Tuesday, January 13, 2015

General News Etc

We'll start off with a picture first, cuz really that's why most folks come by here anyway.

So now that that's done and the people with low attention spans who cannot handle the truth(!) of my brilliant wisdom have left... what have I been up to? Well obviously rendering at least a little bit. And most of what I'll be posting here will be like that for awhile. Less pr0n and more artsy shit. Cuz just because.

But most of what I have been doing has been hacking away at Unity. And holy crap is there alot to take in. So much shit involved. I knew it would take work and effort, but goddamn! There is a reason game studios have numerous employees. Because indeed one does not simply "make a game". But it is fun. I'm enjoying it and learning alot. Granted most of what I will start out making (once I even get to that stage LOL) is gonna be shit. But that's just how it goes. Make > learn > improve. It's like being a noobie scrub Poser user all over again. Ugh. And also been spending a good bit of time checking out games just to see how they work. Amazing how you look at them once you start trying to make them.

Bad Wolf Banner

And another blog for you to check out - Damn3dx. A 3d artiste out of Buenos Aires who does alot of monster sex stuff with very large insertions. And recently, he just released a set for purchase that was so extreme that Affect3d wouldn't carry it! But you can pick it up over at Renderotica (apparently they have looser standards - who knew? not me). And he also has a Mars Attacks! alien as his mascot which is just fucking awesome. Ack! Ack! Ack! So check out his site, buy a his set, get his Twitter feed, and all that stuff.

And in between doing Unity tutorials, and while playing with renders, I decided to check out BBC's The Musketeers. Now I'm not really quite sure why I did this. I mean I knew it was not going to be very good, but wasn't quite prepared for it to be as bad as it is. Let's put it this way, the Disney version with Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland might actually be better. This BBC version is just... I don't know. I mean it's not terrible terribad badness, it does have some redeeming qualities. But so much of the rest is just made of pure suck. So what's wrong with it?

Well let's start with the Musketeers. Pretty generic casting for Athos, Aramis, and D'artagnan. Porthos however is black. Okay. Interesting take. And kind of a cool nod to Alexandre Dumas (the original writer) considering he was part black - his grandmother was slave in the Caribbean. So yeah, that kinda works. Except that it doesn't. Because it just becomes a vehicle for "racial injustice" messages, handled with all the delicacy of Hollywood at it's very worst. Porthos is... wait for it... that's right, a former street criminal. And all the other black characters introduced are also street criminals. Complete with gold rope chain necklaces - I shit you not. And they all end up dying by the end of the episode. Fucking seriously?

And then there are the accents. The very very English accents... in France. It's just terribly out of place. And there is the one accent in particular (don't know the specific name/location for it) that just kills me - it's the low-class one that sounds like a quacking duck. It's the one that Constance has. It's just... holy fuck do I want to beat that screechy bitch to death with a baseball bat. I mean I do realize there is a reason for that specific accent. It's so that Constance can be the "every-girl" for English teens to relate to, and hope that one day some dreamy D'artagnan will overlook their dismal horse-toothed plainness and come sweep them off their pudgy misshapen hoove-feet. Which of course brings us to the next thing.

The entire series is a shitty chick flick. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of decent chick flicks that are damn good. But this one is shitty. It's sole purpose is to moisten vaginas, while at the same time telling women they are "good enough". The show beats the viewer over the head with the concept of female empowerment to the extent that you can make a drinking game out of it. Which is a fairly terrible method of conveying a message. If you need to state the message outright then you are a pretty shitty storyteller. As the old adage goes - "show don't tell". And the rest of the show is just the aforementioned pussy moistening bullshit. Hunky, caring, troubled heroes tromping around being hunky, troubled, and caring. And rescuing the most idiotic, annoying, and drab bunch of female characters imaginable from their loveless lives/marriages. Ironically enough, if you reverse that premise you end up with the basis of most of my pr0n sets. Hypocrite much? :-P

In any case, the show sucks ass. You've probably been wise enough to avoid it. But just in case you were to ever get the inclination to check it out, now you know not to. Oh, and the swordplay isn't particularly amazing either. Which come to think of it, might have one of the main reasons I was interested in checking it out in the first place. I was left disappointed, it's just your typical Hollywood fencing.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

SWTOR: Sniper & Sith

If you've ever played SWTOR then you are probably already familiar with this set. It's what happens when Snipers try to PvP against a Jugg/Guardian (or well any other class tbh). It's 36 pics of epic Star Warzy goodness at www.mongo-bongo-art.com.

Btw, was playing a bit of SWTOR a couple months ago to get some ideas for this set. Remember when I said that SWTOR was a horrible game and not worht playing ever (or something like that). Well I was wrong, it got better. Actually worth subbing for a month or two and playing. It's still a themepark MMO so once you've hit all the rides, you're pretty much done. Not alot of replayability after that. But the game is pretty fun until you reach that point. So if you bailed on it before (like I did) think about giving it another shot.

Oh and fixed the Zen Halloween set links for those that are still members. Why you would be a member I don't know. Seriously not worth it.

But what you are probably more interested in is "y no updates 4 so long?!". Well mostly it's cuz I don't give a fuck anymore. In fact this is probably the last update for a good long while. It's what happens when I get screwed by my payment provider for a good amount of money - like the amount that some of you make in 6 months. Imagine that, you work at your job for half a year and then don't get paid for it. Awesome! Amirite? 'Course I could just get a different payment provider. Hell I could just get a merchant account (like Epoch advised in a comment *fistbump*). Either one is super easy to do. Problem is I'd have to wipe my site due to content. No tentacles, no beastiness, no alcohol, no non-con. And what's the fun in that? There is a reason that Affect3D, Rotica, and other places don't carry stuff like I do. Not cuz they have some high and mighty moral objection to it. It's cuz they work with reputable payment processors, y'know the kind that DON'T fuck you over. So I could switch to doing vanilla pr0n, but bleh. There's already a million people doing that.

So yeah not really happy about all that. And then tack on to that the piracy bullshit. When I was giving away free downloads to members, this shit would be up on sites within an hour. Which was bad enough when it was just happening to me. But when other artists (Zen, Hibbli, Zafo, Vaesark) are getting ripped from my site it's just.... yeah. Fuck that. In fact, fuck all y'all. Well not all of you. Really it's just a small segment. So fuck them. They are the reason we can't have nice things. And if you are the type that doesn't support the artist and leeches off pirates... well you're kinda the problem too. Sorry, truth hurts. (Mind you piracy does provide an advertising benefit to some extent. However the current state of it is so far beyond that level that it is causing far more harm to artists than any benefit they could possibly get.)

So what it comes down to is... I'm pretty much done. Updates will be few and far between. This shit ain't fun no more. That's all folks!

.... or is it?

Well no, it's probably not. Cuz pr0n is like crack - it's not something you just walk away from. And I had a choice, I could either whine like a bitch about my situation, or I could do something about it. But fuck binary choices. I'm gonna do both! I'll be a whiny bitch AND do something about it! And that something is games. Everyone is doing pic sets. Very few are doing games - and those that are, are mostly RPGMaker. I'm thinking like full 3d games. And that's where the Unity game engine comes in.

It ain't easy, but it ain't exactly hard either. And little known fact, I actually used to be a halfway decent C++ coder. C# isn't that much different. Plus, picked up the upgrade to Poser GameDev which makes import/export formats and polygon reduction a hell of alot easier. So I got that going for me. But still alot of other stuff to put together - voice sets, music, level making, etc. And then of course pr0n renders to splice in (cuz everything is better with pr0n!). Not a small amount of work for one person. Which is why you're not gonna see alot of me. Gonna be busy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zen - Monster Trilogy

New Zen set, with three stories in one! A captive Blood Elf forced to service the lust of her orc masters. Little Red Riding Hood has her classic encounter with the Big Bad Wolf and his bulging cock. And a maiden learns that the town folktales are actually true when she is swept away by a demon. It's an 88 pic Halloween treat at mongo-bongo-art.com. And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So support him and check it out now!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Serra Angel - Hellslave

The continuing adventures of Serra Angel in Hell. Sold to a succubus and beginning her training under her new owner. It's 32 pics of pure angelic harmony at www.mongo-bongo-art.com.

So yeah.... I had a crazy ass week. (Crazy in the good way.) Didn't get a lick of work done on the set during that time. Good thing we're not relying on the membership thing anymore, eh? Hopefully I'll be able to get more on track with the next set.

And Hibbli released a new Elayne set... 2 weeks ago *cough*. Yeah yeah, I was busy screwing around. Anyway! It's a new chapter in her continuing misadventures. This time visiting a priory and falling victim to a corrupt priest and his vile demon minions! So head on over to Hibbli's site and get all 70 pics of hard-pounding church action!

Alice by AerySoul (see Aeon Soul for similar)
Mistress Charm by AerySoul (see Aeon Soul for similar)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Random Stuff and Ruminations

Alrighty, so it shouldn't (and doesn't) take an entire month just to bust out a Spider-man set. Problem is with sets that long is that they become tiresome. So attention drifts to other things until the inspiration comes back to work on the set. Sometimes that attention goes to things like videogames or movies, other times it goes to far more productive things like ideas for other sets. So got some new shit I worked on, plus some old old old test pics that were lying around on my harddrive.

First a bit of the classic Barsoom hottie Dejah Thoris before Disney completely fucked up that story. No fucking clue why Disney decided to use 1920's masturbation material as a family movie. Seriously, WTF?! When did that seem like a good idea?! Not to mention turning her into some sort of dreamy-eyed scientist instead of the badass warrior princess who always needs saving (wait... how does that even make sense? w/e). Anyway they took a giant shit all over a literary classic that was fine for the period it was written for. So fuck Disney. And yes technically Dejah SHOULD be completely naked, but some skimpy clothing does add some anticipation and all that.

Then some random old shit. With a slightly asian and fighting game feel. Doubt I'll ever use those ideas tbh. Followed by a recent work on Red Sonja cuz... well just cuz. It's Red Sonja! She doesn't need a reason! Then a remake of Sylrahtae and a Drow chick for a story idea. More on that later. And lastly a Medusa I was working on from awhile back.

And because folks seem to like Assassin's Creed, a bit of Elise from the new game. Took a bit of liberte (pun) with her. French redhead seems a bit silly, so made her a bit more brunette and used the closest thing I had to a period hairstyle. Kinda unsure about this one. Depends on how the game turns out. Hopefully it's NOT going to follow in the idiotic footsteps of previous games. With gems like "Capitalism was created as a tool to control people" bullshit *facepalm*. Ugh. Seems like it MIGHT be a bit more balanced and questioning of the differing philosophies. But we'll see. I'm not much for trusting game companies or reviews anymore.

And then some fine-tuning of the Imperial Sniper chick for the next SWTOR set *spoiler*. Tweaked her jacket a bit, and gave her a *cough* more accessible skirt instead of pants. Some minor changes, but makes for better final product.

And then some derivatives on one of my favorite characters ever. Have been a HUGE fan of American Mcgee's Alice since... well forever. Original game was fantastic. Second was so-so, just got kinda tedious and repetitive after awhile. They also Kickstarted a sort of interactive animations or something called Alice: Otherlands as their next project. So should be something interesting to look forward too. And in related news Amusteven released an Alice set a few weeks ago over at Affect3d. Which is fairly entertaining. It's not "super-awesome", but it's okay.

Anyway, the point is that Alice is fantastic character. And she has been shamelessly ripped off in various other incarnations. Some of my favorites being X-23, the girl-Wolverine from X-Men/Marvel. Who's character history reads as a cliche of "damaged girl" mixed with freaky Japanese porn (ie. guro and stump fetish). And then in slightly newer version, Glory from Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall. Which recently released a Director's Cut with some game improvements and expanded content. And it is actually worth playing, I do recommend it. Still a fantastic storyline, even on replay.


So also in the past month, with Zombaio apparently turning tits-up, have had a bit of time to think about this whole business thing. Like wtf am I gonna do to make money and keep making pr0n? Do I even want to keep making pr0n? Change does tend to open one's eyes to other possibilities and reflect on choices etc. So have come to the rather obvious conclusion that the work I do is rather fucked up. I mean I've always known that, it's just that I actually had time to sit down and think about it more in depth. And I've come to the conclusion that I am perfectly okay with it. If people wanna buy it, then hell, I'll keep making it. I'd probably also sell cigarettes to teenagers (of legal age, of course). So yeah, there was that.

Then there was the whole business end. Currently working the straight sales thing. See how that works out. Other ideas were to go more softcore/vanilla and pick-up a subscrip service with a different processor. Sell thru other outlets like Affect and Rotica. Would probably even be more profitable since there would be a wider audience for it. Don't know if it would be quite as much fun though. Who knows? Another idea was to take up Hibbli's suggestion of going with Patreon. He/she (everyone on teh intrawebz is a guy until irrefutably proven otherwise) has been pushing me on that idea for awhile. And it is kinda appealing. Could switch to a more comic/story driven thing with text etc instead of just image sets. And god knows I have plenty of stories running around in the back of my head for Alice, Sylrahtae, Shadowrun, and of course Amilee. So it COULD work. Only problem is fucking Paypal. Paypal is involved in Patreon, and they pretty much destroy anything they touch regarding pr0n. Would really hate to get started on that, only to have Paypal fuck everything up later. So we'll see. Still ruminating and chewing my cud.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Spider-man: Green Goblin - Part 2

And... the second half of the Green Goblin story. With Gwen at the mercy of Norman Osborne and Spidey to the rescue. Kinda. Sorta. It's 63 pics of web-slinging action available only at www.mongo-bongo-art.com. And this is the last free set download for members!

Holy shit. Fucking FINALLY done. Fuck Gwen Stacy. That's all I gotta say. Despite having rendered more pics for this than any other set it doesn't hold the record as the largest. It's cuz of all the insert pics. Each one takes as much time as a full-size pic, but without the bonus of being large. But they are needed in order for the story to make sense in as short a time as possible before getting to the important parts - the pr0n! But at least that's the last of overly large and intricate sets for awhile. Back to slightly more simple and much faster production. Which should make everyone happy.

And in other news, another blog for you to check out - Red Leather Art. New artist just starting out, learning ropes of rendering, and on the steady path of improvement. Mostly does the typical fantasy, sword & sorcery, orcs & elves stuff. So drop by and check his stuff out, and give him some kind words!