Monday, July 21, 2014

Liberty & Justice: Police State

Liberty and Justice surrender freedom in the name of security and end up getting fucked (spoiler!). It's 35 pics of pornographic political commentary at And of course, the set download is free for members for the next month-ish.

More porn and politics. Cuz it's July and all that. Not in time for the 4th, but that's no real shocker. And while the slower pace has been nice for my sanity and piece of mind, I really need to buckle down and get back to the soul-crushing non-stop schedule of before. Ugh.

Eterna by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)


SpideySense said...

At first glance I thought I was going to be disappointed but when I zoomed in on the picture and saw the big pig troops I got very excited! Really appreciate that you kept the girls far away apart so I could zoom in when viewing and focus on Liberty getting pounded. I think Justice would be hot but not being able to see her eyes....I just can’t get any turn on from that. Wish you would have had them pull the blindfold off her eyes so we could see your full awesome facial expressions you do. Obviously the puny human politician really hurt my interest but you again the big hog troops are awesome. Most importantly thank god or the devil or alien force you let the huge hog beasts attack the hottest girl Justice so I will definitely buy this set. If I could pay you more and get a full cake I would have loved to see more pics focused only on Liberty getting pounded even harder by the hog beasts and then bring in a massive hog the size of a dinosaur and then rape Liberty so hard her stomach would bulge because of her womb being full of pig semen and you would show it’s epic thick long and swirly cock whipping her pussy walls and making her orgasm again and again through the pain and intense stretching.
Thanks for the hard work! Two ultra hot blondes in a row. Hope to see a sexy brunette next hopefully Bret Knight or Bronwynne. You made my Monday man!!!! Epic thanks!

Guys if you like this set BUY IT! Buy it! Support this artist!

Awesome Art! Strong Culture Stand.
Girl: Liberty: 90 / (Justice no score due to blindfold ect)
Monsters: 70
Sex: 85 ( Love Forced DP! )
Cock Ferocity: 74
Overall Art: 96
Total Score: 415
!! Each category is scored 1 - 100 in 5 categories. 500 is a perfect score!

Anonymous said...

Nice set, but we should have had more x-ray cumshots

Like after 10, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27 and 28

Anonymous said...

Should have had 7 more internal x ray cumshots. Like after 10, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27 and 28.

Next set I hope we get either a new Legend of Korra set.

If not, then perhaps a Blood elf set, a GameofThrones set or a Bretonnian Knight set.

sumuner said...

Love the set Mongo as always! Personally, given the immense problem on the southern boarder, would have thought L&J would get engulfed in illegal aliens(from mars) but this has certainly made my Monday as well. thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that after SAO: Leafa, this was a huge step backwards.

Hope Leafa returns, and soon

Anonymous said...

You know, something that would completely rock would be if you hired a text writer to write conversation bubbles, or comments from the main actors in the sets. Then add one version without the comments, and one with perhaps. And let the comments perhaps be written a bit away from the action like on Media Lab.A

Anonymous said...

Stupid Scoring 100
15 Year old posts: 100
Condescending feedback :100
People who give a shit: 0
Overall bullshit scale: 100
Total Score: 400


Anonymous said...

I didn't think we'd ever see these two again, and they're actually some of my favorites, so I'm pretty happy.

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot: 100
I write point scores people care about:0
I'm 15 year old: 100
I act like there is more than one point in my post: 100
I use words like condecending to show my condecending attitude more clearly: 100
I never finished high school: 100

Total score: 18000

The Douche

Will Zenn said...

Nice set mongo, as always

Anonymous said...

I love your political commentary. Never have I been worried about the future, but still pitching a tent at the same time

Anonymous said...

Is that agent guy suppose to look like the robot from the matrix.
If so I like it.
Do one with a Mortal Kombat theme

Anonymous said...

Mortal Kombat theme would actually be really great. And if you do, please pick Kitana. Perhaps with Jade as a 2nd girl. But please leave the mouthbands off :)

Anonymous said...

You Mongo Bongo fans are the biggest herd of sheep I've ever seen.
Keep having those low standards.

Oh wait I forgot I'm on Mongo's site now. I have to write something nice or he will cry like a baby.

Mongo you are so wonderful. Every single picture you make is so perfect. You are flawless. You are 100 percent epic in everyway. I can see little love fairies flying out of your asshole and kissing your face. Ohhhh Ohhhh Mongo Bongo you are the bestest in the whole world.

Mongo thinks he is a politican all of sudden. Seriously you make me want to puke Mongo.

I can't stand Mongo's expressions either. They are so pathetic and over the top. Who wants to see a girl forced to have sex? I much prefer a slut and freak in the bed anyday. DizzyDills is the best when it comes to sex art. And the dicks he draws? WTF they are way too fucking ridiculous looking. One other thing I can't stand the X ray shit. It's a lame way to be beyond weird just to get attention. There is nothing sexy about it.

Hey Mongo Bongo before you go and kill your fucking pathetic self from not being able to handle the critic how about you make a real sex set with a nymphomaniac african Halle Berry looking hottie jumping from cock to cock. Everyone knows black girls give the best head and pussy. I will buy that. And you can have an extra ten dollars to eat a decent Mcdonalds meal before you hang your shit asswipe self.

Planetfall said...

Great set, Mongo. The closeups are fantastic and make me wish we had them in all previous sets in hindsight. And I'm fairly certain we'd all be thrilled with more frequent content releases. Kudos, lad.

And thank you, Anonymous, for continuing to provide the least helpful (and now racist) comments on the blog.

MongoBongo said...

I could farm these tears all day. kekekekeke

Glad the rest of you liked it!

Brent said...

Geezzz some people. I don’t agree with anything Anon said. Anon has some serious self esteem issues and it’s a strong bet he dresses up in ladies underwear, puts black face paint on, and then rides a big pink 20 inch long dildo up his gay ass every night while screaming Hail Hilter. And no I’m not a sheep. Mongo hey I think some people are still on cloud nine from last Leafa set and are not wanting to tell it straight up. Hey with your Leafa set you pretty much blew everyone’s mind. Other than some of the angles of that set seeming to be a bit off kilter awkward I thought it was amazing. That said hey no doubt about it this set was definitely a step backward as another fan wrote. Leafa was so hot how could you find a girl to rival that for your next set? I will admit I didn’t buy this liberty and justice set mainly because the flag colors and government police state background honestly hurt my eyes and distracted from the hard sex not to mention I don’t get into sets with two girls. I appreciate your effort and the art is great but I was hoping you would really have a strong follow up to the amazing Leafa set. So there you go. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh I see Mongo PM'd his fangirls to come and help him fend off little ole racist me.
Mongo Bongo you are the racist! 99 percent white girls and no darker skined girls? Where are the latinos and asians?
Latino and Asian pussys are more hot and wet than a desert geyser.

Bunch of sheep bahhhing in here walking around in their own shit. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

You sheep should go over to Vaesark's site and see how Mongo Bongo has obviously pissed into his eyes cause he can't see worth a shit no more. He claims Vaesark's new girl he made which looks pretty much disabled is really hot and wonderful. It's pretty damn hilarious. Seriously. Go to Vaesarks site. Mongo Bongo is as blind as you sheep walking around in your own shit knee deep in here because you all think everything is great all the time. Hey Mongo you want me to buy a set check out this super hot girl and make a model based off of her:

Make a set about that busty black whore being a slut with a bunch of cocks and I'll give you my money you bastard. Seriously I'll pay you for that shit. You need some inspiration because lady liberty looks disabled compared to Leafa. You fucking know I'm damn right. You are nodding your head reading this thinking "damn this guy is annoying me but he is right I'd rather fuck Leafa than Liberty and Vaesark's Jill does look like shit."

Yep just admit it Mongo and then you can make that set with the Karin Taylor model and we can have a few beers and all be happy while all the sheep shit themselves all.

Anonymous said...


MongoBongo said...

Never stop frothymouth rageposting! Your desperate tear-filled frustration as you type out your ridiculously long posts fuels my happiness.

MK KI said...

Don't forget Sonya Blade
Those 3 are already dressed like sluts
But 100000x NO to Meleena
That bitch is a boner killer
Put a bag on her then we'll talk

Anonymous said...

Can you believe these guys Mongo?
You put so much time in these with little respect. To you keep up the good work ( and try MK KI's idea for the next set) and to all you spammers as my uncle Terminator says

Anderson said...

Hi Mongo. I enjoyed this set and thank you for making it. I know many are saying your Leafa set was super and it was but I think your best set was Ink and Paint Club. My all time fav girl of yours was Tifa and I'd love to see you bring that model back and just give her a different name as costume and have her engage in some forced beastiality with huge dog faced and knot cock aliens. Also remember the Alice and Troll animated GIFS? Those are like gold to me and if you made a set of a few GIFS with each set I'd gladly pay another 10 bucks for that. Happy Summer to you thanks!

ThatGuyFromTheCommentSection said...

Excellent work as always!!
Btw have ever thought to make a work with some Bleach characters?
You already did one with some Naruto characters, so I thought why the heck not?

Snake said...

I just dont't get it...

1st and last argument as well: You just really have to pay attention to that "nobody" who's writing under Anonymous....

Mongo, every time you respond u just feed him.
Rather spend that energy on your next set and create a big "BOOM".


MongoBongo said...

The whole point of responding to him *IS* to feed him. To get him all riled up and fuming with hatred, furiously pounding his keyboard with another post to show everyone how right he is. It's puerile and petty, I know. And it probably makes me a horrible person. But I do enjoy a good round of troll baiting.

Will Zenn said...

wow, that was entertaining. I think it is troll season in 3DX world


Cassie said...

10 out of 10!
How could I not love this I'm a political science major.
Also just saw a video that screamed Mongo Bongo League Of Legends A New Dawn :

Scene at 2:45 with sexy red head and wild beast would be an epic Mongo Bongo set!

Anonymous said...

Yes Rengar (the beast) could fuck many of the LoL girls. Katarina (the red head) and Ahri (the fluffy tailed girl) is deffinately good candidates :)

Wukong said...

I agree. League of Legend has some really nice Beasts and cute girls. But first thing first. WILDSTAR XD

Anonymous said...

Wow League Of Legends I just saw what no doubt would be the sexiest and most beautiful girl Mongo has ever done! Her sexy cleavage and tummy showing outfit and hair style are so sexy too. Anyone know her name ? I'd buy three sets just to show my appreciation for a Mongo set with this goddess - here she is:

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nidalee...

Anonymous said...

Janna, Ashe and Sivir are also good picks from League of Legends. In addition to Nidalee, Katarina and Ahri who are already mentionned...

Anonymous said...

Or Syndra, or the bunny version of Riven.

Anonymous said...

To get your mind started on League of Legends porn:
Sona and Cho'Gath...

Trond said...

Looking at all the female LoL art, Nidalee might be the sexiest one followed by Ahri:


Ahri (right) (Sona to the left):

Zafo said...

Great set Mongo!
Keep feeding the troll, i enjoy it allot :)
Actully im working on a set with Ahri girl but its on hold rigth now due commissions.
I must get back to it ASAP.

Cassie said...

Yes Nidalle looks to be the most beautiful. Check out this hardcore LOL comic and just imagine if Mongo Bongo did his own version of it ! So HAWT :

Spud said...

Well I know I dreamin' but I really hope Mongo has a set out this weekend like he always used to have a set at the beginning of each month. Heck even if it was just like ten bonus pics of either Jessica Rabbit or Brettonia knight getting pounded by some huge demon I'd gladly pay him 20 bucks for it. Just sayin'

nummer7 said...

Nice set, as ever. Would you mind adding more x-ray cumshots? Would be fantastic :)

Zafo said...

Jeez why wont you post mine, mongos and other artists works while you at it.
Artist that made that comix is selling it on his site for 11$ and he damn deservers the money for it and you
just posted a link for it at some pirate site you dumbass!

Anonymous said...

I doubt she meant to do that intentionally. Anyway def hope we get some Mongo action this weekend and I'll def she'll out money for it. FYI to buy that artists lol comics his site is:

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