Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Zen - Faelwen & The Beast

A new Zen set! With his take on PanopIII's story of Faelwen and The Beast. The classic tale of the dominatrix elf princess and her burly troll captive. And all the ensuing fun of the brutal fucking, sloppy forced blowjobs, and golden cockrings. Oh yes! Cockrings! All 140 pics of fantasy dungeon fun in massive 2k x 4k resolution at Or you can join his Patreon and support his work for much cheaper!

So yeah, figured I'd get two posts in for November instead of being a COMPLETE waste of oxygen. Cuz y'know, Zen might actually want his sets posted and promoted in a somewhat timely manner. Weird I know. So anyway, wtf have I been up to? Welp the election for one had the predicted result of depression. But not at all in the manner expected. The election result was the complete opposite, and that kinda threw me for a loop. Then spent some time in shocked amazement, followed by the depression of people's reactions - both the gloating and the rage. And after finally breaking out of the trance of watching the post-election trainwreck, started getting back to work.... only to have my motherboard crap out on me. One second on, next second it's like turning off a lightswitch. No power, no lights, no nothing. So that sucked. And it'll be about a week before the newer better system arrives. So looks like Harley set will be postponed, so that I can get a Mynxie set done for Christmas. All in all been a pretty shitty month. But tomorrow is another day.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Strange Things

So y'know those awesome Marvel movies that are really great? This isn't one of them. Nope. Doctor Strange is a bit more like the first Thor movie than say the Avengers. It's not a terrible movie, it's just a movie. It's sole purpose seems to set the stage for more of the Marvel Universe. So it did that. Yay. But overall it's still kinda "meh". Imagine if Inception and Harry Potter had a child - not a prodigy child, just some mediocre child. That's Doctor Strange. Maybe it's awesome for people that followed the comics, but I just didn't really get into it all that much. Partially cuz of Benedict Cumberbatch. I just don't think he's all that great an actor tbh. Comes across as kinda tryhard overacting. That's pretty much the first half of the movie. Oh and what's with focusing on Cumberbatch tears? Why is that a thing in movies?

Second half of the movie is kinda where it redeems itself. Characters start to come into their own. Oh speaking of characters, did anyone see Constantine with that paragon of acting Keanu Reeves? Remember the chick that played the angel Gabriel. Well somebody apparently had a hard-on for that role cuz she plays the same exact character. Which admittedly she does do rather well. Anyway characters start to come into their own and a plot starts developing. And in the end Khan saves the world from the evil plot of Le Chiffre (who apparently is in Rogue One as well). Cute credits scene at the end with Thor. Anyway, matinee movie at best. Netflix or w/e probably the better choice.

Speaking of strange superhero shit. Arrow. How is this a show? Who watches it that it has somehow gone for 5 seasons? Do you?! Do you watch this? If so, please tell me why. What is the draw?! I don't understand this! I don't understand any of these DC shows. Arrow? Supergirl? Flash? They just seem so... well... I don't want to use the phrase "utter crappy shit", but that is how they seem. I mean it's fine if you do like it. I like the aforementioned Keanu Reeves movies precisely because he is such a shit actor and it's fun watching him go thru a movie being the same Keanu he always is. But I just don't get that out of the DC shows. So if you like them, what is it you see in them?

And here's some more test pics. First up is Ryoko. Probably no set in store for her anytime in the near future. Just felt like playing around with the character a bit and testing some stuff out.

And then some test pics for Eyline Avari. An OC that some folks may recognize from Hentai Foundry and other such places. Figured it seemed like a fun idea. So will probably do up small mini-set type of thing for her.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Vampire & Prey

Happy Halloween! Our favorite sexy vampiress makes a return for some holiday fun. As promised. Though maybe a year or two later than anticipated? LOL. Anyway our lovely lady of the night heads downtown for a spicy late nite snack. And of course a hard alley fucking! It's 67 pics of spooky scary fun at

So yeah, not alot to say with this update. It's a set. It's a relatively big one. Kinda proud I got that many pics turned around in only two weeks. With some fairly decent quality, if I do say so myself. So yay for that. Though always a few nitpicks I'd rather have done differently looking back on it. Never satisfied. Hmm... what else? Will probably do a little bit of work on the Belf/Old Gods set before starting on the Harley set. Oh! Have decided to make a change to the Harley set per suggestions. I'll let it wait a week for that. And... I don't know... what else should I babble about? Dunno.

Monday, October 24, 2016

More Suggestion/Idea Pics

Okay, some more test pics for the ideas you guys have tossed out so far. First up is the ever popular Jessica Rabbit. Changed her hair out from previous sets cuz that previous hair model was just shitty to work with. Not exactly like her typical hair but I think it looks quite a bit better, and is easier on me for posing & rendering so that counts for alot too. Also slightly tweaked her face and body morphs a bit, and reworked the texture nodes. Already have a partner in mind for her, but open to suggestions as always.

Then we got our little Wild West cowgirl. True, not suggested previously. However, I have gotten myself completely addicted to HBO's Westworld. Which if you haven't checked out, you really should. No it's not the nudey GoT fuckfest that was hinted at with all the press releases, but it has a potentially interesting story. Whether or not it remains interesting or devolves into some Lost-type of bullshit remains to be seen. Anyway, was of course inspired to do a bit of work on our cowgirl. And as a sidenote, the show has also given me a massive hard-on for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. I am so pre-ordering that shit! Cuz that'd be a good idea, right?

And lastly the suggestion for a redux of Pirotess & the Mind Flayer. One of the very first sets I ever released... and it was terrible. I look back on those sets and just cringe. Course I do that with sets I released last year too. Always room to improve. But I digress. Did quite a bit of reworking for the two of them. Updating the node layout for SSS, changing textures, new morphs and sculpting, altering the poly count on the squid head to not be so... well... shit. Also turns out that Pirotess was the original base for my WoW Belf - totally forgot. Also amusingly enough, I still have never watched Record of Lodoss War all the way through. Think I got a handful of episodes in before getting bored and turning it off. How did it ever become an old school anime staple?

And in general news, working on the Halloween Vampire set that I promised somebody a long ass time ago. Got a week to finish it and will hopefully make the deadline. After that figuring I'll probably do Harley/Bane. Course around that time we will also have the election and reckon I'll fall into a deep depression. So who knows how long that will take to finish.

Monday, October 17, 2016

WH40K: Sister of Battle & Genestealer

A chaste and pure Sister of Battle faces off against a vile xeno Tyranid Genestealer. By allowing it to breed the ever-loving shit out of her. Just like a sex-starved space nun should! Figured I'd give a second shot at the single worst selling set I've ever created (Sister & Daemonette). Was never quite sure if it was the content of the set, that fact that it wasn't particularly my best work, or just the fact that nobody gives a shit about 40K that made it not do so well. Guess we'll see with this set. Anyway it's 53 pics of purging heresy in the name of the Emperor at

Phew! So yeah, this set took a bit longer than I anticipated. SanctumArts Shrieker (no longer available AFAIK) is not exactly the most friendly model to pose. Tons of weirdly placed bones, bones that literally say "no use", and just oddly set up joint zones made things a bit of a bitch to work with. But got it done. Coincidentally a few other pieces of 40K news apparently popped up while I was working on the set. A Genestealer Cults Codex was released (lol that was timely!) for whatever the hell edition the tabletop game is in. And not to be an ass, but every single person I checked out on YouTube that does the tabletop game thing was kinda... well... weird. Just looked weird, acted weird, or talked weird. Is that common? Or are they just the freakish outliers? (Note - they are completely unlike the creators of semi-consensual hentaiesque 3d porn who are fine, upstanding, and well adjusted people. *cough*)

And there are a couple of 40K video games that were/are being released. Apparently Eternal Crusade released to thundering disappointment. Turns out that all the folks that forked out $60 to pre-order the WH40K MMO they were "promised" instead got a shoot-em-up battle arena. LOL. What a shocker, getting fucked by pre-ordering. Why do people still do that? And then the other one is Dawn of War III is being worked on. Which kinda piqued my interest cuz DoW2: Soulstorm is where I fell in love with my sexy space-nun bolter bitches. But... looks like DoW3 is pretty much just the same exact thing as DoW2. It's like, what's the point? Same fucking game. Haven't seen any new ideas proposed in it so far. And probably won't have Adepta Sororitas in it anyway until the umpteenth patch. So bleh. I still keep imaging what would have happened if Games Workshop weren't so fucking terrible at licensing their IP and Starcraft were actually the 40K game it was originally supposed to be. Anyway, here's some test pics I had been working on for the Sister.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Idea Test Pics

Alright, first up we got Harley. Pretty happy with how she turned out. Though actually on second look, could probably try a red bra beneath the shirt. Might add something? Anyway, suggestion was for her to pair up with Killer Croc. Gotta say not terribly thrilled on that idea though. He just kinda seemed like a lackluster character in the film. And a quick search through comic history doesn't give alot to go off either. He's just kinda "bleh". Would be fairly easy to model him up though, so he does have that going for it. Am pondering having Bane have a go at her. Again easy to model up, and has that whole "ultimate badass" (and closet Luche Libre) thing going for him. But I am also constantly reminded of Mr Mumbles from the movie, so he has that against him. You guys got any other ideas for who to bang the hell out of Harley?

And then the ever popular Power Girl getting violated by a super mutt. Now some may remember my epic hatred of Krypto - the lame dog in a cape. Which changed with the New 52 when he became the murderous wolf-beast thing, and looked ALOT meaner. Took a bit of time, but got something I was finally satisfied with - thanks Poser Hair room. Some folks suggested "Wolf". Took me awhile to figure out just who/what the fuck "Wolf" was. Turns out it's Lex Luthor's version of evil Krypto - a mutated Timber Wolf. Which the New 52 apparently blatantly ripped off to make the "new Krypto". Go figure. Pretty much all the same in the end. So only thing I'm really stumped on is location/scene. Where shall the bestial frolicking ensue? Oh, and Power Girl's hair. Works? Too short? Pretty happy with it, but still kinda on the fence.

And lastly, our favorite slutty Shadowrun bartender, Cherry Bomb. Here's the poster pic some were asking about. Never really had a set idea in mind for it originally. It was just an add-on pic for another Shadowrun set. Was originally going to go with this pic from way back in the old days of Renderotica. But couldn't figure out who in the hell the artist was (anybody know?). Like many from the early days of render pr0n, he just sorta vanished. So figuring that I couldn't give proper credit, just decided to make my own version. And then since there was some interest, fleshed out the idea a bit more for a set.

So there ya go! If ya have any ideas / opinions on them, post a comment. Currently working on another set (which isn't one of the above). And still have some other idea pics I'm working on as well. But as usual, if you have more ideas post them below.