Monday, May 9, 2016

Civil War & Stuff

So saw Civil War over the weekend. Gotta say, was a fairly good movie. Alot like the second Cpt America movie, but better. Same sort of slow-ish, talky, political/intrigue-y type of thing (but done better), and not so much a constant stream of punchy action. Liked it. And when you compare it to Dawn of Justice, it's like "wtf DC? this is how you do movies". So yeah, a good thumbs-up. Which is not to say I didn't have some beefs with the movie. Cuz I ALWAYS have beefs with the movies, right?

So the actors and characters... I liked them. All of them. Which shocked me. Even Scarlett Johnansson, who I generally think does a terrible Black Widow - she's grown on me. Not the Black Widow I would prefer, but perhaps the one we deserve? Dunno. But she did a great job, even with her moody detached rendition of the character, and it worked well in the context of the film. Big surprise for me was Black Panther. Never been a big fan of the character in the comics. Was just a wee bit too stereotype-y for my tastes. Black super-heroes with "black" in their name just to emphasize just how black they are? Yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with Storm and WarMachine. But this Black Panther? Damn, Boseman knocked it out the fucking park with his portrayal. Complete badass, driven by vengeance, and is the only character to wake the hell up in time before turning things to shit. Good job on the character, and good job on the writing!

Let's see, what else? Oh! The whole "liberty vs security" thing that was pretty much the undercurrent in the comics. Government vs freedom and all that. Wasn't present so much in the movie (shocker!). Film kept it more to the personal level of things instead of broad over-arching political themes. I mean it was there, was just played down quite a bit. Not a huge surprise though. That theme worked well in the context of 2006 when the comic came out, given the administration (or regime as some would call it) at the time. Back then it was fine to preach rebellion against the government. These days...? Yeah, not so much. Especially during an election year. Funny that...

Was kinda bummed that Cap didn't get to give his iconic speech. At least they had it in there, so I'll give them that. But still, it's HIS speech man - let him make it! You don't have Hamlin (Abe's vice-president) give the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln does it, cuz it's HIS defining moment of awesome.

In other news... where the fuck is the new set?! Yeah, well been inconvenienced by some hospital shit lately. No, not me. And no, nothing overly serious. Family member, broken leg that needed some surgery. So been spending some time taking care of that. Chores, shopping, cooking, etc. Which frankly isn't THAT much of an imposition on my normal routine. But my normal routine does involve alot of dicking around before actual "work". And have been sacrificing the work instead of the "dicking around" time. I should probably re-prioritize those two. Hmm.... In any case, still working away on the Belf set and making progress.

But while doing that hospital stuff, I decided to actually try out Hearthstone again. Easy entertainment, no huge time investment, plus they were giving away like 7 packs of the new expansion or something. So figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try. Still won't give them any money, but I'll try it. Plus they were fixing shit with the recent nerfs/changes, right? And that was good for about two days of playing. Caught it right at the end of the "testing shit out" phase. And then it became 24/7 aggro Warlock & Shaman. Which are decks that are broken as fuck. So not alot of fun to be had there for me. Especially when I prefer to play Priest - which has never been a particularly "good" class. And doubly so when I don't give Blizzard money and get the F2P RNG ass-fucking. So that made it a pretty easy decision to un-install. And put me right back to recommending AGAINST the game. Cuz it's still incredibly poorly balanced rng-fest full of toxic shitards.

And also stumbled on some awesome pr0n text browser games done by a guy called Fenoxo. Apparently this stuff has been around like FOREVER, but first I ever came across it. It's your typical semi-linear story game, but focused on having sex with anything and everything. Oh and furries. Lots and lots of furries. And futas. And massive insertions. And egg-laying. It's basically a clusterfuck of complete weirdness. But in a good way! Kinda. I mean you have to have a tolerance for furry stuff. Which admittedly, is not generally my kink - I tend to like my waifus without fur, nor six legs, nor giant tail penises. But the writing is damn good, so it tends to make up for it! And you can generally avoid the shit that's too much of a turn-off for you - like six-legged tail-penis furries. He's got a fantasy and a sci-fi game. Both are pretty much the same thing but with different trappings. Sci-fi one seems a bit better in set-up and writing. And neither needs to be downloaded, just play in a window. So check 'em out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amilee Bathtub

Hey look! I can actually make a set of my very own. Amazing! With my favorite postergirl of the site, Amilee. Posing in some solo centerfold shots while taking a bath. It's 30 pics of squeaky clean goodness at

So yeah, it's a set. Once again, pretty fucking amazing I can actually produce one. So played with ALOT of shit in this one. Major part being the geometry morphing / reshaping I mentioned in my last post. And since the pics are in chronological order (there's no particular story-telling in this one) you can see how it progressed as I played with it. And keep in mind I didn't postwork any of her body (just adding soap suds etc), so all of it is just straight render. And if you are sitting there staring blankly saying "So the fuck what?!", then you have no idea of the horror involved in V4's joint bends. Trust me, they would get nasty in most, if not all, of those pics. Requiring plenty of postwork which inevitably leads to a loss of texture and lighting errors in the final pic. So yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of the job I did on that.

Some other things I played with in this were six raytrace bounces for full reflection/refraction through the glass tub. Which came out nice, but is NOT something Poser does well at all. Each render took forever, some up to 20 hours. It is a truly terrible program compared to most others in this day and age. Though tbh I haven't tried the newest version, Poser 11. And probably never will. Cuz I simply don't trust Smithmicro anymore after the ass-fucking they gave me with PoserPro GameDev (which was HORRIBLE). Maybe Poser 11 is good, but fuck them. Not giving them money to find out. Anyway.... Also tried a faked Depth-of-Field effect for the background. Wasn't really liking the grainy-ness of Poser's built-in DoF. In some ways I liked how this turned out, and in other ways not so much. Still need to play around with it more. Oh and also did some reflections on the skin - which admittedly is fairly standard for most artists these days. Cuz human skin (like just about everything else in the world) is reflective to one extent or another. But first time I tried it out with a concentrated attempt. Combined with the multiple raytraces and the sub-surface scattering probably didn't help the render times. Still liked how it turned out, and will probably use it some more in the future.

In other news, got hooked into EvE-Online again. Big war to wipe out the Goons, and who can't pass that up? Sure Goons were fun and all once, but they kinda turned into the very thing they originally fought against - massively arrogant nullsec-renting shitlords who take the game too seriously. And that's why they need to die. Plus they probably pissed alot of people off with their scamming and ganking. If you have no clue wtf I'm talking about, don't worry - it's an EvE thing. So yeah, EvE is the reason why finishing up the postwork on this set took a bit longer than necessary. But fortunately for you guys, CCP never got around to fixing some of the broken things in the game. So the luster has worn off and the honeymoon was short-lived. So while I'll play it a bit, it won't be the time-consuming life-killing monster it normally was. So I'm back to work on the Belf / Old Gods set!

And also we have a new set from Zafo! With a parody of KanColle. Which if you are too lazy to click the link, is a Japanese browser game & anime featuring cute girls as the personifications of ships from WWII and fighting against demons from beneath the sea. Yeah, I know, only the Japanese. Gotta love 'em! Still it's funny as hell and there is a metric shit-ton of Rule34 porn out there for it.

And in this case we have Bismarck attacked by an Abyssal while in dock, taking multiple broadsides fore and aft, and having all her chambers flooded (with cum). It's 36 pics of historically accurate WWII naval battles at And remember all sales go directly to the artist!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Upcoming Stuff?

Some random stuff I've been bouncing around in my head for awhile. First is an Amilee solo set that is pretty much completely done except for some postwork. So should see that pretty soon. Stemmed from playing around with the original pic I did last year. Was disliking some of the geometry / joint bend issues that keep showing up, so decided to play around with the Morph Tool to smooth out bends and add bulk where needed. Turned out decently and started using it in the Belf-Worgen and Mynxie sets. And then finally "mastered" it finishing up this Amilee set. Morph Tool is possibly the only thing left that makes Poser worthwhile. Though since they switched to using the Blender Cycles render engine for Poser 11, and Blender can do much better at modifying geometry, I guess there isn't really any good reason to use Poser anymore. Just use Blender (which is completely free!). LOL. Good job Smithmicro!

Next is a Warcraft set that I'm currently working on. Obviously inspired by the upcoming Hearthstone expansion - Whispers of the Old Gods. New set, along with rule changes phasing out some older overpowered cards, plus some nerf/buffs to basic cards to fix some broken shit that's been around since the beginning of the game. Almost made me want to play again. Then I remembered how toxic and shitty the Hearthstone community is, and how the RNG is skewed against folks who haven't paid them money. And add on to that Blizzard's recent choice with Overwatch/Tracer. Fuck that, and fuck Blizzard.

And then some other ideas I've been playing with. A Groknar set which amazingly does NOT include an elf chick. Almost every set I've done includes an elf - I think I may have a problem. And then some Peach and Zelda goodness, cuz it's been like 2 years since the last set. But then again I've barely done any sets since then, so maybe that's the reason why. And then lastly some Shadowrun Returns crap, cuz why not? And I wanted to play around with the idea of doing text/comic that alot of people have suggested to me. Which while I like the challenge of trying to convey stories without using text (and I'm vain enough to think I do a pretty good job of it) some stories you do need text for, and that one would.

Derp! Completely forgot to mention RedRobot's new set. Some beasty fun with a police officer taking it hard and fast from her canine partner. It's 124 pics of hardcore police action at So check it out if you are into that sort of thing.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, Superheroes, & Pr0n

Right, so haven't posted in a while. First off, Happy Easter! Which of course wouldn't be complete without a bunny girl. Got some other shit that I'm working on as well, but I'll talk about that in a later post in a couple days or so. Got lots of other crap to drone on about first, like what the hell I've been up to lately. Mostly just dicking around. Pretty much no work AT ALL, on anything of consequence for a few months. Completely lazy. Was doing some MMO raiding for a bit until that got boring. Tried out a bunch of other MMOs, nothing really stuck. Did XCOM of course. And binge watched alot of series. Recently checked out some superhero shows and saw Batman v Superman on Friday so figured I'd do some reviews.

Starting with the big one, Batman v Superman. Not all that great, sadly. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't very good. And surprisingly Ben Affleck wasn't the worst part. Went in expecting to hate on him hard, but he actually did an okay job. And it was just okay - his version of Bruce Wayne was just 24/7 "Grrrr.... I'm consumed by rage!". So not alot of depth, but at least he didn't screw it up. Though he did use alot of guns and kill alot of people, which last I checked were like the only two things that Batman is supposed to be completely against - but whatever. With all the other weird crap in the movie you just sorta shrug that off.

If there is one word I would use to describe the movie it would be "tedious drama". Because that is one word. Really. But yeah, lots of drama. Longggg drawn out drama. In sepia and graytone! First 10 minutes of the movie were just excruciating. Everybody already knows Batman's backstory. And if they don't, a tediously artsy retelling of it isn't going to explain it. But after that crappy shit part things start to pick up. It's still packed full of "drama" and washed-out graytone, but at least it's developing plot. It's grim-dark gritty and hammers you with "drama" throughout, with no humor to lighten the mood even once. So put on your serious pants. Cuz this movie is serious business... or something.

So anyway, Superman is the same same as last movie. Grim-dark gritty and all that. Which was fine. Not very inspirational, but still okay. Lois Lane was an extraneous damsel who needed saving, and did crazy shit like throw away the spear, then go back to get the spear, then get trapped, just so Superman can stop fighting for a second, save her, and then go back to fighting. If you're going to make a character so damn pointless, why even bother having them in the film? They could have done a much better job with her. Wonder Woman kicked ass. I think mostly because they didn't give her many lines, so she didn't get covered with grim-dark grittiness. She just got to look hot and kick ass. Will be interesting to see how her movie turns out. Hopefully won't be directed by Snyder. And for the one character that really really sucked ass - Lex Luthor. His character has historically been a criminal mastermind, a plotting genius, a racist xenophobe, and generally cool, calm, collected, and in control. But in this film they made him a mop-headed Mark Zuckerberg with a nervous twitch and giggles alot. Oh, and he's an insane Darkseid fanatic.... Yeah. His character just didn't work. It's like he wanted to be the Joker instead of Lex Luthor. Really fucked up every scene involving him - which was alot of the movie unfortunately.

Other easter eggs and drops they included were kinda cool. The other Justice League characters - Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman. Gonna be weird seeing Khal Drogo as Aquaman, but guess it's better than if they used Vince from Entourage - LOL. Also did a cool tie-in with the Flashpoint story. And some future vision of Darkseid's invasion with Parademons and the whole lot. And Doomsday was pretty cool. All the crap building up to Doomsday was kinda silly - but once he was out and about it was kinda fun.

In any case, the movie was just "meh". Wasn't great, wasn't complete shit. Just was. Matinee tickets at best. Or catch it on netflix or whatever later.

Next up is Jessica Jones. So yeah, this one started out really good. First few episodes were kick ass. Doctor Who as the bad guy was epic. Jessica Jones was hard and edgey. But as the show went on it just... it just fucking turned to shit. It became like a constant shitshow of Law & Order. By the end of the season every single white guy is psychotic and/or evil, every single black guy is noble and awesome, all women are right all the time, and just blah, blah, blah.

Fucking come on, man. That shit does not make a good show. It's like some ass-clown is trying to forcefeed me affirmative action as entertainment. Doesn't work. It just becomes offensive and boring. Which sucks because so much of the rest of the series was fantastic. Beneath all "message" bullshit there was a really great story. Pity they didn't focus on telling it. Personally I don't recommend the show. But I have a rather low tolerance for people trying to cram their ideologies down my throat under the guise of "entertainment". If you aren't as easily as triggered as I am (I had to retreat to a safe space and get counseling), then you might wanna check it out. But don't say I didn't warn you.

And last but not least is Daredevil. Similar to Jessica Jones, this one started out strong and got worse over time. But for different reasons. And not quite as bad. The fight throughout are pretty good - acrobatic and well-choreographed, but after awhile they just get kinda tired. I found myself fast-forwarding thru them after a point cuz they stopped doing anything to progress the plot. It was just fighting for fighting's sake. Boring.

Anyway it starts out strong with good villains and the mystery of "just what are these nefarious individuals up to?". And that's pretty much the draw of the entire series. Sure as hell isn't the main characters and their poorly defined motives. Which just become even more threadbare and transparent as the series continues. Murdoch doesn't seem to have any decently justified motivation for abandoning the law and going all vigilante. He never seemed to experience the law failing him which would drive him to that extreme. So we just sorta need to accept he gets to beat people up, and then listen to him condescendingly preach about justice. And lump on to that all the weepy melodramatic bullshit of the other main characters relationships. Where the only way to deal with problems is to start yelling and/or crying while flipping out over relatively minor shit. About halfway thru the first season I completely wrote off the main crew as lost causes. And it only gets worse once you hit season 2.

Frankly, the main characters suck and the only reason to watch is for Wilson Fisk. He's easily the most interesting person in the show. He actually has believable motivations and background. And his sidekick Wesley seems like far more of a devoted friend than among the relationships of Daredevil and his band of jackasses. In fact, the first season is more of Fisk's tragic story than it is Daredevil's ascension to hero. It's Fisk and Wesley who actually have a purpose and make sense in their own misguided ways. While Daredevil just sort of bumbles along getting his ass kicked, does alot of self-pitying whining, followed by hypocritical justifications.

So the first season is worth checking out. It's pretty good, even if they do steal shit from other movies and shows (the writers had a serious hard-on for The Matrix). You can even make a drinking game out of it for every time you recognize a scene from a different movie. (You'll get drunk real quick.) Season 2 isn't quite as good. It has Elektra, but she all too quickly devolves into a damsel that needs saving. It also has the "all Asians are evil ninjas". I shit you not, they are all evil and they all know martial arts - every, single, one. Totally not racist. And it has twice as much whiny melodrama from the main characters. Y'know what, just skip the second season, it sucked ass. SPOILER - There's crappy ninjas, bad Punisher drama, Elektra shows up, turns out she is the ninja-Jesus, and then she dies, but since she's Jesus she'll come back to life. Fin.

Also RedRobot has three sets - some new, some not so new. The newest is Captain Maria and the Goblin Treasure, with a pirate queen getting a gangbang from a pair of sinister goblins. Then there is the continuation of the the Helen Black story where she encounters Jeh the Succubus and her vampire minions, and get a rough pounding from futas. And then there is Hallow's Escape from the Minotaur's Lair. So check them out! His stuff just keeps getting better.

And also Zen has his Practicing Witchcraft set which he released quite awhile ago. A sexy young blonde witch-in-training has a summons go wrong and gets double-stuffed with demon cock. I put it up on the site a month or so ago, but forgot to make a blog post about it. So if you haven't already checked it out, go buy it and give it a look-see.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dun'ragon IV & Jeh's Rough Night

A new Zen set! Continuing Faearia's adventures in the Chronicles of Dun'ragon. With the elf queen's sister being possessed by a succubus and assembling an army of Demon Orcs. By allowing the brutal monsters to man-handle her supple body, violate every hole, eventually corrupting them with the power of her eldritch pussy. And it's up to Faearia to save the day! With blowjobs! It's 89 pics of epic elfy erotic adventure at And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So buy it here and now, so he can get the most out of the purchase!


And a new set from RedRobot as well. With the further adventures of Helen Black: Vampire Hunter. This time she's hot on the trail of Jeh the Succubus! But the demoness has already found prey in the classiest gentleman you will ever meet. Will Helen arrive in time to save him?! *queue dramatic music* It's 61 pics of gothic eroticism at

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Christmas elf Mynxie is back to stripping for xmas cash again! And while working a customer extra hard to get a tip, she instead ends up getting the entire shaft. Plus a creampie and cum bath as well. It's 51 pics of post-Christmas shenanigans at

So yeah, posted this set up a couple days ago. Obviously didn't make the Christmas goal I was aiming for. Turns out I was getting sick which was making things slow going. And then got the full brunt of the flu towards the end. Got it finished though! Spent all of yesterday in bed and feeling like crap. But slept the worst of it off and am back to being at least mildly productive - at least enough to post this. So yay for that! And also huzzah for the New Year and all that!