Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vaesark - Nari

Vaesark, the old school master of monstersex pr0n, debuts with his first set on the site! Yay! Featuring Nari, one of his classically waifish hotties, getting serviced hard from her various monstrous lovers. It's 40 pics of true monstrous mastery over at www.mongo-bongo-art.com. And remember all sales go directly to the artist!


Tantacel said...

In before captain spamfuck gets going. Nice to see a Vaesark set on the site. Always liked his stuff. And on your last GOT set, very good, very much enjoyed it ;)

Any chance of a members feedback in the members area MB? Nice to be able to feedback without certain fuckwits spamming bollocks

MongoBongo said...

Well thnx, appreciate the comment. And yeah, Vaesark rocks!

Little known fact - his blog is what inspired me to start my own and eventually set me down the path of this peculiar career. Loved his blonde elf and unicorns set!

Zafo said...

Holy shit! Vaesark here?!
He was the person that got me into this buisness allso, but he went by difrent name back then.
Im so glad he joined us :)
Welcome aboard man!
Let me know if you want eny of my sets for free download :)

Anonymous said...

vaesark inspired all of us : )

Miguel said...

Cheers to Vaesark! I just wish he would have used one of his beautiful human girls like Mongo Bongo instead of a stone looking elf.
Good work.

Baby Bubbles said...

This could have been one of the best sets. I love the thick muscled demon dog and the huge troll and the girl is beautiful but her skin looks like wet concrete. Trust me I worked in it for 4 years. See Tom Hardy's new movie and you will understand. Great work nontheless.

Don't know why he didn't use his hottest human girl the one from his set inter-species sex set. My favorite thing about Vaesark is that every picture is a keeper generally. No unnecessary shots of the background and fodder.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Yeah the girl could have had longer hair maybe and the color is off but it's a work of art. And it's subtle enough to where you can at least imagine the girl is getting raped like I like most about Mongo's O mouth expressions.

In a perfect world you have have Hibbli's Elayne With Mongo's expressions raped by Mongo's huge monsters with Vaesark's huge cock art and Vaesark's use of packing sex into every pic.

MongoBongo said...

And thus Ben begins his spammy work... Joy.

LittleBo PeepCo said...

Mongo my heart jumped when I came to your site and I saw the new picture on your front page! Ahhh

I was excited to see this new set but I wish it was from you. Thanks for sharing you big stud!

Can't wait till your next set. I know it will be something special as always.

Anonymous said...

It's Benjamin. But you can call me whatever you want. I was named after Sisko on DS9. You are the motherfucking man Mongo Bongo. I will always support you till my dying day which is coming soon that's why I was hoping to get some of your best work before I leave this godforsaken place and even then in the ever realms I will support you still.

Take care brother.

Anonymous said...

Haha, always love to see Vaesark work. He was the first one to CG ify K'rikka for me. Then it was you! Someday I need to see if Zzomp will render her in his style.

Dante, The Dark Prince said...

Are we gonna see any more of that hot little Assassin's Creed number you made a while back?

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