Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Zen - Hard Lesson

Because the updates just never stop! A great new set from Zen. With some steamy futa fun in the girl's locker room. It's 65 pics of hard girl's school lessons at So check it out now!

And in more Wildstar news, they are currently in Open Beta. So you can download and play it before actually shelling out the cash to buy it. I've been playing it for awhile, and gotta say I really like it. It's definitely not easy-mode MMO. You don't walk up and face-tank things until they die. You actually gotta put in some effort at avoiding attacks, staying aware of your surroundings, and using good judgement. So needless to say, it's not for everybody. But I like it. Obviously.

Tried every class so far, and they're all decent in their own way and cater to particular play-styles. Spellslinger was my first character (like everybody else). But we'll get to that one later.

Esper was my second - it's your standard stationary turret caster. Light armor, high damage, long range, does DPS or Heals. It was fun, but I found that the lack of mobility (need to be stationary for many spells) a bit of a drawback. Hits really hard, some decent CC, and has a good Taunt summon - but can get overwhelmed easily if you screw up. And being my second class, that happened alot.

Then tried the Medic. Good DPS, medium armor, mid/short range, highly mobile, DoTs, also DPS/Heals. Was FotM right before I tried it, and then it got nerfed a bit. Wasn't too keen on it at the time. Was a bit too close to beasties and didn't seem to hit hard enough. Was still getting used to the game though, so I sucked more then than I do now (though I still kinda suck *sad*). If you are good a twitch gameplay, and have a gaming mouse to handle the abilities, then it's probably a damn good class.

So did the Engineer next. Heavy armor, decent DPS, Pets, DPS/Tank, mid/long range, mobile but spool-up on most abilities. I liked the class itself alot. Did seems a bit squishy for Heavy Armor while in DPS mode, but that might also have been cuz of the shitty Pet AI (they still need some work there). The Bots are huge aggro magnets that pull in nearby mobs, so you end up chaining mobs until they finally kill you. So that part really sucked. If/when they fix the Bot AI, I'll probably give it a shot again.

So was time to try a new class again. All that was left was melee classes, which I tend NOT to like. But gave Stalker a try anyway... ZOMG fukkin awesome! HUGE HUGE HUGE burst damage, medium armor, Stealth, great GTFO abilities, instant cast attacks. Somewhat squishy and can't stick in tough fights - but that's why you got the GTFO abilities. Ended up being my fave class by far.

All that was left then was the Warrior. Typical DPS/Tank, melee, heavy armor, quickest cooldown on Stun attack. By this time I had basic gameplay fairly well dialed in. Knew how to stack the attacks, when to pop the CCs, etc. And figured that being melee the DPS would be good. And it was for the first 20 levels. After that it just kinda turns to shit. Critters start pushing you away with AoE telegraphs, or start jumping up into the air where you can't hit them - your energy meter drops, and you can't use special abilities when you can get back into range. On top of that, in DPS stance it still seemed kinda squishy. So was not enamored at all by the class.

After that was back to Spellslinger again. Now that I knew the game better, could use the class properly. It's light armor, long-range, high damage, good mobility, can do DPS or Heals. Has decent GTFO ability, and quite a few CC abilities. Overall it's a good class - I like it. It's like a long-range Stalker without the Stealth. But if beasties get up on you, you're in for a world of hurt (beware the Chompacabra!).

So yeah, that was my experience with classes. Oh and as a general note on factions. Most porn-viewing gamers would be drawn to the Dominion side cuz they are like all Ebil and shit. Which seems like a no-brainer - I mean on the Exile side you've got the choice of being a Pet Rock, a Space Zombie, a Homeless Person, or a Cat-Girl (which is fine) / Squirrel-fag slave-boy (which is NOT fine) - fuck that shit, right? While the Dominions has got Space Nazis, Devil/Cat/Wolf/Dragon monsters, Sexy Mecha Robots, and Psychotic Cannibal Hamsters. Choice seems obvious. Sadly the intro story on the Dominion side is utter shit. You start with that and you'll quit the game. Boring as fuck. Wasn't until level 20 that the storyline became interesting on Dominion side. Whereas Exile story starts out hard and fast, constant action and fun. You can end up going to Space Texas (Galeras) or Furry Elf-land (Everstar Grove) as starting zones, both of which are pretty good. So though it may be against your better judgement - go Exile. Being a Homeless Person ain't THAT bad.


Anonymous said...

Why is this abomination?

Starlord said...

You should really make a Wildstar set. A Aurin and some Granok or thats gonna be sweet. Yep i really like the rabbit Aurins.

A set with a Cassianer who get what she deservs is also nice. I hate them. Too arrogant and proud.

I take tryed Spellslinger. Really nice but i like to play someone with more AOE dmg. So i play Esper because they have a lot AOE. Medic also attack more enemies but the range.....its allmost melee attack range.

Faro09 said...

I tried the game during this past beta weekend. I originally signed up for beta ages ago, but only received a key fairly recently. I still input a code when asked even though this was open beta. The game wasn't bad. I only tried Medic as Cassian. >.> I suppose I'll get called uncreative again for choosing a human race, but whatever. I agree, a good mmo mouse would have come in handy for the class. I didn't quite get to a point where I was supporting people though, might have gone horribly. Anyway, it's an interesting mmo. The combat is very different and pretty much has you active all the time. I like targetable abilities more than the telegraphs, but it was an interesting spin on the combat I also loved having my little robot scan things and stuff. I might give it another chance if they have another beta.

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