Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Last Poser Set

So it seems I have screwed myself here. If I had planned ahead accordingly, I would have saved my fawning sycophantic adulation of Cyberpunk for this post. Would have made more sense. But I didn't. Instead I'll just babble about other upcoming games, I guess?

Ummm.... Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines 2 looked interesting. Some really good atmosphere and ambiance in their trailer. Hopefully they improve the combat and NPCs a bit from the alpha footage, flailing ragdolls flying across the room, and goons screaming "OMG What's happening?!" as they shoot you seems a bit janky. And Borderlands 3 could be good. Depends on the villains really. What made Borderlands 2 so much fun was Handsome Jack (hell, all the characters). But from what little I've seen of the brother/sister villain duo they don't seem like over-the-top tongue-in-cheek caricatures, in fact they come off as kinda serious tryhard bad-guys. Which honestly does have me a bit worried (hopefully I'll be wrong). Let's see, what else? Oh the Star Wars Fallen Order game! Which come to think of it, probably would have have been a better intro for last post. Y'think? Anyway, not sure on my feelings about it. Looks gorgeous, but not real keen on the idea of a Jedi murderhobo wandering from planet to planet killing people for fun and profit. That just doesn't strike me as the Jedi way. Yeah, I get it, he's an angry young padawan out for revenge (basically the Kanan Jarrus backstory from Clone Wars), still just doesn't sit quite right. Made sense in Force Unleashed and Dark Forces cuz they were already sketchy nefarious characters, but here, I dunno. Guess time will tell.

Oh! And Baldur's Gate 3. Didn't seem to get alot of coverage (at least that I saw), but they're making it! So yay. Never played Divinity Original Sin series, kinda struck me as grimdark D&D and that whole theme has just been played to death. Though some folks swear by the game, so I'll remain optimistic. Pity that there won't be any slutty Viconia party members. Not that I've heard anything one way or another, but don't need too. Just won't happen, not in this cultural climate, and definitely not with what I've seen of WOTC marketing. Speaking of WOTC, got my first introduction to Mike Mearls. Wow. Occasionally would see people complaining about the guy, but I don't fervently follow the TTRPG scene, so just shrugged and moved on. But watched an E3 interview he was in. He undoubtedly is passionate and enthusiastic about his hobby/job, but holy shit the guy has the most punchable manchild face I have ever seen. Did some follow-up searches, and he certainly does himself no favors with his comments. Beginning to understand the hate. But back to point, new Baldur's Gate game, yay! Hope Larian does well on it.

Suddenly though, it's just dawned on me! Maybe you don't come here for my opinions. Perhaps you couldn't give less of a shit about what games I'm interested in, or my opinions in general. Maybe you're just here for pr0n sets. Well then my good sir, we have you covered. For I do indeed have a set to present you. Looking through my folders, I found some Shadowrun pics I had been working on back in the day. You remember one of these pics, right? Had originally had a plan of doing a full story comic thing, taking a twist on the first game. With the midget Troll working for Telestrian (the sinister elf head honcho guy), and the college-aged daughter of Telestrian (in the game she was a highschooler or something) coming to the Troll for help looking for her missing boyfriend who her Daddy disliked, but doesn't have money to pay because she wants to keep it secret, and... well you can figure it out from there.

Well that's not the set I finished. Cuz that would take up far too much time. Instead I completed the set based on a poster in the background, and some test pics I had done. Original idea had been something like Cherry Bomb with some Yakuza Werewolves in a penthouse suite. But again, way too much work. Instead just continued the scene from the test pics with some generic Worgens. (I've never even played WoW and I still call them Worgens, fucking Blizzard!) Think I had been experimenting with portrait layout at the time, which is a terrible choice for pr0n sets - landscape much better. And certainly could use some postwork for fluids and all that. But I ain't got time for that. Busy trying to grind out a character for the King Arthur challenge on Artstation. But again, there is a slim possibility that you might only be here for fap material, so here you go.

Shadowrun: Cherry & Worgens - 23pics

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Long Interminable Wait

So it looks like my hopes have been dashed. Despite wishing for a 2019 release, seems Cyberpunk 2077 won't be here until next freaking year. Le sigh. But it does look like it's gonna be incredible. Don't know how I feel about getting shot by Mike Pondsmith, but it's got Johnny Mnemonic in it, so that's a plus. Longtime fans are of course be aware that I've loved Keeanu Reeves' work since forever. Far longer than these ridiculous John Wick fanbois! (Can you smell how hipster I am? Should I bottle the fragrance and send it to you?) So yeah, that just makes the wait all the more painful. But... I suppose that's better than releasing a game before it's even close to finished. Looking at you Anthem.

Still bothers me just how badly Bioware managed to fuck themselves. Used to be such great story-tellers, now they are just... shit. I'd like to use a nicer word, but they just make soulless garbage these days. I remember back when I used to still have faith in Bioware, when I was dicking around in SWTOR. "Ohhh... I can't wait for KOTFE and Bioware's return to story-based content." Idiot == me; Another le sigh. Honestly though, while I do shit on SWTOR, it's not necessarily a bad game. And I have had plenty of good times in it. The initial stories were alot of fun, joined up with a raid guild and ground thru Ops with some great guys. But in the end, it just wasn't what I was looking for. The newer content felt staler and flater with each release (I mean come on, KOTFE was just "Avatar: Last Airbender the Star Wars Game"), and just didn't seem worth the investment of time or money. But now I've gone and ruined my flawless segue. Le sigh treble.

ANYWAY! Speaking of SWTOR, there was another set I was toying with around at that time. Based on the good-girl Ashara with a stereotypical Sith Assassin player you see running around in-game. Don't really remember where the story was supposed to go, but took what was there, added a few scenes, cribbed a Calm pic or two, polished up the horrific joint bends, rendered with some DoF, and Voila!

(Oh and when I said I was working on a couple sets... I lied. Finished this set too quickly and found another to polish up. So there is another one in the future.)

SWTOR: Ashara & Sith - 28pics

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Shhh.... Don't Tell Anyone, But...

I'm still alive. No really! I am! I can prove it. If I weren't alive, would I hide in dark dank rooms making shitty CG pr0n amongst my own filth and offal, only scuttling forth at night to capture whatever food I can to drag back to my lair and feast upon? See? I must be alive!

That's not to say I'm back to making sets full time. Far from. Actually only posting because I stumbled upon some old uncompleted sets that I decided to polish up and finish. And in doing so, I realized that Poser and DAZ's V4 model were both pretty substandard. Perhaps I don't know enough to truly comprehend the genius of each, or maybe they were just products of their time and technology, but neither are particularly easy to work with. Fortunately DAZ's current models seem much much better, and there are superior and/or free alternatives to Poser available these days.

Regardless, finished up the sets, and here's the first one. Started this back in Nov '17 after Julius Zimmerman died. Nooooo, not the guy that shot that black kid in Florida. This guy. He was a skeevy old pervert that drew the same exact character face every time, but with different hair and costumes and called them different characters. Still, he was awesome and classic and much beloved by his niche cult-like following. And he did ALOT of Jessica Rabbit, so figured I'd do a set with her. 'Course, V4 having bizarre geometry and rigging left much clean-up work to do in Poser, which has some pretty shit sculpting tools (cuz it's NOT a sculpting program, duh!). And that amount of work kinda killed my desire at the time. But different tools and workflow now, and it's done. Enjoy.

(Please Note - The above is not an actual representation of my life. Or is it?!)

Jessica Rabbit: Booty Call - 43pics

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Regarding Patreon

Guise. I appreciate the advice. I am well aware of Patreon. I know what it is capable of. Remember, my website was subscription based for quite awhile. And there is a reason I can say "Yeaaahhh, I just don't feel like producing shit, for like, a year." And that reason is NOT because of set sales. The subscription model took VERY good care of me. (Which btw, I do feel it necessary to point out just how many "wise" people at that time were telling me that subscriptions were a bad idea and "microtransactions are the wave of the future".) Patreon can indeed be a goldmine.

So of course, some of you are saying "zomg zomg wtf dude! just get on Patreon then!". Well the thing is, I also know just how much work it requires. The years I was focusing on the subscription model, I literally worked every fucking day except Christmas. That's not bullshit. Every. Fucking. Day. And not little bitch 8-hour days, we're talking 10-16 hour days. It takes ALOT of work to produce content. Sure it's work I may enjoy, but it's still work.

Which brings the next response, "but duuuddde! tons of Patreon artists only produce a few pics a month and make bank!" Yes. Yes they do. Because most of those (not all, but most) are really really fucking good artists. The reason Sakimichan pulls in like $15K/month (last I saw, many moons ago) is because she is insanely talented and fast at it too. Doesn't matter if you personally like her work or not, she's still a damn good artist. And if somebody like Haneto was on Patreon, he too could get away with doing only a few pics a month. Thing is, I happen to know that I'm NOT that good of an artist. I'm passably decent, but I'm not ANYWHERE near as good like they are. So if I wanted to do Patreon, I'd have to go back to producing extreme amounts of mediocre work. Which... I don't really want to do. One of the reasons I moved from subscription to set sales is because I wanted to be less of a pornographer and more of an "artiste". Take my time, and all that shit. And I know myself well enough that if I did do Patreon, then I'd go back to mass production - due in part to feeling obligated to making it worthwhile for customers, and also just plain competetiveness/greed. And not really keen on doing that again.

So I do appreciate the concern and the good intentions. I know you guys just wanna give me a heads-up and are trying to look out for me. But think I got a decent handle on this. Been doing the 3d-pr0n shtick for quite a while, and I've done well by it. After all these years I'd like to think I have a vague clue wtf I'm talking about. So, I don't think I'm gonna be doing Patreon just yet. At least not in the "wheee! please support my art!" way. I will still be dicking around the porn-art realm, so don't worry on that part. My last blogpost was NOT ragequit-"fuck you guys, I'm out!". During my break, I've been bouncing around plenty of other ideas. Wasn't just jerking off that entire time. I mean there was plenty of jerking, but it wasn't ALL jerking. In any case, I will try to be somewhat less shit about letting you guys know about what's going on in Mongoland in the future. So, yay?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Oh Hey There!

You people are still here? Why...? Well whatever. So yeah, life decided to be itself and took a weird turn. Things got back to normal, and when I returned to this whole... thing.. business... whatever the hell I was doing here, I realized that it was dumb. Selling a digital product online is dumb. You can sell access to an experience or to a sense of community, but you can't sell a product. Well obviously you CAN sell a product, but not with any sustainability. After the first few purchases it's out in the wild and people just get it for free. And who doesn't like free stuff? So I decided not to do it anymore. Just walked away for quite a few months. Then recently got an email from my hosting company that my domain expired. Which brought me back here.

As for the people who left messages and emails and stuff, THANKS! That's very sweet of you. I'll sort through those and get back to you. In the meantime, here's some sets I'll never finish.

Mynxie & Grinch - 30pics

Belf & Old Gods - 37pics

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Belated Christmas

Well it turns out that pulling all-nighters and then riding your bike in cold wet weather might not have the best effects on your health. Who knew? Not me, cuz I'm apparently a massive fucking retard. And of course, what is the best way to beat a cold? Yes, that's right! Ride your bike again in that cold wet weather cuz I'm immortal and it'll just "burn the flu out with exercise"... or something. Yes, apparently I am THAT stupid. Needless to say, spent over a week feeling like absolute shit. But finally feeling better and coughing the garbage out of my lungs. So yay for that!

Obviously, the Mynxie set didn't get finished for Xmas. But more time I spend working on it, farther it will get away from the relevant season. So reckon I'll just keep it relatively short and just do it for free. Cuz why not? And it's Christmas/New Years. And I missed my deadline (which frankly is the more annoying part for me). So keep an eye out for that.

And of course Rogue One. Which I was going to do a review the day it came out, but that was the day I started to really feel like shit. Kept getting pushed off until later in the day, and then, well... yeah. So now that I'm back in the land of the living - Rogue One. Odds are you've already seen the movie. It's a good movie. It's the movie that Force Awakens SHOULD have been. A badass believable heroine that isn't just some ridiculous Mary Sue. A plot that involves searching for somebody and stopping the Death Star, but manages to tie both aspects into a coherent entertaining plot. Just a decent solid story overall. Only nitpick was the ending. The romance-vibe with explosion in the background seemed kinda shoe-horned in there. Didn't seem like much attraction between the characters before that. Then again, possible I missed it - wasn't exactly top of my game right then. Anyway, if you haven't seen it, you should. It's good.

And also got a bunch of sets from Hibbli for you to check out. The Beach Day sets are now available at the store. So if you haven't had a chance to check them out before, now is a great time to do so. It's all five smoking hot fantasy babes taking it hard and rough from some monstrous pirates at mongo-bongo-art.com, with each set being about 35 pics.