Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vaesark - Elf Paladin & Minotaur

A new FREEBIE set from Vaesark. Cuz he's just plain awesome that way. A sexy waifish elven paladin allows a brutish minotaur to have it's rough and brutal way with her. It's 20 pics of hardcore fantasy fun at And only members get the download for free, cuz they are also just plain awesome that way!


SpideySense said...


You have just showcased your greatest work! That is by far your hottest girl and one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen in my life! Damn it don't get any better than this! That babe has perfect hot long legs, a tight pussy, absolutely luscious perfect natural round soft mouthwatering breasts and a hot doll face that will melt ice.
Please for the love of god or the devil or whatever alien beings are out there make more!! I would pay top dollar for this set!
Absolutely stunning work. I'm seriously shocked. I never expected something this. This is pure gold.

Standing ovation! 10 Stars! Unfuckingbelievable! Only thing that would make this the greatest of all time history would be if you made that ultra hottie more innocent so she was really struggling with that massive shaft and making taylor swift O Faces all over the place. Hope we can look forward to seeing that in your next set. Goddamn this is gold. Pure fucking gold.

Anonymous said...

More freebies for my collection, you gotta love him

Planetfall said...

I have to agree with Spidey. Vaesark, this is easily your hottest set ever. Your girl elf is smoking hot. It's not only the outfit (which rules BTW), but I can see you are really focusing on facial expressions, which is awesome. Same reason we all fall in love with MB's work. The girl's reactions are everything. Keep it up, I'm becoming a superfan!

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