Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zen - Chronicles of Dun'Ragon - Part 2

New set from Zen! The continuing adventures of Fae'aria and her well-hung orc lover. Captured last chapter by the Elven Guard, they are taken to the Stormwood Court where we are introduced to a bevy of luscious new characters. The insatiable redhead Queen Izora. Her proud Herald, the green-haired Lady Nyssia. And the dusky Drow slave Naria. All of whom end up moaning and gasping as they are filled with hard throbbing cock. It's 170 pics of epic fantasy erotica at So check it out now!

And yes, I do have a new set coming. This month even! And it is a large one. Just been annoyed as fuck at the idiot spammers and the pirates (Hibbli's set was ripped within 12 hours - not fucking cool bitches). So yeah, it's kinda sapped my urge to create. But whatever. New set Monday or Tuesday. And a Vaesark freebie set tomorrow.


SpideySense said...

OMFG Thank GOD! Or the devil or whatever aliens or omniscient beingss are running this shit.

Number One. Thank freaking god Mongo you are alright. I seriously thought something might have happened. Yeah I don't know you or shit but I still got strong respect for all the hard work you've put in through the years and all the shots in the arm you've giving me with your work.

Number Two: BREAKING NEWS! Mongo Bongo! Picture just found of head of spammer pirates:

I'm beyond bummed that we haven't had a set from you in so long. Sure the other artists are good but come on now everyone knows deep down you are the Michael Jordan of 3D erotica art right? They are all working their asses off to get to your level which is epic to witness. Zens new sets coming with Carina and his new girl looks unfuckingbelievable hot. And yeah that's pure bullshit for people ripping art and not paying for it. I buy your slam dunk hardcore best sets, have never ripped your shit, and you got my word bro if your next set this month is half as good as the jessica rabbit one I'll buy that sucker too. I've been hoping for a Gwen VS a huge Spider sex epic for a while so if that isn't next I sure hope it's in the queue. So please don't let the bullshit get you down. Fuck you pieces of shit ripping Mongo's stuff. See what you did you fucking goddamn infantile piles of flaming horse shit! Fuck I want so bad to Steven Segal arm snap leg break and then cock ball crush your pathetic souls to hell. Fuckin wake up and see what you did. Buy the sets you like. Especially Mongo Bongo Jesus Fucking H Christ! You just fucked everyone over including yourselves this month. Nice job Short Bus Riders!

Number Three: Stay strong man. Seriously man you are so above the bullshit of the world. I look forward to your new set and EVERYONE READING THIS BUY MONGO'S SET! Give this guy a boost so we don't have to go through this dry spell again. Fuck I wish I had more money and wasn't in college debt I would send you a fucking load of cash man. Maybe in the future I can get shit together and then pay it forward to you. I'll keep working on it. Anyone out there with money and a brain send this guy money for fucks sake he deserves it.

Mongo Bongo Sets you MUST BUY that were epic gold this year if you haven't already:

!. Jessica Rabbit Ink And Paint Club
2: Bretonnia Knight: The Gryphon
3: Bronwynne - Pot o' Gold
4. Resident Evil: Valentine's Day III
5: Mynxie: Nutcracker

Buy them! They are must haves for your collection! Many more fucking amazing ones from his years past just search through this epic site.

Fan said...

I hate pirates! The most people dont no anything about 3D Art. They dont know how hard it is.
My last 3D picture i made took me 4 days. 3D model took me 3 Days and 1 extra day with photoshop. And it still looks terrible. I am sure you and the others have to work even harder to make such great pictures.
......just look that Zen set..... how the hell did he made thoes pictures?!?!
I have Poser Pro 2014,DAZ Studio 4.6 and Photoshop CS6. But thoes Programms are useless if you dont have the skill :-(
I can understand why you are pissed. You worked so hard and then someone just rip it away. Fuck thoes idiots!

Anonymous said...

New Mongo set, w00t!

Keep it up man, it's great when you're creating (not to take anything away from the other artists you're helping out), and try not to let the scumbags get you down.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just a little longer and maybe for a new set you could use the new game Evolve, just a suggestion. Plus, you may want to get that computer looked at if it takes this long.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday isn't "this month"

Anonymous said...

People who actually pay for the membership is getting robbed as well. Why pay for a monthly membership when there is no updates from the host

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