Monday, July 21, 2014

Liberty & Justice: Police State

Liberty and Justice surrender freedom in the name of security and end up getting fucked (spoiler!). It's 35 pics of pornographic political commentary at And of course, the set download is free for members for the next month-ish.

More porn and politics. Cuz it's July and all that. Not in time for the 4th, but that's no real shocker. And while the slower pace has been nice for my sanity and piece of mind, I really need to buckle down and get back to the soul-crushing non-stop schedule of before. Ugh.

Eterna by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vaesark - Nuala

ANOTHER new set from Vaesark! Pure and beautiful Nuala is sent to the unholy temple to appease the demons that lurk within. Bravely she goes, expecting a horrible ritual death! But the demons have other plans... Seduced by their foul lust, she is corrupted mentally and physically, slowly turning into one of them - an insatiable Succubus! It's 60 pics of erotic horror at

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SAO Leafa

Welcome to Alfheim Online! Kirito is back, this time perving on his hottie sister/cousin. But still being just as much of a bad as always and still getting griefed by the heartless Gleam Eyes. It's 61 pics of anime-inspired awesomeness at And members of course get the set download free for the next month or so.

So wow. Largest set I've done to date. 61 pics and still didn't get to put everything I wanted in there. So much for getting it completed in June though. Turns out that there are only 30 days in June this year. Some people say it's like that every year, but I don't believe them! I think it was a conspiracy against me!

And why do the Japanese have such a fascination with bro/sis incest? Why can't they just have wholesome fetishes like semi-consensual monster porn?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vaesark - Elf Paladin & Minotaur

A new FREEBIE set from Vaesark. Cuz he's just plain awesome that way. A sexy waifish elven paladin allows a brutish minotaur to have it's rough and brutal way with her. It's 20 pics of hardcore fantasy fun at And only members get the download for free, cuz they are also just plain awesome that way!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zen - Chronicles of Dun'Ragon - Part 2

New set from Zen! The continuing adventures of Fae'aria and her well-hung orc lover. Captured last chapter by the Elven Guard, they are taken to the Stormwood Court where we are introduced to a bevy of luscious new characters. The insatiable redhead Queen Izora. Her proud Herald, the green-haired Lady Nyssia. And the dusky Drow slave Naria. All of whom end up moaning and gasping as they are filled with hard throbbing cock. It's 170 pics of epic fantasy erotica at So check it out now!

And yes, I do have a new set coming. This month even! And it is a large one. Just been annoyed as fuck at the idiot spammers and the pirates (Hibbli's set was ripped within 12 hours - not fucking cool bitches). So yeah, it's kinda sapped my urge to create. But whatever. New set Monday or Tuesday. And a Vaesark freebie set tomorrow.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hibbli - Secrets of the Tavern

Hibbli has another new awesome story with Knight Elayne. This time visiting a seedy tavern and falling afoul of miscast magick. And of course a vile group of monsters who are all to eager to defile her once again. It's in super hi-rez PDF format of 48 pages with additional bonus pics at All that for only $8! And of course all sales go directly to the artist!

And in other news still working on the next set. I'll admit, I haven't been as terribly diligent as I should be. The evil evil drug of Wildstar has been sucking up far too much of my time. The grind to 50 (which isn't really a grind tbh), the horribly addictive housing, the collection of off=spec gear. Ugh. So evil. But work is still getting done. So here's some various test pics in the mean time...

Oh, and yeah the ImageVenue servers took a giant shit a couple weeks back. They've gotten back all the data that they could, so some images on the blog are up, some are down. I'll go thru and replace them. But honestly it's not a terribly high priority. Would rather spend work time doing actual work.

EDIT - Ok correction, ImageVenue servers are still sucking ass. So may be time for me to start looking for a new image hoster. Sigh.