Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spider-man: Green Goblin - Part 1

The first part of a Green Goblin set. Gwen Stacy gets a ride home in the back of Norman Osborn's limo. It's 40 pics of Goblin formula fun available only at And the set download is free for members for the next month(or so)!

So went with the Willem Dafoe version of Norman Osborne. Cuz he did a kickass job of it, trying to do the hair from the comic version would just look weird. Seriously what kind of hair style is that? Does hair even do that? Whatever. Dafoe was better and easier anyway. And tried to channel in a bit of Bobby Peru as well. Cuz he freaked me the fuck out in that role. Also the set is kinda in time for the release of the Amazing Spider-man 2 DVD. Ok, not really. And wasn't intended either, was just a happy coincidence. Wasn't even a very good movie (think I reviewed it last Spidey set). Don't waste your money on the DVD.

And speaking of wasting money, people are still signing up for subscription memberships. Why?!! I suppose it would make sense if they were doing it to make use of the discount before it's ended... but they aren't. So it's just weird. Really don't understand it. But whatever, their money. Also this is the first of the last two free member downloads (did that even make sense?), so only ONE more free set left. Which coincidentally enough, will be part two of Green Goblin. Will probably also be around the same size (35-40 pics). After that it's gonna be smaller sets (20-30 pics) unfortunately. On the plus side, they should get finished a bit sooner.


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bad News and the Good(-ish) News

Right, so the bad news first. For the past couple years I've been using a company called Zombaio for my websites subscription services. They handle the passwords, security, and (relevant in this case) the money collection. And for a good long time they were absolutely fantastic... until they weren't. Few months ago payments started to slow down. (Guess where this is going yet?) They explained it as changing banks for payouts and they'd get back on track (yeah, yeah, hindsight is 20/20). And they have to change to a monthly payment schedule instead of weekly (yeah, I know). So old weekly payments are slowly trickling in until we get to last week. We're approaching September, and still haven't gotten the payout for the month of June. Yeaahhhh.... Don't know about you, but getting paid 2-3 months late (if at all) is not exactly kosher. And it's not just me. Tons of other Zombaio clients are also experiencing the same problem. (How do you spell "ponzi scheme"?) So obviously this shit is not going to work anymore.

Unfortunate solution is that I'm going to have to change the subscription model. I'm basically phasing it out. The next two sets are going to be free for members, and then that's it. No more freebies. Also, around the same time the member super discount on sets is going to be removed. Everyone is going to be buying sets at the same price. Basically the only thing that membership will get you at that point is access to the galleries. So subscription membership will no longer be the ideal choice and best deal. Why not just ditch it altogether? Because cutting off all ties with Zombaio means the odds of me getting any of my money is severely reduced. In any case, it sucks. But it is what it is. Can't exactly work for free, and that's pretty much what I've been doing for the past 3 months. Fortunately, I am rather frugal so I can whether this crisis fairly easily.

So now the good-ish news. Or at least the slightly less bad news. The prices for sets will be reduced. With new price probably somewhere around $7-8. Need to try and figure out what will work best. Reckon former members will buy 2 out of 3 or 4 sets a month, which minus processing costs should put me around the same income level as before. Maybe. Hopefully. Who knows. Anyway, price change is fantastic if were never a member before. Not so great if you were a member, or if you bought a whole bunch of sets before at the old price. Again, sucks, but it is what it is.

Needless to say I'm not particularly happy about this. So as upset as some of you might be, it's a mere candle against the firestorm of rage and hatred that I'm feeling right now. And please, save your legal advice. I know you mean well, but that's not really going to help just yet. Right now it's just minimizing loss, regrouping, and finding a way to continue to provide you the semi-consensual hentai-esque 3d monster pr0n that you love, while still putting food on the table. Cheers.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Zen - Demon Doll House

New Zen3DX set! Jessica continues to be plagued by the evil demon that stalks her. This time, with her slutty stripper sister Ellie, she is dragged into the demon world. Where both are thoroughly used and violated by their new masters. It's a 92 page story of seductively erotic horror (with an additional 85 clean pics with no text) at So check it out now!

Also, Vaesark has a new site all of his own! Featuring a brand new Resident Evil Jill set. With the slutty little hottie taking insertion from increasingly huge beasties. Even (get this) a zombie elephant! Win! So cruise on by, check it out, and give him some support!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hibbli - Dark Eyes in the Forest

Another new Knight Elayne story from Hibbli! After *cough* "defeating" the demons in the Old Tavern, the hapless young knight sets out to clear the forest. Only to fall afoul of evil magick yet again, and end up the mind-controlled sex slave of wicked forest trolls. How will she ever escape?! *drama!* It's 34 pages of fantasy erotica in super hi-rez PDF format with additional bonus pics at All that for only $5! And of course all sales go directly to the artist!

I feel like I should babble about other stuff. No idea what though. Hmmm.... Affect3D is fishing for new 3d porn producers by offering (up to) $10K in investment. So if you got a great idea and awesome undiscovered talent to make it come true, then throw them a sales pitch. They ain't gonna be giving you money for an badass new computer just for you to learn this shit though. You gotta have a solid idea and a plan. Let's see, what else?... Jenny has her Morgana comics coming out soon-ish. She's been working on getting somebody to do those FOREVER, so "yay Jenny!". Ummm.... New WoD trailer came out the other day. Really don't see what the big deal with it is. I suppose you have to actually play WoW to understand it's importance. It looked cool and all, but I was just left sitting there thinking "...'kay.... and?".

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TMNT: Rooftop

April gets caught trying to score a pic of the turtles, and they end up scoring with her (well gang-banging the fuck out her tbh) instead. It's 28 pics of Turtle Power at And the set download is free for members for the next month-ish.

Time to destroy more of your childhood. Cuz if Michael Bay is doing it, I can too! And in honor of the new film, did an old twist on a new theme. Or is it new twist on an old theme? Does it really matter? It's Megan Fox (kinda) in the old April outfit, getting cock-slammed by turtles. Just cuz. And if you want something a bit more oldskool and nostalgic TMNT - go check out Akabur. His shit was the inspiration to do this set when I first heard the movie was coming out. And speaking of the movie...

So yeaahhhh.... the movie. It's not so good. Y'know how most of the time I'm saying "well the film wasn't spectacular, but it's okay to see"? Well in this case it isn't. It's not that it's terrible, it's just made for 8-year olds. So it can get away with alot of stupid bullshit that doesn't make any sense and it will still work fine for it's target audience (the aforementioned 8-year olds). On an amusing note - thought I'd be able to avoid the masses of screaming vermin children by going to see the early afternoon show - no such luck. In any case, the plot doesn't make sense, characters aren't believable, villains have no motivation, archetypical roles are stereotypically dull, and people unexplainably disappear from scenes with frightening regularity. But it does have talking turtles. With weapons. Who do ninja shit. So yeah.....

Oh, and it has Megan Fox. And while she is great eye-candy and does make up for alot of the movie, it's not enough to save it. I'll admit though, I am somewhat biased. She did lose a bit of stock when I found out that this clown put two kids in her. Or was it this clown? Is there a difference? So wrong either way. (Though in Greene's defense he did grow up to be a damn fine looking man. No homo.)

Anyway, my recommendation is to skip the movie. Not even worth checking out once it hits NetFlix. But if you have vermin children that are whining to see it, you can make it thru - not gonna kill you, and it does have Megan Fox.

Oh, by the way... You may have noticed that posting rules have been slightly changed. No more anonymous posts. Will it stop the spamming? Nope. But at least we will know who to ignore (looking at you Billy and Sitkin). Oh and while I'm at it, I'm also gonna start deleting posts that have "ratings", say anything negative about other artists (you can still critique me as much as you like though), seem even remotely like a double spam post, or anything I just generally find overly annoying. Since a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch, I gotta moderate the douchebags. Sucks, but people can't seem to act like adults.

Exnem Pizza by Exnem (great modeller of food)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

WarCraft: Maid Service

Another set of our favorite dysfunctional Warcraft family. This time with the Tauren punishing his conniving slutty Draenei Maid just the way she likes to be. It's 31 pics of grindy MMO goodness at And members get the set download for free for the next month, as always.

So a bit bummed on this set. REALLY wanted to get it done on Thursday. Finished everything but the X-Rays, but didn't quite make it. So ended up adding in the last pic as well - which was a PC killer. Seriously waaayy too many figures. But it got done. And that makes me happy. In fact it was an amazingly productive week. Had like zero piracy to deal with. Which was super awesome, and definitely appreciate. Kept me pumped and energized to jump back in and make moar pr0n! Win, win!

And in other news, Stone-Sorceress had it's grand opening yesterday! "Who the fuck is that?!" you ask? It's some of the animators that brought us Vizivius. And they do some pretty amazing stuff. You may have seen them over at Deviant Art. Well now they have their own site so they can show off their more explicit content. It's all about sexy redhead sorceress Sara and her hulking Stone Golem protecting the land by fucking monsters out of existence. Because that's how all sexy sorceresses should handle problems. So cruise by and check it out! It's good stuff!

Oh, also DAZ3D is having a massive sale on a bunch of it's V4/M4 stuff. So if you are being a Luddite like me and sticking with archaic old-skool models instead of conforming to the new world order and using Genesis... then you might wanna take a look. It's like 80% off, which is sure to make you kinda annoyed if you bought it at the normal price.

Alice 3.0 by Aery Soul (see Aeon Soul for similar)
Sumire Hair A3 by Yamato (seems his old site closed down)