Friday, September 12, 2014

Hibbli - Bad Ending

Hibbli presents an alternate ending to Knight Elayne's quest at The Old Chapel! This time with a bad ending *spoiler*. And by "bad" we mean rough and rapey as hell. It's 64 pics of hard and brutal fantasy adventure at All that for only $10! And of course all sales go directly to the artist! (NOTE - Elayne does get knocked around a bit in this one, so if that's a turn-off, makes you squeamish, or contradicts your moral code then please consider yourself warned.)

So in other news, GamerGate is still buzzing along. So if you aren't familiar with this controversy and can't be bothered to click the link, then I'll give a brief rundown. So about a month ago some douchey milktoast dishrag excuse for a man posted a bloggy rant about a breakup with his girlfriend. And if half the stuff he posted is true (remember never trust what people write on the internet) then she is by all intents and purposes a truly evil human being. Still nothing new there, that shit happens all the time, right? But what makes this relevant is that his ex-GF was a major SJW. (If you aren't familiar with the acronym, SJW stands for "social justice warrior", a pejorative used to describe people who vigorously push a progressive agenda, especially in relation to the video game industry.) Not only that, she was also a game designer, and she cheated on the schmuck with a video game journalist (among various other guys - seriously read the ranty blog - it's hilarious, in a sad way). Which made it of interest to folks that really do not like SJWs... like 4chan. And once those loveably vile trolls got a hold of this, it morphed into "damning proof" of a "conspiracy" in videogame journalism. Sad part is, it did kinda look like they were right.

Thus, an angry movement was born. And videogame journalists handled it in the best way possible - by calling people names. In lockstep numerous articles went up on videogame sites declaring gamers (ie. their customers) as "misogynist trolls", "useless entitled shits", and various other endearing terms. It's like they all went to the MongoBongo Academy of Diplomacy and Charm. Needless to say, that didn't go over very well and just kinda threw fuel on the fire. Unfortunately, despite being vile and disgusting, the 4chan trolls also tend to be rather intelligent. And instead of raging like they were supposed to, they decided to donate to charity. Inorite WTF? Blatantly insincere and an obvious intended solely to thumb people's eye, they still managed to raise like $20K for two progressive groups (the pic above includes a girl gamer they created for contributing so much to a Kickstarter). On top of all this, people are still shouting harassment, dreaming up more conspiracies, claiming death threats, denouncing "the enemy", whining oppression, and generally just being massive attention whores. And to journalists' discredit they are being fairly terrible in covering the whole thing.

I can't really do it justice. There is just so much silliness involved. I suggest you poke around yourself for articles and info if it interests you.


Didi Solomon said...

Hibbli set looks fun, though rough isn't my thing.

Hoping you'll put out the 2nd Goblin set (last free one) before my membership expires in a day or so. ;-)

MongoBongo said...

Ugh... Sorry bro, doesn't look like that's gonna happen. :-( ... 2nd Goblin set is being a complete bitch to work with, and have had to re-render the entire second half of it twice. So fucking sick of Gwen Stacey at this point. But on the plus side the sets are a bit cheaper. Yeah, a minor consolation, I know, but I do what I can... :-/

Anonymous said...

Sigh! Oh, well! I hope Gwen does better in the end of your set than she does at the end of the last Spider-Man movie. Always hated that story point. And a suggestion for the set costs: $6 per set would mean buying 2 a month would work out about the same as the old membership. Just sayin'. Good luck!

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