Sunday, August 3, 2014

WarCraft: Maid Service

Another set of our favorite dysfunctional Warcraft family. This time with the Tauren punishing his conniving slutty Draenei Maid just the way she likes to be. It's 31 pics of grindy MMO goodness at And members get the set download for free for the next month, as always.

So a bit bummed on this set. REALLY wanted to get it done on Thursday. Finished everything but the X-Rays, but didn't quite make it. So ended up adding in the last pic as well - which was a PC killer. Seriously waaayy too many figures. But it got done. And that makes me happy. In fact it was an amazingly productive week. Had like zero piracy to deal with. Which was super awesome, and definitely appreciate. Kept me pumped and energized to jump back in and make moar pr0n! Win, win!

And in other news, Stone-Sorceress had it's grand opening yesterday! "Who the fuck is that?!" you ask? It's some of the animators that brought us Vizivius. And they do some pretty amazing stuff. You may have seen them over at Deviant Art. Well now they have their own site so they can show off their more explicit content. It's all about sexy redhead sorceress Sara and her hulking Stone Golem protecting the land by fucking monsters out of existence. Because that's how all sexy sorceresses should handle problems. So cruise by and check it out! It's good stuff!

Oh, also DAZ3D is having a massive sale on a bunch of it's V4/M4 stuff. So if you are being a Luddite like me and sticking with archaic old-skool models instead of conforming to the new world order and using Genesis... then you might wanna take a look. It's like 80% off, which is sure to make you kinda annoyed if you bought it at the normal price.

Alice 3.0 by Aery Soul (see Aeon Soul for similar)
Sumire Hair A3 by Yamato (seems his old site closed down)


SpideySense said...

I about flipped out excited and was like omg looks like one of the best ever from mongo but shit I can’t lie. I was like freaking 2 seconds from buying this when I took a look and was like shit I must be on acid or someone must be pouring diesel fuel fumes into the lounge here. From the waist up that girl is hot man but hey like on First Take with Steven A Smith “brother I can’t lie to another brother I gots to tell it like it is”
The hooves and cow legs just I can’t write no words about that man I just would not procreate with that girl man. I don’t know what that is all about but your artwork is incredible as always but damn hell I wish someone would have paid you anything to put Bretonnia Knight in there or some other of your hotties. Awesome art and love the huge monster but brother I don’t know what those hoof cow legs are all about. I used to work on a farm and man even if I was desperate I would not screw no cow. Anyway I don’t know what’s going on but thanks for the effort.

Girl: 30 (from waist up pretty hot but holy shit man her legs god no I can’t eat for a week I think now)
Monster: 73
Sex: 70
Cock Ferocity: 64
Overall Art: 92
Total Score: 329
!! Each category is scored 1 - 100 in 5 categories. 500 is a perfect score!

Anonymous said...

Stupid Scoring 100
People who still give a shit: 0
Overall bullshit scale: 100
Total Score: 200

Still a Douche

Great set Mongo Bongo - more of the sluts for Tauren please!

Anonymous said...

Clooves and overly pale skin is a slight turnoff. Otherwise a great scene!

Great family drama as you say :)

Need conversation text though!

Taylor said...

If Mynxie or one of your beauties were in this I would have been interested but the animal tale and horse feet are a gigantic turn off on an epic scale sorry.....

Reshy Poo said...

Evidently those unaccustomed to WoW races are finding your draenei's lower half less than appealing, so I just wanted to chime in and say that it's probably due more to the space-goat concept than the girl herself, as your draenei looks excellent (even if she isn't the more typical sexy shade of blue i find myself rather fond of)

Old Boy said...

Holy shit! How do you know its my brithday! Love the Set. Its perfect. And the last Picture,.... sweet we got more players. Night elve at the wall, more blood elve and a druide i guess at the window.


CowPie said...

Thought you were making a comeback with that great Leafa set but hell was I wrong - Mongo don't think u got to worry about anybody pirating this set because I've seen piles of shit that are more appealing. This definitely is your worst set of the year and damn I think it is probably the worst you've ever done. I've got a hot gf to suck my fat dick so I don't give a shit when you make some abomination like this but I do feel bad for your members who only have jerking off to look forward to. Good luck jerking to two cows fucking - shit you can see that in any ole farm backyard and it ain't pretty. Out of all the artists out there you were always my fav to check out but damn after this I literally wanted to vomit this was so fucked up. I root for you to make a comeback after this but the question I ask myself is should I? Did this artist do this just to say fuck you to everyone? I'm pretty sure you don't give a fuck about anything but man if you are serious about hot art and want the cash stay strong and draw any fucked up demon creature for sure but damn man put a girl in there that actually looks like a girl and is sexy. And for all you members I'm reading here I know most all of you are fucking pissed mongo just shit on you and you'll cancel your membership but hey don't completely give up on this guy. Check back in in a few months cuz he usually has something good once in a while and when he does buy the set and support him so maybe he can see what brings the cash and make a comeback. Jesus Christ this was just sad to see. Shit

MongoBongo said...

Cool story bros! Please tell me MORE about how the things I like suck ass. It will make me so much more inclined to follow your advice! *eyeroll*

It never ceases to amaze me how people think that the work I produce must conform to their whims. I make what I like. If you like it, that's great! If you don't, then don't buy it. Simple as that. Whining and nerd-raging like a little entitled bitch isn't gonna change that though. Just saying.

Gerald Hartman said...

What I like is the high quality work. Taste is per individual. I love some like others. Non of it is bad. I was wondering when we will get to see Ensign Jenny and the ship's doc and maybe a few of it's friends.

Anonymous said...

The hooves don't bother me in the slightest, but I still had some trouble getting into this one, for some reason. I almost feel like it's too... vanilla? The internet's endless supply of fetish material has jaded me, I guess.

Mongo Please Read !! said...

Fuck I just got into a fuckimg madhouse rage war IM session with like 15 asswipes ripping mongo apart. I can't tell if they are just haters or members of mongo. I dunno but hell people way to kick a guy when he's down. Yeah this set is terrible but keep it to yourself if you ain't got something good to say but don't crucify the poor guy mongo. From reading his posts he just makes art for himself and not for you pieces of shit! Leave mongo alone you sad bitches! If mongo wanted yiur money and admiration he would make a set like ink and paint or gryphon every week but he doesn't want your filthy money! Fuck you haters! This site is just for an artist to showcase his work and what he likes! Go mongo! I hope you stick it to these piles of shit who cry and beg for a hot girl to be violated by one of your beasts! Mongo please follow your guts man and make your next set all out furry! Make the girl have a deer face and snout and hoof legs and just go all out and show who you are ! Be the artist you are ! Don't give these fucks what they want! Make them feel pain and make yourself feel like a fucking god! I can't wait to see what Mongo does next because this artist deserves to do what he likes and god it will be awesome to see him shove your wishes up your ass! Seriously mongo I say make a female Tauren and have it fucked hard by a real bull! Watch these bitches cry then! Haha! You people should be ashamed trying to bribe am artist to do what you want! Mongo could give a shit less about your money or membership ! This is art baby! Individual expression of the soul! I make art too and I would never sell it because I don't believe in currency or the masses! Fuck the system ! Be who you are ! Express yourself and live! Take em down Mongo ! Fuck these bastards and make them feel your power ! I know it's scary but you just took the first step to freedom! Go all the way now! Crush all these people! Do it! God this is so fucking amazing to see an artist liberated! All glory to Satan and fuck the Christian system! Fill the steers with blood mongo ! Make it rain raw flesh and ground bone! Satan Reigns!

Anonymous said...

Make pls better breasts..(no silikone)

Time Wanker said...

I was going to make a light-hearted jest about the minotaur getting a cock transplant since last we saw him, but -- Yow! With some of the other comments, I'm afraid it might be taken the wrong way. This is another good set, and I like following the way your mind wanders from one character and situation to another. Never grow stale! I can never have enough BELF (sadly just briefly in this), or Brettonia Knight -- but the rest are always fun, too.

I half expected to see the maid's head on a pike at the end of this, but it appears that the Master of the House, his bullishness, is a fan of the ol' double standard. No wonder the lovely BELF keeps stepping out on him!

(And, seriously, you might want to put an approval step into the feedback. Constructive criticism is fine, but some of these naysayers just drag down the whole level of conversation and bum me out.)

Can't wait to see what's next! More Knight? More Gwendy? Keep following your Muse!

Anonymous said...

Please give us a belf next time. Either main belf, or that new one by the table in the last picture.

You could start off by having a dryad killing her belf male fiance before taking advantage of her. And then a unicorn could enter the scene after having impaled the dryad with his horn. And let her allways love the new lover more than the last, having her add to the kill just like leafa did. It would be great!

Anonymous said...

Or even better, let the unicorn kill the belf guy, and the dryad last. Just because he's got 2 dicks. Whick is allways better. That way she could blow one and get fucked by the other one.

Anonymous said...

Or how about you make the Tauren kill off the belf guy, to then fuck the new belf blonde.

But after some fucking the Centaur comes in and kills the Tauren while the main belf chick is jumping up and down clapping. After that both the belf chicks starts fucking the Centaur at the same time.

Clearly the Centaur should be the new king of the house! And he should take 2 wives, making lots of small centaur children who kills off the little ugly half taurens!

Anonymous said...

2 dicks = 2 belf wives = better then a 1 dicked lame tauren.

After all, you rock MongoBongo!
So I know you can do it!

Jaxstona said...

worst mongo bongo set ever

Maid Lover said...

Wow that is so bad aber that set? I love it. Because i love maid service. Í guess you cant have 100% there are always people who dont like something about your work

Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone hates the cloves and distorted looking legs and yeah that's pretty disgusting but what I thought was the sickest was the tail because to me that looks like part of her intestine coming out of her as or a rat or something - I'm generally a fan of this guy but this really left a bad taste in my mouth like seeing a heap of roadkill.

Seph Harrison said...

Over all, i'm going to give this a thumbs up, i do like a draeni girl, though i'm used to them being blue, so no complaints on her. And big cocks, what can i say but yum.
But, i do have one complaint, why can't people get more imaginative on big cocks, why does it always have to be a horse cock? Bulls are just as well endowed as horses, and seeing an accurate bull cock (smoothly tapered rather than bluntly crowned) would be nice. Sometimes a rapier is more fun than a club.

But, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Or even better, make it an Elephant dick. They tend to be big enough at least.(1 meter) :)

MongoBongo said...

@Seph - Well we are constrained by the models that are available. And that horse cock tends to be the best one out there, so we all end up using it. If you are a badass modeller and can whip up a good bull cock model, then by all means send it to me and I'll use it!

And I hear peeps like Cloven Hooves and Goat Legs! So already got two more sets planned with them! *cry moar!* VoV

Satan Reigns said...

Mongo yes! Destroy all crush all these people here and go all out furry with all your next sets! From this point forward kill all Christian pleas for the pure lady and give them bloody enemas from hell's bowels! Continue to worship Lucifer as the strongest of is do and you will find your path! Another idea for a set worthy of Great Satan would be a sacrificial female goat chained to an alter and pummeled anally by a hell horse with barb wire around its cock set on flames! Christians are the cancer of Earth and I pray to Lucifer that Mongo's work will bring deep suffering and painful suicide to these cock suckers of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ fucking die and burn you holy fucking whore bitch faggot cunt! Mongo make your art so fucking evil and beautifully rancid with mutilated animal genitals that the flesh of shit eating Jesus Christs spirit and skin melt off his body! Satan Reigns!

666 said...

Fire to the Church!
Death to the Jews!
Say it till your tounge turns blue!

Strap the goat to the altar
Fuck it's shitty asshole till it bleeds
Shove a Christian child up its cunt
Rip out her eyes and burn it to its knees!

Planetfall said...

Horsecock, bullcock, dogcock...all well and good. I'd like to submit my request for more detailed ovaries please. The X-rays are wonderful but they always feel just kind of mashed up, and every penis goes straight through to the end in one swoop. No "bonus rooms" or struggle required. *sad emoji*

Eduardo Eldaron said...

este artista le gustan las mujeres peludas con axilas peludas. este artista me da ganas de vomitar en mi inodoro. este hombre retrasado no conseguir mi dinero nunca más! Maldigo este fabricante de chica peluda. este hombre enciende pies de las mujeres en las piernas de la cabra! el diablo tiene patas de cabra! este artista culto Hilter y Satanás el diablo.

Anonymous said...

Whoever tore down the poster of Mongo's Princess Peach in the Hall is a fucking asshole bitch.

Rom Ved said...

I hope you make a set for the ninja turtles in the future) it is great stuff, I think. Thank you for your work. Mongo you are the best;)

Shmaded said...

Thanks for this set. I have been waiting for this since Vaesark almost did one like 3 years ago.

Keep feeding the trolls and I will continue to get a good chuckle from this tread.

Love your work.

Anonymous said...

Mongo Bongo,

I generally enjoy your art and I know you just made this set to make all the people mad who ask things of you but it's unfortunate for those of us who do appreciate your art and look forward to a good hardcore scene. I didn't buy this set obviously because it was intended as a turn off with all the disfigurement of the maids body and all but I do hope you got your anger at people out with this set and that you make another set like my favorite along with many other fans here: Ink and Paint. Thanks.

MongoBongo said...

@Rom Ved - Ummm....'kay, I'll work on that. :-)

Didi Solomon said...

I meant to post this earlier but, you know, swamped with the Stone Sorceress Patreon launch and all... Thank you SO MUCH for plugging our work! Despite the tricks and traps of trying to get everything working just the way we want, we're having a great time and looking forward to getting better and better as we go. (Not that we're not already pretty awesome! ;-) )

And I wouldn't worry about the naysayers too much, if I were you. Your work is uniformly fab, and I bet it'll stay that way. (Very glad you've kicked out the anonymoose commenters, too. Who needs them bulling around the house?!)

Again, thanks so much for the support. We luv ya and wish you all the success in the world!

-- Didi Solomn (from Stone Sorceress and

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