Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zafo - Tera On-line: Dungeons

New set from Zafo! Featuring a pair of Castanic demon-girls exploring a dungeon. And when one of them stumbles upon a caged beastie... well that's when hentai-logic(tm) takes over. It's 46 pics of grindy Korean MMO fun at mongo-bongo-art.com.

And a brief mention of a show I recently found. As some of you may know, I have a soft spot for sword & cannon pirate stuff. Was a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean before it was even a movie franchise *hipster glasses*. Anyway, while I was totally NOT checking out the Outlander show, which I absolutely did not read the book before, cuz that would be gay and shit cuz it's a chick show and stuff. Right. So while I was NOT doing that, I ran into Black Sails. A show about pirates that involves even more unrealistically beautiful people with perfect teeth than PotC did. And with even more of the inane bullshit of "we're fighting for individuality and self-expression", rather than just being opportunistic thieves they actually were. And plays fast and loose with historical fact, while also including a sort of pre-story for Treasure Island (not surprisingly I'm also a fan of NC Wyeth, Pyle, and the Brandywine tradition). And also tries way way waaaayyy too hard to be a "Yaarrrr!" Game of Thrones.

And y'know what, despite all that... I still like it. Cuz it's piratey. I'm probably biased, but it's a fun show. It does take a couple episodes to get it's feet under it. I mean the first few are just a montage of different uses of the word "fuck". Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, let's fuck. You get the picture. But bear with it. The plot plays out pretty well. And while the characters are a bit stereotypical, they're still enjoyable (though Miss "look how hard I'm trying not to be Elizabeth Swann by acting exactly like her" does in the words of Barbossa "strain credulity, at that"). But it's still definitely worth checking out! At least in my not so humble opinion.

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