Monday, May 12, 2014

Hibbli - Knight Elayne Bundle

Yet another new artist! Hibbli has started putting things up on the site. Starting with with his fantastic story of Knight Elayne seduced by demons while investigating The Old Chapel. The story comes in super hi-rez PDF format with additional bonus pics, for a total of 104 images of fantasy fun at All that for only $8! And of course all sales go directly to the artist!

And it's long past time for a movie review. Which is of course the ONLY reason you visit this blog. I mean the pr0n is nice and all, but if it weren't for getting to read my opinions about random shit you'd never bother coming here. Right? 'Course! So Spidey-2.... Not totally enthused by this one. It was an okay movie, it just... well... it's was just "okay". Alot of it probably had to do with the schmuck playing Parker and how they portrayed the character. Just don't buy him as Peter Parker. He's supposed to be a science nerd turned super-hero, not some goofy skate-boarding douchebag. And hate to say it, but think Tobey Maguire did a better Parker. So over-looking that assclown, let's get to the rest of the movie...

The whole plotline seemed a bit jumbled. They spend a ridiculous amount of time developing the Electro character, but in the end he's just a side character. Cuz in the last third of the movie, BOOM! here's Harry Osborn the Green Goblin, aka main villain of the film. So yeah. That was just weird. And of course, there's ALOT of time spent with the whole Gwen Stacey relationship thing. Which is important to the story, no doubt. It's just that they way they played it, it felt more like I dropped a few bucks to go see a romance comedy/drama (which tbh is NOT something I generally spend money on). I guess they were using that as Parker's eternal struggle between balancing real life and being Spiderman. Except that it never seemed he had a life outside of being an emo Gwen-stalker and doing the Spiderman thing. I mean supposedly he's a college student, but I don't recall him going to school or even studying. He was just a sobby faggot and then went web-swinging. Meh.

The villains were just "meh" as well. Jamie Foxx isn't a very good actor to begin with. Combine that with the drastic re-imagining of the Electro character and it just kinda fell flat. Didn't do nearly as well as they did with Nick Fury / Samuel L. Jackson (though in that case, he did have the benefit of the Ultimate Marvel storyline). But overall Foxx/Electro was just a crappy side character. Nerdy guy becomes always angry super-villain. Didn't work for me. And then Green Goblin was just... well he was just suddenly there. First he's Tobey Maguire's evil twin, and then with some mussed-up hair he's The Green Goblin. And he's always inexplicably angry too.

But other than that, the special effects were pretty cool. Great camera work. So that was nice. And the big important thing.... they didn't pussy out. Was totally expecting them to bitch out and do the happy ending. Nope. They stayed true to the story. And for me, that made it go from a crap movie to an okay one. So yay! Will obviously have to do another Spidey set sometime soon-ish.


SpideySense said...

Great review Mongo! Agree all the way.SPIDERMAN SPOILER WARNING: Don't read if not seen the movie.
Man Mongo I about lost it when Gwen fell and Spiderman was reaching out for her and I was like yeah he's gonna save her in the nick of time and smack! I was like WTFH!! I actually cried. Seriously. Did that shock you? I even heard people in the theatre gasping all together when it happened you could hear a pin drop.
Also got my fingers crossed that you keep Gwen Stacy alive and let a huge spider jump on her and pump her full of eggs since you said you will do a Spiderman set soon. Can't wait for that! Thanks

Time Wanker said...

Hey, does the Hibbli set come with versions of the pics that _don't_ have words on 'em? Story's fine, but I like to see the pure art, too.

Planetfall said...

I second SpideySense's comments. I'd kill for another Gwen Stacy set. Make the villain really perverse like you did with Lizard (shock therapy, anyone?). Doc Oc was a bit normal for me, though the extras limbs did help.

Anonymous said...

i always provide all pictures in highres, the (timeconsuming to create) story pdf is just a bonus :)

Zafo said...

I agree in spiedrman thingy.
In my opinion new one was made jsut to apeal to hipsters.
I liked prevoius Peter way more then this...."thing".

Allso great set Hibbli.

turias said...

FOR A GIRL IRL, ELAYNE IS OK. but for digital porn she is quite ugly. the story was better than most for sure but kinda chaotic and difficult in some areas. but I enjoyed the story way more than the images. it would have been better for me if somewhere in the story they recognized her ugliness and said she allowed these beasts cuz no other human would fuck her or something. way more realistsic, but I still look for ward to more from them in the future

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