Friday, April 11, 2014

Snack Time!

So since the next set is being a complete pain in the ass with lighting and render times, figured I'd give you some snacks to tide you over. Just some random character concepts and set ideas I've been playing around with. Some recent, some from awhile ago. Obviously the Wildstar stuff is recent. Duh.

And since I've been dicking around with the Wildstar Beta weekends, figured I should probably give you my first impressions of it. The theme is magical space cowboys vs. galactic church nazis with some pirates and ninjas thrown in. Yeah it's very tongue-in-cheek and silly. As far as the game system itself, well.... basically it's a WoW clone with a nifty targeting system. To me, any themepark game is pretty much a WoW clone. It's got the standard leveling system and level cap. Standard structured classes. Standard questing and experience system. Standard level-specific resources & crafting system. And other than the targeting, standard combat system. So yeah. For me it was a bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, silly, entertaining, and definitely playable. I'll definitely be spending some time playing it. I was just kinda hoping for something on the level of EvE (without the douchebaggery). It's nowhere near that level of complexity or detail. But if you liked WoW, then you will like Wildstar. Cuz it's definitely a step up in most regards (gotta give the nod to WoW's depth of lore and story though - but it has been around ALOT longer). Keep in mind though, my Wildstar experience is only up to lvl 17 and is fairly limited. This is only a first impression. Probably a hell of alot more I haven't seen yet.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Zafo - Glamour

A new Zafo set! Yay! The life of a hobo is hard. But it's worth it, cuz they always score the supermodel chicks. I mean think about it. Are you a hobo? No. Do you bang supermodels? No. So you should totally become a homeless vagrant! (And let me know in a few years how that works out for you.) Or instead you can check out 49 pics of super sexy hobo-on-hottie action over at Site member's get 50% off the download price. And remember all sales go directly to the artist!

And the Winter Soldier. Of course. You knew this review was coming. So went to see it Friday afternoon. And. Well. It's about as good as the first Captain America movie. I mean it's not great. It's not terrible. It just sorta is. It's another chapter progressing the plot in the overall Marvel movie-verse. Which is kinda the failing of the movie. It doesn't really stand on it's own. It's like you went to see part of a movie. But at least that part was mildly entertaining, if a bit vague on details. I mean they coulda gone more in-depth on the whole post-WWII conspiracy angle and "how Bucky became the Winter Soldier" thing. Oh, did I spoil that for you? Sorry. You should consider reading more comic books. Everybody else knows that "spoiler". But anyway, for a movie named "The Winter Soldier" they didn't focus much on him at all. Which kinda blows. They were too busy wasting time on Scarlett Johansson.

It was really weird, cuz once again it's like they tried to make her as unappealing as possible. Well right up until the last 20 minutes of the film. At that point it's cleavage shots and make-up. Before that, zilch. Which makes me wonder which scenes were filmed first. Did they film the finale first and then Johansson threw a tantrum because they were sexualizing her historically highly sexual vamp character? Or did they film it last and realize "shit! people are going to find her character dull and unappealing so we better add some tit shots". Perplexing.

But otherwise some fun stuff in there. Lots of drops to tie the whole Marvel universe together. Mentioned Dr Strange! Which was pretty amusing since he's like the last person you'd ever expect to see in a movie (and by "you" I mean "me" - oh and he's gonna get a movie, probably). Also a cute drop on Fury's gravestone. Oh. Spoiler. Again. Fury dies. Sorry. Let's see, what else... Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch drops. Oh and like all recent Marvel movies, stick around until the very end of credits.

Oh, you thought there would only be one movie review? FOOLISH FOOLS! You will be destroyed!!!111oneoneelventy (I really should have been a mad scientist or villainous dictator or something - except their life expectancy sucks). Anyway. So the other day I found out that the highest grossing movie EVER is Frozen. Funny thing is.... I never even fucking heard of it before. No joke. Ok, that's probably not true. I probably heard about it a zillion times, but just tuned it out like I do pretty much all Pixar/Disney movies. Just don't interest me overmuch. But figured if it was so big, should probably be something to be at least socially aware of. So checked it out.

And... well... it's hard to say. I mean it was a fantastically well done movie. Totally fappable. ...For the 3d effects you perverts! Seriously, get your fucking heads out of the gutter! I am pornographer of refinement, taste, and distinction... Oh shut up! You can't judge me! :-P ANYWAY! Had some crazy kickass 3d stuff in there. The icebocks were just zomg amazing *fapfapfap*! (Yeah, imagine if I saw it in the theater, would be kinda awkward.) Incredible expressions and animation. Just fantastic work all around.

The movie and plot itself? Well. Ummm. Grrl Power! From what I've gathered it seems to be a thing with Disney lately (yes "lately" is relative, I'm THAT out of touch with Disney films - I just don't watch them, okay). And actually I'm all for female empowerment. Which may come as a surprise, given my employment of choice. But I'm kinda of fond of women who aren't weeping sacks of self-pity and insecurity. That kinda shit just doesn't do it for me. So if they help future generations of girls grow up to be strong independent women, I'm all for it.

Thing is, not sure if this movie goes about it the right way. It's one thing to show women as capable and awesome in their own right. Quite another to portray them as the only ones capable of doing anything - with guys either extraneous, incompetent, or just down-right evil. That's taking the idiot misogynist caveman mentality and flipping it on it's head. Doesn't do anybody any good. Needs to be the ying/yang thing. Balanced an in harmony. But whatever. This shit has been said a million times over already in varying degrees (yeah, looked it up). Just had to throw in my two cents, since I just saw it.

Oh, and Elsa rocks. Anna is just... ugh.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our slutty video-game princesses go on Spring Break and continue making bad choices in life by hooking up with that Gerudo douchebag from the Jersey shore, Ganondorf. It's 38 pics of Princesses Gone Wild at And members get the set download for free for the next month or so.

So yeah, it's about two years out of fashion but had to work in the Jersey Shore thing. Gerudo... guido... get it? Oh fuck you guys! What do you know about funny anyways?! (j/k) :-P Amusingly enough, I never actually watched the show before. But after doing some research for this set, turns out I didn't miss much. Anyway set had the usual problems the princesses always have - Ambient Occlusion hair artifact nightmare. Woulda been able to avoid it if I had gone with IDL, but didn't want bog down the render time more than I had to. Plus had a few tricks to limit the amount of artifacting, so was pretty manageable. But did end up spending a ridiculous amount of time setting up the scenes for both the pool and hotel room. Couldn't decide which to use at first. Will have to use the pool area for something else in the future!

Oh, and don't use Ganondorf (or anybody else from New Jersey for that matter) as a role model for your life. Just saying.

Also while looking for inspiration I decided to check out Spring Breakers. So instead of reviewing 300: Rise of an Empire, or Hotel Budapest, I'll do a review of this instead.... because it is fucking terrible, and I want to save you the self-inflicted torture. Even smokin hot slutty bitches in bikinis can't save this travesty of a shithole of a film. It's disjointed, random, terribly written, and has constant annoying narration that sounds exactly like a dimwitted co-ed trying to be spiritual. Which I guess *is* appropriate in the context of the film, so kudos for them getting that right I suppose. But still, nobody should have to deal with that more than they already have to during college parties. At first I thought you'd just need some mood altering substances to flow with the movie. But no. It's just a shit movie. Don't see it. Oh and it has Selena Gomez in it. Who is apparently some Hannah Montana derivative from the Disney channel. Actually just had to look that up. And am even now listening to some of her shit on Youtube. It's also bad. EVERYTHING about the movie and the people in it are bad, bad, and bad. Except that they look good in bikinis. :-)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bronwynne - Pot o' Gold

Happy St Paddy's Day! Hottie redhead ranger Bronwynne chases a rainbow to find a pot of gold and monstrous well-hung leprechaun! It's 33 pics of St Paddy's goodness at And as always, the set download is free for members for the next month or so.

There is not much to say, about this set. I mean other than the fact that it's a horrible stereotype of Irish myth and culture. But besides that, the set went pretty damn smoothly. SSS and lighting worked fine. Poses and postwork were fine. It was just all around a nice change of pace. Me likey! Ah! One thing - obviously went old-skool and bring back The Troll. Remember when 3d pr0n artists used him for EVERYTHING. Poor guy never gets much action anymore. Poor troll.

And in other news, Epoch released the first of his new Dossier series yesterday - Ember's Game! But I gotta warn you, it's not like his previous stuff... it's SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously, it is fucking awesome! Take everything you love about Epoch's art, and then crank it up to 11. Easily his best work to date. And I don't say that lightly, cuz he has done some kick-ass incredible shit. But this blows that all away. Even more fantastic-ier render quality, Ember is OMFG hot, superb expressions, good flow. Oh! And it has Lens Flare! If you liked JJ Abrams Star Trek movies then you will love this! Well actually maybe not, cuz Epoch's lens flare is actually subtle and you can still see the scene. But it's there, and it's awesome. All in all, it's just plain a great set. And while I always highly recommend folks check out Epoch's stuff, I super-double triple-dog recommend this one. And it's super cheap at only $7.99! You. Should. Get. It. Like all his recent stuff, it uses his DCV viewer set-up. So be sure to keep an eye on the nav-bar for additional angles of the same pic!

Also, if you may recall I mentioned an up and coming new MMO a while back - Wildstar-Online. Well they finally have a release date for it! Looks like the game will be live on June 3rd. And if you are as super excited about this as I am... well you probably already know all this. But for those that are just kinda apathetic and/or mildly interested, you can pre-order it on March 19th.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Warcraft: Belf & Trolls

Our favorite slutty adulterous Belf is back, and having an extramarital romp with a pair of trolls. It's 30 pics of warcrafty awesomeness only at And members get the set download for free for the next month-ish. Tazdingo!

Right... So this set. Ugh! So the first part went fairly well. Knew it was gonna take awhile since I had to use Indirect Lighting to prevent artifacts in the hair model. So that combined with Subsurface Scattering was gonna take some time. Knew it, planned for it. Got thru the second or third day of rendering and finally accepted that something was off with the renders. There was some sort of weird ass ambient lighting going on in the skin. Noticed it in the Valentine set, but figured it was some sort of side effect of using IBL ambient light. But this set was Indirect Light so was somewhat confused. And that launched a nightmarish week of testing testing and more testing. And after a ridiculous amount of effort and trying every possible combination of light sources and different SSS mechanisms, I finally had the hurr-durr moment. Seems that if there is an Edge Blend node between the SSS node and the Alt Diffuse plug, it decides to create an ambient light effect. Makes absolutely no sense, but that's what happens. So yeah. A week wasted due to sheer stupidity (on either my part or Posers - not sure which). In any case, got it fixed and shouldn't have anymore more "jelly-bean skin" in the future.

And of course a Warcraft set would not be complete without mentioning Blizzard's most recent WoW game. Hearthstone. So it's in free open Beta (ie. "let's release it, but call it Beta so folks can't bitch about bugs") and I played around with a bit. It's a fairly simplistic rip-off of Magic the Gathering. Which has it's pros and cons. Simple means it's easy to learn, but also means it doesn't have a whole lot of depth. So yeah. Personally, I wasn't all to thrilled with the game. After screwing around with it for a few weeks, I found the constructed gameplay to essentially be "pay 2 win", and the Arena gameplay just far too RNG dependent. Now, now, before you start flying off the handle that I have said something adverse about a game you play and therefore have personally insulted you and everything you stand for, please allow me to explain. At the higher levels of constructed (since the game matches you based on your level) most games are decided by the better rares and legendaries. Which makes sense, since Blizzard is in the business of making a profit. Plus I have the sneaking suspicion that if you don't give them money, you end up on the "bottom-deck list" where you have all the cards you need to counter your opponent in your deck, but never seem to draw them. But that's just a gut instinct conspiracy theory. And for Arena, I found it to be a wee bit too dependent on RNG. Your character choice is random, the cards you get to draft are random. Some days you will get a Mage with plenty of Flamestrikes, Frost Bolts and Polys. Other days you'll get a Warlock who has to draft a Hungry Crab cuz it is literally the best choice of three terrible rares. And as good a player as you may be, there is only so far you can get with poor cards and no removal. To top it all off, there are some severe balance issues that can allow even the most mongrel idiot player to steal a win. Which also works well for Blizzard. Because no matter how bad you are, you can still win sometimes just by stupid luck. Sadly that doesn't work so well for me. I get beat I wanna lose to a better player, and when I win I want it do be due to my own skill. Not some freak accident. So needless to say, the game got uninstalled. But that's just me. Maybe you'll like it. It's free to play, so I'd say give it shot.

DragonLeaf for A4G4V4S4 by IneteYe (such a great indie store)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


New site for you to check out - 3dx-games. A site that specializes in (yes, you guessed it) 3d porn games. With some free games to play around with, and game reviews and the like. So the games are pretty much your standard Wapanese dating simulator stuff, but in english and with 3d art. Also there is a demo for an upcoming collaboration with the incomparable Gazukull. It's a Blackjack game starring his vampire pirate chick Jessenia. Play blackjack, win credits, spend credits to make her strip and eventually get sex pics. So keep an eye out for that!