Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Regarding Patreon

Guise. I appreciate the advice. I am well aware of Patreon. I know what it is capable of. Remember, my website was subscription based for quite awhile. And there is a reason I can say "Yeaaahhh, I just don't feel like producing shit, for like, a year." And that reason is NOT because of set sales. The subscription model took VERY good care of me. (Which btw, I do feel it necessary to point out just how many "wise" people at that time were telling me that subscriptions were a bad idea and "microtransactions are the wave of the future".) Patreon can indeed be a goldmine.

So of course, some of you are saying "zomg zomg wtf dude! just get on Patreon then!". Well the thing is, I also know just how much work it requires. The years I was focusing on the subscription model, I literally worked every fucking day except Christmas. That's not bullshit. Every. Fucking. Day. And not little bitch 8-hour days, we're talking 10-16 hour days. It takes ALOT of work to produce content. Sure it's work I may enjoy, but it's still work.

Which brings the next response, "but duuuddde! tons of Patreon artists only produce a few pics a month and make bank!" Yes. Yes they do. Because most of those (not all, but most) are really really fucking good artists. The reason Sakimichan pulls in like $15K/month (last I saw, many moons ago) is because she is insanely talented and fast at it too. Doesn't matter if you personally like her work or not, she's still a damn good artist. And if somebody like Haneto was on Patreon, he too could get away with doing only a few pics a month. Thing is, I happen to know that I'm NOT that good of an artist. I'm passably decent, but I'm not ANYWHERE near as good like they are. So if I wanted to do Patreon, I'd have to go back to producing extreme amounts of mediocre work. Which... I don't really want to do. One of the reasons I moved from subscription to set sales is because I wanted to be less of a pornographer and more of an "artiste". Take my time, and all that shit. And I know myself well enough that if I did do Patreon, then I'd go back to mass production - due in part to feeling obligated to making it worthwhile for customers, and also just plain competetiveness/greed. And not really keen on doing that again.

So I do appreciate the concern and the good intentions. I know you guys just wanna give me a heads-up and are trying to look out for me. But think I got a decent handle on this. Been doing the 3d-pr0n shtick for quite a while, and I've done well by it. After all these years I'd like to think I have a vague clue wtf I'm talking about. So, I don't think I'm gonna be doing Patreon just yet. At least not in the "wheee! please support my art!" way. I will still be dicking around the porn-art realm, so don't worry on that part. My last blogpost was NOT ragequit-"fuck you guys, I'm out!". During my break, I've been bouncing around plenty of other ideas. Wasn't just jerking off that entire time. I mean there was plenty of jerking, but it wasn't ALL jerking. In any case, I will try to be somewhat less shit about letting you guys know about what's going on in Mongoland in the future. So, yay?


Shmaded said...


I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents as far as patreon goes. In most cases (at least the various artists I subscribe to), none of them put out sets in any sort of structure time frame. Take studiofow for example. They started out small and now make money because of content, but the real kicker is, everything they put out is eventually free. This is how you get around the piracy stuff and the pay-for-play model. People support them because of what they do, not because they are promised set content.

I want you to have a patreon so I can support you to help you continue making your art, rather than wait for sets to come out and buy them.Sure you can set tiers if you want to delve into all that rewards crap, but if you are like some, just set a $1 dollar max, just so you can see how many people are willing to support you. I don't care what you produce, I just want to help you be able to do it, as I'm sure many people do.

cumbustable1 said...

take all the time you need man. our boners and pussies will be ready anytime

Hollo Voys said...

Personally, I follow what you do, and not what Sakimichan does. And I'm probably not the only one, so you must have been doing something right. And that's saying something, since I agree that Sakimichan is insanely talented. But I still enjoy your humor and storytelling in your sets. Sakimi doesn't have those. And your rendering skills produce a look and feel I don't see from other 3D artists, either. So you've got a niche.

Maybe that niche absolutely requires 16-hour days, and if you dropped to just 8, we'd be looking at some crummy shit and giving up. Or maybe the quality would stay high but we'd be bitching about how long you take. No way for me to know. For now, I'd say we fans are just trying to figure out your price. This shit clearly amuses you at least a little; the question is how much moolah will make you want to keep doing it, and whether we can afford it.

And it doesn't even have to be Patreon; it's just that that's probably the easiest way right now. Nobody here's probably wedded to it or anything.

Anyway, you probably know all this shit, so I'm just saying we know it too. Glad you're posting, at least...

Alex Goldstone said...
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Akagi said...

Well as long as it wasn't "..fuck you guys I'm out." At least that's something, a slender thread to hope for future content at least. Good luck with whatever man.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of repeating what's already been said, I think you're way more talented than you give yourself credit for. I'm sure it's a lot of work, and there may be skilled technicians who can churn out artwork and make it look easy, but technical virtuosity doesn't necessarily translate into interesting artwork. Personally, I much prefer your style to Sakimichan's. Not to be harsh on her, it's just my opinion. And I love Haneto's work, but his style is so different from yours, it feels weird trying to weigh them against each other.

All of which is to say, your art is awesome.

krassomat said...

just wanted to say BIG THANKS for all the great sets you gave us!

doesn't come as much of a surprise but ofc it's still a pitty you won't be back.
well if you just don't really enjoy doing that neat 3d smut anymore
i guess it can't be helped.
just know if you one day might change your mind your fans will still be here.

kudos and all the best!

Anonymous said...

Please jerk me off 24/7, Mongo. Love you man or madame.(?)

Twitch said...

Well. If you are looking of 3d porn artists that have "returned" from the dead. I'd suggest looking at LooksCanKill. He returned with a patreon from a long absence from a similar burn out as you had.

If you do start a patreon, just set the bar low for yourself. None of us expect you to churn out full sets. I'd be happy with 1-2 pictures a month to show progress or what your current flavor interests are. Aim for quality rather then quantity. Some other patreons might work bloody fast and churn out tons of updates. That works for them, but would be horrendous for your style.

Pretty much only make a set if the model/setup is really speaking to you. Otherwise, what is the point? We were fans for the quality and the interesting setups/parodies. Good art takes time to make like good bbq.

Olivier Dreadson said...

personaly i don't really care about the decision that you take patreon or not,yeah,it's up to you man,the important thing you've come back here to do business again,by the way it's almost halloween,so what sets will you come up next ? any teaser for your upcoming set ? vampiress chick ? serra angel ? avari ? or...whatever 😂

Didi Solomon said...

You're right. Patreon is a lot of work potentially. When I took over Stone Sorceress from my partner and co-creator, I was working on it pretty much full time for months, until I could get to the point where I didn't have to do that. And if you factor in the stuff we were paying to our artists, etc... Well, "slave wages" was pretty close to it (and probably still is), but... Two Things:

1) You've got content, dude! And you can pre-post as much as you care to. You could put up a couple of pix a week from your existing sets, or even a whole set each month, and not run out for a long time. Folks would be happy with that, so long as you threw in the occasional update or new piece or behind-the-scenes -- on your own timeschedule. Ask $1 or $3 or $5 a month, or maybe even $10, and people would be happy. Really, for using, like, 1 day a month to schedule posts, you could have a regular income. Free money, almost. -OR-

2) You could be one of those folks that only gets paid when you release something. Then it doesn't matter if you release a set once a month, or once every two months, or three, or whatever. Patrons don't pay if you don't release, so they can just hang around and wait -- and maybe get some progress reports. It Could WORK! ;-)

But, all that's your call. And you can do it or not as you choose -- but either way, me and mine hope you continue. 'Cause like a lot of folks have said, you're one of the best at the 3DX (I can only think of 2 folks -- Erogenesis and Epoch-Art) that are on a similar level. So, don't let humility hold you back!

Anyway, thanks for the new sets, and I hope there are more coming. (Power Girl?)

-- DD

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment about how you said your art wasn't as good as haneto or sakimichi, and I got to say you sell yourself short. I honestly can't say how popular you feel yourself to be, but I'm pretty sure you're one of the best there is out there. And I mean, if zone archive can release a few Really nice content packs every couple (or more) months, while being paid the whole time, why can't you?
And don't give me that difference between animation and image packs being of unequal value. When of high quality -see Mongo Bongo art- they both take large amounts of effort.

Just to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive and kicking, MB.
As Hollo Voys said last week, your humor and storytelling kick ass, no matter how self-critical and judgmental you allow your inner voice to grumble w/ [unfair] comparisons.

The statement "I'm NOT that good of an artist. I'm passably decent" I believe is mostly due to the limitations that Smith Micro has painted itself into a corner w/ Poser, which in turn saddles the cramped confines of its users. You've excelled at experimenting with its boundaries and capabilities, and for a nearly decade old character base your girls remain uniquely adorable.

That said, other artists without your skills, insight and outlandish wit are cranking out beautiful sets w/ DAZ's virtually free iRay. I can only speculate how gorgeous your stories and characters might look if they were no longer restricted to Firefly and creaky/primitive meshes/weight-maps. I understand how comfy and familiar Poser is but DAZ is only going to continue getting better and adding more features, while SM's updates seem too scattershot and unreliable.

Just my 2 cents. Best wishes whatever and wherever your experiments and playfulness takes you.

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