Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vaesark - Nuala

ANOTHER new set from Vaesark! Pure and beautiful Nuala is sent to the unholy temple to appease the demons that lurk within. Bravely she goes, expecting a horrible ritual death! But the demons have other plans... Seduced by their foul lust, she is corrupted mentally and physically, slowly turning into one of them - an insatiable Succubus! It's 60 pics of erotic horror at


SpideySense said...

Girl: 93
Sex: 87
Cock Ferocity: 94
Overall Art: 95
Total Score: 459
!! Each category is scored 1 - 100 in 5 categories. 500 is a perfect score!

Vaesark you are on an epic roll!! This is really astounding art! Love this set. I would say this was your best set but your last one just blew away the entire earth. This girl is incredibly beautiful but your last girl is mouthwatering sexy and hot. I beg of you down on my knees and blood pouring out from my eyes from the devil strain please make the last girl in your last set the Elf Paladin your feature girl for many many many sets and unleash your most savage beasts to rape her to extremes beyond satan's imagination!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously she was hands down your best girl ever created and is in the running for sexiest of all time!!!!!!!

Also your sets are awesome but what would put them over the top is to have them all out extreme rape so we get to see those awesome OOOOO WWWWW ohhahahh faces! DizzyDills and 20 million other boring boring boring boring consenual artists already do the "Hi I'm a girl and I will spread for you and when you penetrate me I will smile just like I had some velvetta shells and creams and say um um good delicious." WTF man seriously I love me some liquid gold but I'll feed my harlot after the hard forced sex you know what I mean!!!?????

Okay i'm buying this!

EVERYBODY BUY THIS! This is two awesome sets in a row for both Mongo Bongo and Vaesark! It's like the epic slam dunk contest between Jordan and Wilkins!!! Who will come out on top!??? Shit this is exciting as hell!

Tantacel said...

Great work from Vaesark again. Any news on the next update MB?

MongoBongo said...

Probably about 3+ days at this point. I keep on putting in extra pic inserts.

Tantacel said...

The normal then : ) - cheers MB

Planetfall said...

Mongo: Really appreciate the details in the last SAO set. Since you've mastered the x-ray overlays, you may want to check out John K. Peta's hentai art (Google or e-hentai)... It's pretty bananas, though it might be an easy bonus perversion to add to your current workflow. Monzetsu Festival and Monzetsu Screamer are particularly depraved. Would be crazy to see in 3D. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Another month without Mongo Art? Get well soon!

MongoBongo said...

You are incorrect sir.

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