only way to make myself finish this stupid set is by setting myself a firm date. So this set will be released on FRIDAY, October 2nd. There. Now I've said it, so there is no going back! All I really have to do is clean up some of the postwork, which is something I could do within a day. But since I've been so damn flakey, I've giving myself a week just to be on the safe side. So uhhhh, yeah. See ya all Friday I guess.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Zafo - Angel Girl Set, & Other Stuff

And in keeping with my recent record of bringing you news long after it has passed.... A new Zafo set! Which I uploaded a couple days ago... but didn't make a post about. So here's the post... Anyway new set. With an innocent & sexy angel being seduced and corrupted by a vulgar demon. And after he's had his fill, he let's his demonic hound have a go at her! It's 49 pics of heavenly goodness at And remember all sales go directly to the artist!

* * *

And also late, is a mention of RedRobot's bonus pictorial included with the Livecasters set. Featuring 37 pics of Officer Sita posing in sexy lingerie for your viewing pleasure. So you have yet another reason to buy the set.

* * *

And this breaking news that occurred days ago... Shadowrun: Hong Kong was released earlier this week. Same sort of thing as Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall. It's got some nifty new graphics and other interesting gameplay twists. And while the story is decent, it's not quite as good as Dragonfall (which was pretty goddamn epic). So that was kinda a let down. But it's still good. I don't know if it's $20 good, but I still enjoyed it.

Feels like they pulled alot of inspiration from Black Lagoon for the first part, which was pretty fun. Towards the end it loses some of the punch though. Felt like they spent far too much time giving marvelous backstory to random NPCs who strangely pour out their entire life stories to complete strangers. Rather than, y'know, spending more time creating a plot that equals or surpasses Dragonfall. Still an entertaining game. Unless you are a big Shadowrun fan, you might wanna wait til it goes on sale. And if you are a fan, well you probably already know all this anyway.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RedRobot - Livecasters

So a new set by RedRobot. Officer Sita responds to domestic disturbance, and soon finds herself getting fucked hard in a web-streamed threesome! In his classic comic format with actual text and plot and that sort of thing. Brilliantly done and easily RedRobot's best work to date. It's 56 pics of hardcore police brutality (maybe?) at

So technically I was supposed to post this set up... ohhh.... like a month ago. And by "technically" I mean "actually". But I'm a massive flake. So scorn and shun me for I am a bad person. Kinda got sidetracked by a small stint of jury duty and then an addiction to SWTOR. Did I say addiction? I meant "recreational hobby". I mean it's not like I've been playing it non-stop for weeks or anything. *cough* It's totally not a problem, and I can quit any time I want. (Fuuuccckkk won't this shit just write itself so I can get back in game!) It's just that, y'know, I don't need to quit, cuz I'm like fine and shit. Totally fine... so brb. Just gonna log in for a quick sec.

So yeah, it's been pretty much like that. Got hooked again by the KotFE trailer from E3. Bioware focusing on story instead of out-dated grindy MMO philosophy? Oh hell yeah, sign me up for that! Plus I'm thinking it will be the return of "the most badass Sith ever". Which will be cool. So if you've never played SWTOR before, or did and then quit on the advice of some shit-tard 3d pornographer who didn't know wtf he was talking about and was completely wrong on every prediction he made on the game (that would be me btw), then give it a shot. If you subscribe (which btw is the only bearable way to play the game - F2P is an intentional horrible hassle), then you get 12 times the XP for following the class storyline missions so you can avoid all the horrible grindy bullshit - unless of course you want to. And there are some entertaining gems in the sidequests. So yeah, check it out if you want.

Oh and they also added the Togruta as a playable race. So if you want to indulge your fantasies of jailbait jedi Ahsoka, or slutty apprentice Ashara or w/e, then you can do that too. Which seemed like a reason to do an Ashara pic.

And I would be remiss in not mentioning the Deadpool trailer. Been a big fan since, well, forever. Hold on a sec, lemme go grab my fedora. Right, there we go. I was a fan of Deadpool before Deadpool was even cool. *tips fedora* Back when he was getting mailed to his employer via Fed-Ex, from the days of The Circle Chase, from the time when people didn't realize that Rob Liefeld truly was a terrible artist and batshit crazy to boot. So yeah, I got that going for me..... Anyway! Trailer came out a couple weeks ago. And looks like it'll be true to character. Can't wait! And sequel planned with Cable? Damn!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Zen & RedRobot Sets

Uploaded a couple sets this weekend. Oh no, no, no. Not sets by me. Definitely not that. I mean I don't do that sort of shit anymore, right? I meant sets by other artists!

First up is a set by Zen. With the continuing futa adventures of Erin & Vikki. Cuz EVERYONE loves futa. I know you do! And if you DON'T, well then you may be gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay. Some of the most badass warriors in history were. But if you don't like futa, you might be too. And odds are you're not a badass warrior. So you'll probably be on bottom. Just saying. So buy the set, or y'know. Anyway....

Erin has always been unsure of herself ever since the lab incident, considering her penis a nuisance, if not an outright curse in her life. This is despite the companionship and reassurance of her best friend Vikki, an open minded freshmen who accepts all of Erin, despite their unusual start in the University locker room. Enter Miss Natalie, a teacher and futa herself who, rather than teaching restraint from lust as per her nunnery upbringing, instead encourages Erin to unleash it with reckless abandon. This began with a classroom sex romp, with further sexual scenarios set up to tempt Erin further, as you are about to see. Miss Natalie’s attempts to drive a wedge between her and Vikki are slowly working as Erin is seeing Vikki as less of a friend but more of an opportunity for sex, for reasons that will become clearer as Erin continues to lose herself to nymphomania. It's 77 pics of futa awesome at And now at a reduced LOW LOW PRICE!


And then next up is a set by RedRobot. With Harrow the Witch doing a bit of summoning, and getting alot more than she bargained for. With demonic critters that merge and change form taking her in every conceivable way. And it's a comic, with like actual text and story and stuff. Well as much story as needs be in pr0n. So if you're in the mood for a bit of dark meat, then check it out! It's 64 pics of sexy witch fun at And also keep an eye out for his revamp of The Heist, cumming soon!


And of course I lied. I do that alot. Cuz I'm a terrible liar, and I figure I need the practice. No seriously, I am probably the world's worst liar. The nervous twitches, the shifty eyes, the whole bit. So bad. But what did I lie about? Oh! Doing sets. Yeah, actually do have a set that I've sorta been working on. For like, forever. Some raw sample pics above. Obviously. Another Belf Warcraft set. Don't really know why. I mean nobody even plays WoW anymore. Or so I hear. Still never signed up for WoW. I know, weird. But w/e. In any case, is probably gonna end up being a HUGE set. Might even end up over 100+ pics. Cuz I play around with that instead of focusing on Game Dev shit. Haven't touched Unity in over a month! Well I've played around with it, and still browse forums learning shit and watching tutorials. But no serious work lately. Cuz I'm a slacker. And my brain has hit overload.

And also picked up a new computer last week. Nice little quad-core i7 with multi-threading. So renders about 4-5 times faster than the old one did. Which is awesome. Take for example this pic with Indirect Lighting, SSS, 6 bounce ray-traces, and Depth of Field (though it's barely noticable). Was able to burn it out overnight. So that's a huge plus. And the Belf pics which were normally restrained to one per night, I'm now able to grind out an entire batch of 5 frames a night. Awesome! Oh and as a sidenote - Windows 8.1 sucks so much ass. I don't need or want my screen to look like a phone. Just give a fucking list! Arrgh! (It wouldn't be a proper blogpost unless I was whining like a bitch about something.)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zafo - Lonely Princess

Zafo returns with a new set to destroy your childhood. While her street-urchin boyfriend is off playing with half-naked male genies, a lonely Princess Jasmine borrows Abu the monkey for a bit revenge sex playtime. But then her pet tiger Rajah decides he wants in on the action too! It's 43 pics of the way the movie should have been at And remember all sales go directly to the artist! And aardvarks. Also Zafo has moved some of his older sets into a $10 package deal, so grab it if you don't already have them!

And of course there's also that other thing that everybody is busy doing - Witcher III. So after my review of W2:AoK figured I'd give my opinion on the new game. Cuz I know that your life revolves around my opinion on various random things (that's sarcasm for those that need to be told). Anyway, I must say I am rather impressed with the game. Almost everything I bitched about in the last game they fixed for this one. Combat is much much MUCH more fluid and responsive. Though it was possibly made a little too easy. Even on Hard you can mow shit down fairly easily. But better that than retardedly sluggish controls and shitty fight set-ups. The fast travel fixes alot of the pointless walking, and plenty of dungeons/quests tend to loop so you end up back where you started. There is still a bit of tedious walking/riding around just to get places. But that is a necessary evil of having an "open world".

Goes without saying that the graphics are incredible, and they fortunately toned down the bloom this time. But they are kinda infatuated with the idea of camera lens effects - water drops on a camera lens, dirt and dust on a camera lens, etc. Maybe I'm weird (maybe? lol), but I just don't see the point in the constant effort to make CG mimic film. They are different genres/methods. It's like trying to mimic oil painting with water colours. Why? But I digress (shocker!).

So the story is once again solid and in-depth. But the presentation does still seem to be lacking at times. Not that it's bad, it just seems like it could be done better. Even knowing the game backstory and history, things can get kinda foggy and weird with all the who? what? where? why? And all the necessary side-quests tend to detract from the sense of urgency and drama. Which can occasionally make the enforced drama-moments fall somewhat flat. But again, necessary evil of open game worlds I guess. And on another story note - there is some silly immersion breaking bullshit. Chaining from "gotta get the super rare trading card", to "Zed's dead, baby", to "Snow White and the 7 Dwarves", did start to head into shark-jumping territory.

Characterizations were pretty fantastic. For me Cerys completely stole the show. And Yen was pretty awesome as well. The other Witchers were great, though Vesemir was a bit over-done in the whole father-figure role. The random accents were a bit weird though. Like where does Ciri's english accent come from? Or Triss's perky upbeat all-American-girl accent? And speaking of Triss she did kinda come across as a complete ditz in this game. Which was a bit of a letdown after being such a stellar character in the previous game. So yeah.

Regardless, overall it's a pretty great game. Enjoyable and highly recommend it. So much so, that I of course had to do some fan art.