Monday, May 19, 2014

Caleigh - Union Cavalry

US Marshall Caleigh McClintock tries to save Squaw Girl from the depredations of some uncouth Cavalry soldiers.... with predictable results. It's 21 pics of accurate western history at And of course, members get the download free for the next month or so.

Welp. Totally intended to post this up on Friday. But instead decided to get the stomach flu on Thursday and have spent the last 4 days feeling like utter shit (no pun intended). So yeah. That was alot of fun. Still not feeling 100%, but at least I can make it into the "studio" (ie. rented office) rather than being house bound. So that's a plus I guess. Enjoy. I'm gonna go get a bit more rest.

Hr-030 by Ali (no longer available?)
Wildy by Aery Soul (no longer available - see Aeon Soul for similar)


Time Wanker said...

Nice set. (Nice set the other guys are posting, too.) Caliegh and the Native American Girl(s) are always fun to see. Would have liked a closer view of their "good bits" on the DP shots, but, hey, there's always next time. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Caleigh was the reason I joined in the first place! Always one of my faves, glad to see her back. I'll be re-joining soon. (Btw I really only dropped membership because my credit card expired and Im a lazy fuck who didn't renew.)
Also, do more Caleigh!

Kaylee said...

Lol. Caleigh is one of my favorite girls of yours too. I'm not a member but I just love your bestiality sets. I like monsters too but really get into the wild animals. This is awesome hot art - as always - but I enjoyed your last two Caleigh sets more where she was more of a damsel in distress instead of a slutty type in this one. Also I like your sets best when you have just one girl featured. Two girls just makes me think of all the slutty girls gone wild stuff and I like your dark intimate girl vs beast sets best. Next time can you maybe have Caleigh "giddy up" with a draft horse? They are the largest horses and really powerfully and beautiful beasts. Thanks

turias said...

remind me where we have seen squaw girl before? weren't there corn monsters or something?

Anonymous said...

Christ, Mongo, how many times do you expect me to jerk off in one day? I'm only human.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is my first time posting but I have been a member for a bit and I love this set caleigh is my fav of your girls. I hope you do a set with her that has x-ray one day as I love the x-ray thank you from a very happy customer

Planetfall said...

Yeehaw, you brought back Squaw Girl. Thank you, Mongo, she's a personal fave. I missed the X-rays a bit but not terribly. I agree with Time Wanker on the close-ups, and more "shock and awe" facial reactions (you always nail these with Zelda) are always appreciated. Beautiful renders and get well soon!

SpideySense said...

Hey really hope you feel better Mongo Bongo! Will send positive healing Spidey thoughts your way.

Super art. I agree with Planetfall and others, I really miss when you make the girl vulnerable and innocent and then give them those epic mongo bongo OMG reactions to the huge dongs and I'm not really into sex art that has two girls in it either but I do hope you have a quick recovery and bring back Gwen Stacy to get attacked and pumped full of eggs by a huge spider or by one of your super badass creations.

Congrats on your new studio and wish you a super fast recovery!

Anonymous said...

Great work again!

Caleigh is great, would love to see her is some real 10+ gangbang, with triple anal/vaginal penetrations... some aftermath would be nice as well. Come to think of it, Princess Peach would also be good in this role!

Keep up the good work!

joeannie said...

Nice, historical, educational :)

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