Monday, September 26, 2016

TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady

Hey! A new set! Plucky reporter April O'Neil stumbles upon Bebop & Rocksteady at a TCRI dumping site... and predictably gets captured and brutally violated. Just like the cartoons! Or something. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong? Anyway, it's 45 pics of what would be childhood destroying parody if the movies hadn't done that already. Regardless, you can find it all and much more at

So yay! Finally done. Would've finished at least a week sooner but quickly got burnt on it. Seems the problem is trying to do the whole progressive story thing - I'm getting bogged down in the details instead of just doing some loose placement/idea images and then getting to the all important pr0n. Yeah story is important and adds alot, but it can take up too much time in the production and brainstorming. So I'll have to keep an eye on that and find a nice balance.

But I did use that burn-out time to good effect! Worked on a few of the ideas you guys threw out. Will post up some of the idea pics later in the week (and more regular posting is something I obviously need to get better at as well). But STILL keep the ideas rolling in! Been some really good ones so far. Do keep in mind that I'm shying away from Blizzard shit for awhile though. So no Overwatch stuff. As somebody mentioned in the comments there is already plenty out there, and to be honest I'm just kinda tired of all their properties. Plus their lawyers can kinda be dicks. So try suggesting something else! Speaking of which, if anybody has ideas of shows, movies, games, comics, or whatever to check out for ideas, don't hesitate to suggest those as well!

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Utter Disappointment of WoW Legion

So obviously Legion dropped a few weeks ago, and I think we can all agree it was a massive letdown. All those big promises and instead we get shit. Wait... you thought I was talking about the game? Noooo. I meant the Belf / Old Gods set I said I was going to finish (and obviously didn't)! Not Wow. I don't even play the game! But from everything I've heard Legion is apparently pretty good. Twitch streams I checked out looked decent. Definitely some nice looking areas! Was almost tempted to download the trial. Then I was like "Ugh! No! What am I thinking?!". Play another MMO with shitty starting zones, tedious quests, and mind-numbing grind that all other shitty MMOs are based off of? Fuck no! So done with that shit! No matter how cool the new stuff looks or how deep the lore is. So yeah... what were we talking about? Oh right! Disappointment that I'm a lazy. And a liar! Sorry... Burned out, and lost the desire to keep working on the set. Probably shoulda posted something about it, but didn't even want to think about making sets. So yeah. Kinda sucks. Will get it finished eventually.

But all hope is not lost! Checked out my Deviant Art page a few days ago, and found something that piqued my interest! A suggestion that I do some pics based off an old Belf Paladin pic. Wanting to test something out, I gave it shot. I was curious if I was just burnt on the Old Gods set, or rendering in general. So started rendering and was having a blast. Loved it! Think I just need small tight sets, with attainable goals and demonstrable progress. Think that's why I was successful when I was pumping shit out weekly. So something for me to think about. In any case, here's a set...

A new Warcraft Legion inspired set. Blonde belfy Paladin getting cock-slammed by a Demon Hunter. The belf is based on my Amilee model but with a different skin texture. And the Demon Hunter is an Illidan model I was making back when Heroes of the Storm was coming out. So glad I got some use out of it! Anyway, it's 27 pics of Fel-nasty dark seduction at

And if anybody has some interesting ideas for other sets post 'em up. Except for Serra Angel sets. Cuz fuck her and the douchebag that spammed the shit out of the comments section before. It'll be a long while before I ever to get to that set. But if you have ideas for other short sets, let me know.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Suck Trek Review

Okay so first up is Star Trek Online. Saw a first impression about this online (love Lazy Peon, he baby-rages at games even more than I do - which is alot!), and being incredibly bored and learning that is was "free", figured I'd take a look. And I gotta say this game has some INCREDIBLY GOOD ideas! Unfortunately most of them are terribly implemented. Played for about a week as Federation Tactical, made it up to level 60 in a Vice-Admiral Star Cruiser, got about 10 points into specialization. And in the end I found myself incredibly frustrated with the game.

But let's start with the stuff I liked. Great ideas! Being Star Trek it has alot of past history to draw from. And it does that quite well. Time and again I'd find myself running into things and saying "Oh hey! I remember that!". And the game did a good job of tying stuff in with a new twist or different perspective. Which I gotta say I really enjoyed. And the area designs make it feel like one of the shows - from one of the cheezy 60's sets to more movie-ish areas. So that was kinda fun. Pretty good story-telling for the major missions/arcs. Simple interactive stuff for resource gathering instead of just "press button & wait". Some good RPG elements with setting up your bridge crew, and even the rank & file plebs that make up your crew - all of which you can send on their own little missions.

But then there is the bad part. Which I understand is dangerous territory to walk when you combine MMO fanbois with Star Trek fanbois. But let me just say that if you take my opinion on the game as a personal affront, well then you can go fuck yourself (and that is a personal affront). Right! So all those great ideas above are marred by some pretty spectacularly bad game design. Like fundamental game design not the area/idea design which they did well at. It uses a level system but seems to lack any sense of proper scaling or level/gear requirements. Missions would vary between ROFLstomping enemies with ridiculous ease, to respawn mashing by being one-shot over and over again. And it would often switch back and forth repeatedly in the same mission, which leads to the confusion of "am I specced for this or not?". The physics during ground combat was also particularly bad. NPCs would pop around as they traveled over colliders - one moment on the ground the next five feet in the air. Animations kinda suck, your character ice-skates across the ground. Which was amusing cuz there is an actual mission area with ice that makes your character slide and you could hardly tell the difference (mild exaggeration). And the ground combat itself is some horrible amalgamation of 3rd-person over-shoulder shooter and tab-targeting - which makes the camera go wonky. Abilities don't always trigger when you click them, which not surprisingly gets you dead. Constant graphic glitches with textures popping in and out. The character models are a decade old and lacking facial bones, so your character will always have the same blank expression and cannot blink or even open their mouth. Oh and the DX11 driver issues - you gotta console code the game to force use DX9.

So yeah, in the end I found myself constantly aggravated by the bugs and imbalance to the point where I just didn't want to play anymore. Perhaps it's better if you pay them money? Dunno. Not inspired at all to find out.

Next up is the movie. So checked it out this morning. Needless to say, given the trailers I was not expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was not terribad! Not to say it was great. I mean come on, it's a Star Trek movie. But it was on the high side of mediocre, perhaps even decent. I'd say better than the previous two. Was expecting more of the super-action MOAR EXPLOSIONZ!! type stuff. Not so much in this one. There was still plenty, but it didn't seem like it overly dominated the film.

Plot was kinda basic, with a little twist at the end. They did go with the old "let's blow up the Enterprise!" gimmick. Don't they do that in every movie? A bit stale and loses the impact after the fourth? fifth? time. But scenery was epic. The starbase stuff was just amazing. Plenty of nods to Nimoy kicking the bucket. Good character interactions. Lot's of ridiculous Trek jargon of using the oscillating gizmo to reconfigure the subspace thingie. Some funny lampshading with Kirk complaining that his life seems episodic. Gay Sulu! Ohhh myyyy! (Cho does such a great job with that character.) And spoiler - Kirk doesn't bang the alien chick. Some things worked, some fell flat. Overall I enjoyed the movie. Probably worth checking out if you enjoy sci-fi.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Liberty & Justice - Happy Post 4th and Other Stuff

Happy Post 4th of July! With Liberty & Justice indulging in their typical holiday shenanigans, this time being treated with dignity and respect by our favorite party establishments. It's 41 pics of "subtly veiled" political porn at

Yeah, seriously could not pass up doing this set. Especially this year. This election is just too... well... I don't even know if there is proper word for it. A choice between... the lying corrupt Wicked Witch of Washington who has left a literal trail of dead bodies in her wake... and an insane racist xenophobic cheeto wearing a bad toupe. This is the kinda shit that only happens in bad TV shows. Add into that the utter contempt that "party leaders" seem to have for the will of the voters. Well let's just say that I am somewhat dissatisfied with the state of American politics at the moment. And unlike previous Liberty & Justice sets this one pretty much exactly reflects my views. Just "Grrrrr".

In other news still working on the Warcraft set. Goal is to have it done when the Legion expansion comes out. Which is hilarious that I know when that is, but still have never played the fucking game. But whatever, still in the works. Also planning on doing a Vampire set for Halloween cuz I remember telling somebody I'd do another one. And then perhaps a final Serra set cuz people keep asking for that - dunno though.

And being a terrible friend I completely forgot to mention some sets that got put up on the site LAST MONTH!

First up is a new Zen set! With a Red Sonja inspired set involving "Sonya" trying to recover an emerald Talisman. And staying true to Howard's original character she is an eager submissive slut who will happily spread her legs for any man she encounters, and allow herself to be violated and abused as they please! Or at least that's the way I remember the books. Pretty sure that was her character. Anyway, it's 105 pics of classic Sword & Sorcery goodness in the traditional 1930's pulp standard, available at And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So if you haven't had a chance to check out the set, get it now!

Also we have a Zafo set featuring our favorite Arabian princess Jasmine. Who has somehow gotten herself captured (when was the last time a Disney princess was kidnapped?) by the evil Jaffar, who for some bizarre reason sends her to the dungeons instead of tapping that sweet brown ass himself. And there she is subjected to variety of humiliating indignities by a vile troll until she begins to like it (cuz hentai logic!). It's 48 pics of empowering Disney family fun at And remember all sales go directly to the Zafo. So support the artiste!

And of course the obligatory movie review! For this installment we have... absolutely nothing. Haven't seen a movie in months. And haven't checked out any new shows that I've particularly wanted to comment on either. I mean I could babble about Game of Thrones or something, but EVERYONE has seen that. So yeah. No movie review.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Civil War & Stuff

So saw Civil War over the weekend. Gotta say, was a fairly good movie. Alot like the second Cpt America movie, but better. Same sort of slow-ish, talky, political/intrigue-y type of thing (but done better), and not so much a constant stream of punchy action. Liked it. And when you compare it to Dawn of Justice, it's like "wtf DC? this is how you do movies". So yeah, a good thumbs-up. Which is not to say I didn't have some beefs with the movie. Cuz I ALWAYS have beefs with the movies, right?

So the actors and characters... I liked them. All of them. Which shocked me. Even Scarlett Johnansson, who I generally think does a terrible Black Widow - she's grown on me. Not the Black Widow I would prefer, but perhaps the one we deserve? Dunno. But she did a great job, even with her moody detached rendition of the character, and it worked well in the context of the film. Big surprise for me was Black Panther. Never been a big fan of the character in the comics. Was just a wee bit too stereotype-y for my tastes. Black super-heroes with "black" in their name just to emphasize just how black they are? Yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with Storm and WarMachine. But this Black Panther? Damn, Boseman knocked it out the fucking park with his portrayal. Complete badass, driven by vengeance, and is the only character to wake the hell up in time before turning things to shit. Good job on the character, and good job on the writing!

Let's see, what else? Oh! The whole "liberty vs security" thing that was pretty much the undercurrent in the comics. Government vs freedom and all that. Wasn't present so much in the movie (shocker!). Film kept it more to the personal level of things instead of broad over-arching political themes. I mean it was there, was just played down quite a bit. Not a huge surprise though. That theme worked well in the context of 2006 when the comic came out, given the administration (or regime as some would call it) at the time. Back then it was fine to preach rebellion against the government. These days...? Yeah, not so much. Especially during an election year. Funny that...

Was kinda bummed that Cap didn't get to give his iconic speech. At least they had it in there, so I'll give them that. But still, it's HIS speech man - let him make it! You don't have Hamlin (Abe's vice-president) give the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln does it, cuz it's HIS defining moment of awesome.

In other news... where the fuck is the new set?! Yeah, well been inconvenienced by some hospital shit lately. No, not me. And no, nothing overly serious. Family member, broken leg that needed some surgery. So been spending some time taking care of that. Chores, shopping, cooking, etc. Which frankly isn't THAT much of an imposition on my normal routine. But my normal routine does involve alot of dicking around before actual "work". And have been sacrificing the work instead of the "dicking around" time. I should probably re-prioritize those two. Hmm.... In any case, still working away on the Belf set and making progress.

But while doing that hospital stuff, I decided to actually try out Hearthstone again. Easy entertainment, no huge time investment, plus they were giving away like 7 packs of the new expansion or something. So figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try. Still won't give them any money, but I'll try it. Plus they were fixing shit with the recent nerfs/changes, right? And that was good for about two days of playing. Caught it right at the end of the "testing shit out" phase. And then it became 24/7 aggro Warlock & Shaman. Which are decks that are broken as fuck. So not alot of fun to be had there for me. Especially when I prefer to play Priest - which has never been a particularly "good" class. And doubly so when I don't give Blizzard money and get the F2P RNG ass-fucking. So that made it a pretty easy decision to un-install. And put me right back to recommending AGAINST the game. Cuz it's still incredibly poorly balanced rng-fest full of toxic shitards.

And also stumbled on some awesome pr0n text browser games done by a guy called Fenoxo. Apparently this stuff has been around like FOREVER, but first I ever came across it. It's your typical semi-linear story game, but focused on having sex with anything and everything. Oh and furries. Lots and lots of furries. And futas. And massive insertions. And egg-laying. It's basically a clusterfuck of complete weirdness. But in a good way! Kinda. I mean you have to have a tolerance for furry stuff. Which admittedly, is not generally my kink - I tend to like my waifus without fur, nor six legs, nor giant tail penises. But the writing is damn good, so it tends to make up for it! And you can generally avoid the shit that's too much of a turn-off for you - like six-legged tail-penis furries. He's got a fantasy and a sci-fi game. Both are pretty much the same thing but with different trappings. Sci-fi one seems a bit better in set-up and writing. And neither needs to be downloaded, just play in a window. So check 'em out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amilee Bathtub

Hey look! I can actually make a set of my very own. Amazing! With my favorite postergirl of the site, Amilee. Posing in some solo centerfold shots while taking a bath. It's 30 pics of squeaky clean goodness at

So yeah, it's a set. Once again, pretty fucking amazing I can actually produce one. So played with ALOT of shit in this one. Major part being the geometry morphing / reshaping I mentioned in my last post. And since the pics are in chronological order (there's no particular story-telling in this one) you can see how it progressed as I played with it. And keep in mind I didn't postwork any of her body (just adding soap suds etc), so all of it is just straight render. And if you are sitting there staring blankly saying "So the fuck what?!", then you have no idea of the horror involved in V4's joint bends. Trust me, they would get nasty in most, if not all, of those pics. Requiring plenty of postwork which inevitably leads to a loss of texture and lighting errors in the final pic. So yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of the job I did on that.

Some other things I played with in this were six raytrace bounces for full reflection/refraction through the glass tub. Which came out nice, but is NOT something Poser does well at all. Each render took forever, some up to 20 hours. It is a truly terrible program compared to most others in this day and age. Though tbh I haven't tried the newest version, Poser 11. And probably never will. Cuz I simply don't trust Smithmicro anymore after the ass-fucking they gave me with PoserPro GameDev (which was HORRIBLE). Maybe Poser 11 is good, but fuck them. Not giving them money to find out. Anyway.... Also tried a faked Depth-of-Field effect for the background. Wasn't really liking the grainy-ness of Poser's built-in DoF. In some ways I liked how this turned out, and in other ways not so much. Still need to play around with it more. Oh and also did some reflections on the skin - which admittedly is fairly standard for most artists these days. Cuz human skin (like just about everything else in the world) is reflective to one extent or another. But first time I tried it out with a concentrated attempt. Combined with the multiple raytraces and the sub-surface scattering probably didn't help the render times. Still liked how it turned out, and will probably use it some more in the future.

In other news, got hooked into EvE-Online again. Big war to wipe out the Goons, and who can't pass that up? Sure Goons were fun and all once, but they kinda turned into the very thing they originally fought against - massively arrogant nullsec-renting shitlords who take the game too seriously. And that's why they need to die. Plus they probably pissed alot of people off with their scamming and ganking. If you have no clue wtf I'm talking about, don't worry - it's an EvE thing. So yeah, EvE is the reason why finishing up the postwork on this set took a bit longer than necessary. But fortunately for you guys, CCP never got around to fixing some of the broken things in the game. So the luster has worn off and the honeymoon was short-lived. So while I'll play it a bit, it won't be the time-consuming life-killing monster it normally was. So I'm back to work on the Belf / Old Gods set!

And also we have a new set from Zafo! With a parody of KanColle. Which if you are too lazy to click the link, is a Japanese browser game & anime featuring cute girls as the personifications of ships from WWII and fighting against demons from beneath the sea. Yeah, I know, only the Japanese. Gotta love 'em! Still it's funny as hell and there is a metric shit-ton of Rule34 porn out there for it.

And in this case we have Bismarck attacked by an Abyssal while in dock, taking multiple broadsides fore and aft, and having all her chambers flooded (with cum). It's 36 pics of historically accurate WWII naval battles at And remember all sales go directly to the artist!