Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SAO Leafa

Welcome to Alfheim Online! Kirito is back, this time perving on his hottie sister/cousin. But still being just as much of a bad as always and still getting griefed by the heartless Gleam Eyes. It's 61 pics of anime-inspired awesomeness at And members of course get the set download free for the next month or so.

So wow. Largest set I've done to date. 61 pics and still didn't get to put everything I wanted in there. So much for getting it completed in June though. Turns out that there are only 30 days in June this year. Some people say it's like that every year, but I don't believe them! I think it was a conspiracy against me!

And why do the Japanese have such a fascination with bro/sis incest? Why can't they just have wholesome fetishes like semi-consensual monster porn?


Tantacel said...

In before the spam crap... Great set MB. Did she have tattoos in the anime? Can't remember. Looks good though. Do like the SAO sets

SpideySense said...

Standing Ovation For Mongo Bongo!
Very Big Congrats on your largest set to date! One for the ages!
Hell yeah screw that bro/sis incest crapola with skinny japanese tiny dick boy timidly putting it in busty sis! UNLEASH THE BEAST ON THAT BUSTY BITCH and fuck her brains out all the way!

By the way spammer pirates take off your retard dump britches and by this set! Support this artist so we can have more of this gold! BUY THIS SET! Buy it now!

Okay feedback for the God/Demon/ Or Alien/ Mongo Bongo. The girl looks amazingly beautiful and I love how you gave her some just tiny speckle of freckles on her face and body and the detail is outstanding. I would dang near place her first gold spot on your list of sexiest hottest girls ever created but the redbull gives you wings and sprouty ears make me yearn for the human sexy back and cute little ears of Princess Peach Bronwynne or Bretonnia Knight. I know the character in SAO had that look so it's them that did it to her not you. I just wish you would have said to them hey screwballls watch me make this girl 10 times hotter and make her how you want in your own way. But hey Mongo if you dig wings and ultra spock ears is your thing then more power to you we are just lucky to have this hardcore one of a kind scene.

Also really happy you made this set semi-consensual as you called it and not just a consensual slut fest. We really miss out bad on your epic facial expressions when it's just consensual like the Japanese bro/sis "hey sister lets have sex" "okay brother I will spread for you" boring bullshit.

So yeah always hoping for an all out rip off her panties and pound it like satan rape fest but this is awesome! The monster looks incredible as well and really excited that his cock looks even bigger than that wild ape from last set and maybe bigger than Pot Of Gold which is quite impressive! The bigger the cock the more she cries and makes those epic gold mongo bongo O O O O Faces.

Thanks so much for this set. I can't wait to dig into all of it and make my popcorn turn off lights grab a cold one and set back and watch the action unfold. This gold art is better than a fucking movie for sure!

Lastly goddamn Mongo I keep looking at that girls face you created and I think you took some liberty to make her in your own way because she looks ten times more beautiful than anything SAO i've seen her in. That girl looks so gorgeous like a angel from heaven my god man how did you do it? If it was her and Princess Peach standing at my door I think I would say to this new girl one question....."Are those wings retractable" But yeah Princess Peach is a killer. I might just prefer this one because she seems more innocent. Personality is everything right? It's all in the eyes..

That's it. This new girl has the prettiest eyes ever of any girl I've ever seen created in art. Unfuckingbelievable.

Thanks again for this amazing set. You are the mother fucking man god demon alien king! You are on a roll now! Two epic world beater sets in a row!!! Please keep going! Keep slam dunk fucking that monster cock balls deep into a young innocent babe and we will be watching in awe as you breed her all out! Hope new set is Gwen VS a massive spider demon that crawls out from the inner hell depths and pumps her full of eggs and spider love juice seed.

BUY THIS SET! Support This Artist! Thanks!

Campbell said...

Great job Mongo!
I hope to see more sets like this, featuring our favourite heroines.
Like Jessica VS the 5 weasels. and possibly Judge Doom :)

Anonymous said...

'Bout time but worth the wait
Next set how about
Doomguy vs Succubus or
Doomgirl vs Demons(the phenotypes)

Fan said...

I liked Kirigaya way more than her online character. You thinking about a set with Kirigaya ? The real Kirigaya. You allready have the 3D model of her ;)

RedOx said...

How about Lara Croft fucked by 4 Velociraptors

Planetfall said...

I thank God for you everyday. No one does it better, Mongo.

Flawless set, with all the great Mongoisms, plus you added squirting and (!) choking. Fingering the girl to the point of squirting is a new top as far as I'm concerned (please do that with Zelda), though at first I couldn't see what was going on because there is no light down there in the render.

Frames 15-19 are pure gold. What a scene! And let me just say that anytime you have the Frame 40 pose (you've done it so well with Peach), the set is a slam dunk.

I only wish you hadn't teased me with that damn snake head and not let it go nuts like it did on Asuna in the last SAO. I had never seen anything like that!

Well worth the wait. Looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...

As long as you keep making SAO sets, I'll keep buying them. I'd love to see what other fun Leafa and Gleameyes could get up to. While the second arc didn't have as many hot girls as the first one, Fairy Asuna might be fun - Same for Alicia Rue and Sakuya.

Leafa is probably the hottest girl you've done so far, though!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was HOT. I'll actually love to see more consensual scenes with the Sword Art Online girls; The hot sister was totally loving it.

Someguy said...

By Succubus do you mean Devonna?
If so I would buy that and Mongo won't do it, make a commission or make your own

Old Boy said...

I kinda wanna see some old charakter.
I whould like to see the angel who got kidnapped by thoes demons. What happend to Serra?
Or our favorite bloodelf Milf have a threesome with her husband and the new nanny. That draenei nanny is hot.
And Groknar, damnmit, Groknar did rape someone for way too long.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I want to c part 2 of Hellbent with Serra

SpideySense said...


Mongo has TWO OTHER SAO sets on this site and they are out of this freaking world amazing! Go buy them now before you lose out on the mind blowing rage burst of good sexual feeling healing you will get by seeing them!

Just search for SAO in the search box at the top of the page and you will see them there! You won't believe how freaking omfg epic they are!

Also score for this set. I had to be fair and wait till I looked through each picture.

Girl: 94
Monster: 97
Sex: 90
Cock Ferocity: 92
Overall Art: 98
Total Score: 471
!! Each category is scored 1 - 100 in 5 categories. 500 is a perfect score!

Anonymous said...

Man, a Sakuya set would be awesome.

reika said...

Very impressive set. So happy to enjoy it. I know people seem upset with her wings but they don't really bother me much since look more like a fairy and I don't really pay attention to them. If they were as big as the Gryphon you made then yes they would be a distraction but this was fine.

Only thing I desired more in this set was to see more of the first person type views of Leafa getting penetrated like you did in Pot Of Gold which was similar. I would say overall I liked the monster and girl better in this set than Pot Of Gold but I didn't feel the angles were as good as Pot Of Gold. I thought the doggie style in this was great but in the missionary I keep hoping your would move the camera angle around and over her more and closer to show her facial reactions more and both her pretty eyes and full face. I hope this makes sense. If you look at the amazing angles you did in Pot Of Gold and compare I think you will see.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The SAO sets are your best sets I think. Closely followed by the blood elf sets. The GameofThrones sets have potential cus of the superb girl as well.

We need more of these!

Time Wanker said...

Nice set. Huge set. Hope it doesn't take you too long to recover from it. Might have to make the cocks a bit smaller for the blow-jobs, though. These poor girls are having to un-hinge their jaws like snakes! ;-) My pref for new sets is always Brettonia Knight or BELF or super-heroes. Like others, I wish you could do Lara -- but when the lawyers ask you not to ... Well, that's probably wise. Maybe you could get Epoch to license Clara to you for a set though. ;-) Keep up the good work, and don't drive yourself nuts!

burnout02urza said...

Do Sinon next!

Rummer Ded said...

Great artworkGr

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