Saturday, April 5, 2014

Zafo - Glamour

A new Zafo set! Yay! The life of a hobo is hard. But it's worth it, cuz they always score the supermodel chicks. I mean think about it. Are you a hobo? No. Do you bang supermodels? No. So you should totally become a homeless vagrant! (And let me know in a few years how that works out for you.) Or instead you can check out 49 pics of super sexy hobo-on-hottie action over at Site member's get 50% off the download price. And remember all sales go directly to the artist!

And the Winter Soldier. Of course. You knew this review was coming. So went to see it Friday afternoon. And. Well. It's about as good as the first Captain America movie. I mean it's not great. It's not terrible. It just sorta is. It's another chapter progressing the plot in the overall Marvel movie-verse. Which is kinda the failing of the movie. It doesn't really stand on it's own. It's like you went to see part of a movie. But at least that part was mildly entertaining, if a bit vague on details. I mean they coulda gone more in-depth on the whole post-WWII conspiracy angle and "how Bucky became the Winter Soldier" thing. Oh, did I spoil that for you? Sorry. You should consider reading more comic books. Everybody else knows that "spoiler". But anyway, for a movie named "The Winter Soldier" they didn't focus much on him at all. Which kinda blows. They were too busy wasting time on Scarlett Johansson.

It was really weird, cuz once again it's like they tried to make her as unappealing as possible. Well right up until the last 20 minutes of the film. At that point it's cleavage shots and make-up. Before that, zilch. Which makes me wonder which scenes were filmed first. Did they film the finale first and then Johansson threw a tantrum because they were sexualizing her historically highly sexual vamp character? Or did they film it last and realize "shit! people are going to find her character dull and unappealing so we better add some tit shots". Perplexing.

But otherwise some fun stuff in there. Lots of drops to tie the whole Marvel universe together. Mentioned Dr Strange! Which was pretty amusing since he's like the last person you'd ever expect to see in a movie (and by "you" I mean "me" - oh and he's gonna get a movie, probably). Also a cute drop on Fury's gravestone. Oh. Spoiler. Again. Fury dies. Sorry. Let's see, what else... Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch drops. Oh and like all recent Marvel movies, stick around until the very end of credits.

Oh, you thought there would only be one movie review? FOOLISH FOOLS! You will be destroyed!!!111oneoneelventy (I really should have been a mad scientist or villainous dictator or something - except their life expectancy sucks). Anyway. So the other day I found out that the highest grossing movie EVER is Frozen. Funny thing is.... I never even fucking heard of it before. No joke. Ok, that's probably not true. I probably heard about it a zillion times, but just tuned it out like I do pretty much all Pixar/Disney movies. Just don't interest me overmuch. But figured if it was so big, should probably be something to be at least socially aware of. So checked it out.

And... well... it's hard to say. I mean it was a fantastically well done movie. Totally fappable. ...For the 3d effects you perverts! Seriously, get your fucking heads out of the gutter! I am pornographer of refinement, taste, and distinction... Oh shut up! You can't judge me! :-P ANYWAY! Had some crazy kickass 3d stuff in there. The icebocks were just zomg amazing *fapfapfap*! (Yeah, imagine if I saw it in the theater, would be kinda awkward.) Incredible expressions and animation. Just fantastic work all around.

The movie and plot itself? Well. Ummm. Grrl Power! From what I've gathered it seems to be a thing with Disney lately (yes "lately" is relative, I'm THAT out of touch with Disney films - I just don't watch them, okay). And actually I'm all for female empowerment. Which may come as a surprise, given my employment of choice. But I'm kinda of fond of women who aren't weeping sacks of self-pity and insecurity. That kinda shit just doesn't do it for me. So if they help future generations of girls grow up to be strong independent women, I'm all for it.

Thing is, not sure if this movie goes about it the right way. It's one thing to show women as capable and awesome in their own right. Quite another to portray them as the only ones capable of doing anything - with guys either extraneous, incompetent, or just down-right evil. That's taking the idiot misogynist caveman mentality and flipping it on it's head. Doesn't do anybody any good. Needs to be the ying/yang thing. Balanced an in harmony. But whatever. This shit has been said a million times over already in varying degrees (yeah, looked it up). Just had to throw in my two cents, since I just saw it.

Oh, and Elsa rocks. Anna is just... ugh.


turias said...

wow...stopped being a fan of zafo ages and ages ago! he has talent but just don't know what to do with it and his story ideas suck....that is until "bounty" bit ago. got excited for him doing something worthwhile for a change, then this shit drops! and I do mean shit! the girl looks great as his usual stuff, but the setting, story and well the guy...shit! why is she there in the first place? why would she even get out of the frikkin car at all there? why does he look like a fucking cadaver? and why would she not barf all over him and run away? total shit! complete and total shit! this comment will probably be deleted cuz im hurtin his feelings or something, but damn, I cannot lie about this shit!
please do the sequel to "bounty", zafo.....holy shit!

Anonymous said...

Frozen is the highest grossing ANIMATED movie, not overall movie.

iberios said...

frozen wasn't bad, I seen worse and I seen better. they had a great opportunity in there to do something special with the story but opted for tradition, oh well. olaf was funny. I would love to see the huge snowman castle guard thing and olaf and the sisters in a set of yours. that would be hot! lol
as for captain America, ive seen it several times already. I wish they wouldn't have built it up so much, then it would've been regarded better, but I di like it a lot. I don't care much for the comics version of him or his costume but I love the movie version! same with the rest I suppose...x-men ironman, batman all seem way more lame in the comics to me, guess that why I stopeed reading them for the most part and just stick with tarot and wonderwoman!

MongoBongo said...

@turias - Well I'm sure Zafo is ever so grateful for your rather constructive opinion. Now go be a good boy and play in traffic.

@Anon - I stand corrected! Like I said, I generally tune that stuff out.

@Iberios - Comics heroes seem way more lame. Two words for you sir... Ben. Affleck. :-P

Zafo said...

Well it saddens me that i lost a fan but i cant pleas evryone.
I agree that im not that great when it comes to story and i will take your opinion into
consideration for my future sets.
Funny thing is that "Bounty" set is 2nd least popular set i made while "glamour" is doing quite well.
I truely hope that you will become my fan agein with my future sets.
Best wishes to you.

You didnt see Frozen?! WTF man!
But i do agree with you on evrything, story was kinda meh... (im the one to talk @turias)
but all the 3D stuff was so sexy! The ice, shaders, character designs,
i wish i could achieve that kinda level using my pizza box PC!

Anonymous said...

Disappointed that you didn't like The Winter Soldier. Disagree strongly about Scarlett Johansson. There wasn't a scene in that movie where I wouldn't plop some baby juice into at least one of her orifices. While I admit there was a distinct lack of rapey-monsters in the movie, I was still hoping for an epic, sexy-time battle between Black Widow and the vaccuum-sealed, leather-bound, re-animated, corpse that used to be called Robert Redford. Alas, 'tis only a dream...

Faro09 said...

I just finished watching Captain America. I agree it's pretty much just another ad for the Avengers, just like the first movie. Whenever I watch these movies now I always ask myself, "Where are the others?" Like Hawkeye or something. I understand the exclusion, being a Captain America movie and all, but it makes total sense to call them in for help. Ironman would have been especially helpful in that movie. Needless to say, this second generation of Marvel movies didn't go too well for me.

I really don't know what to say about Frozen. I watched it for pretty much the same reason. Don't expect any less from Pixar. I will be honest, though, and admit that this movie was one of the reasons why I enrolled into a maya class. That among other things... >.>

As for Zafo. Nice job on the girl. I really like your designs. I'm a huge fan of the whole "grotesque guy having his way with a beautiful girl" theme. I know a lot of people are not in to it, but I definitely am. I guess it stems from my NTR fantasy. Beautiful girl being stolen. It was the same with Mongo's previous set with the princesses. Anyway, keep up the good work. Look forward to your next set.

turias said...

wow, ok, well I stand corrected. its disappointing to here that im one of very few who liked "bounty". every image in there was great and the story had almost no holes in it, very tight, made sense, etc. damn! well iguess there wont be a sequel to it after all...and that's a shame cuz I think it was one of your very best!

VenusKnows said...

I think folks are giving Zafo unnecessary grief. You obviously did not see that sucubis set a while back ;)

On a separate note Mongo I had a dream go through my twisted little mind recently... it involved Groknar screwing the life out of Nova with his manliness and a bloody club . Maybe I need to cut down on the stimulants... moving along...

Looking forward to the next set :)

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