Friday, April 11, 2014

Snack Time!

So since the next set is being a complete pain in the ass with lighting and render times, figured I'd give you some snacks to tide you over. Just some random character concepts and set ideas I've been playing around with. Some recent, some from awhile ago. Obviously the Wildstar stuff is recent. Duh.

And since I've been dicking around with the Wildstar Beta weekends, figured I should probably give you my first impressions of it. The theme is magical space cowboys vs. galactic church nazis with some pirates and ninjas thrown in. Yeah it's very tongue-in-cheek and silly. As far as the game system itself, well.... basically it's a WoW clone with a nifty targeting system. To me, any themepark game is pretty much a WoW clone. It's got the standard leveling system and level cap. Standard structured classes. Standard questing and experience system. Standard level-specific resources & crafting system. And other than the targeting, standard combat system. So yeah. For me it was a bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, silly, entertaining, and definitely playable. I'll definitely be spending some time playing it. I was just kinda hoping for something on the level of EvE (without the douchebaggery). It's nowhere near that level of complexity or detail. But if you liked WoW, then you will like Wildstar. Cuz it's definitely a step up in most regards (gotta give the nod to WoW's depth of lore and story though - but it has been around ALOT longer). Keep in mind though, my Wildstar experience is only up to lvl 17 and is fairly limited. This is only a first impression. Probably a hell of alot more I haven't seen yet.


Anonymous said...

thanks. not into furry or the female animals at all but the blonde beauty you made looks pretty hot.

Faro09 said...

I see you've made a cathar bounty hunter. They implemented those long after I quit playing. Unfortunately I never really had an alien character. I only played 2 characters and they were both male humans. Have been thinking of trying it again so as to finish the other story lines, but haven't quite found the motivation. The imperial agent looks nice though.

I signed up for the Wildstar betas, but never got invite. Q.Q The aurin chick you made has a nice body. Her facial structure looks a little weird though. Maybe it's her eyes. Either way, I look forward to any sets.

iberios said...

IMPERIAL SNIPER IS ESPECIALLY BEAUTIFUL IN THE FACE. MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU USUALLY RENDER AND THATS SAYING ALOT. oops sorry for caps. and ingame im not into the cathar, but your looks great. I wish we could make them that hot ingame! lol
anyway for readers, if playing swtor; I recommend anything but human since we are human and that is a serious lack of creativity, lol, but if your playing an agent, the best way to go is cyborg/human as the story options are different since empire is racist and the best options and doors just open riht up if your cyborg, especially with watcher 2 lol.
anyway if mongo gonna make a set of the sniper, who would be the other? I think the first one should be the zabrak you run into on hutta that knows your secret and you can fuck him not to talk, or the pink twilek dancer the hutt gives while you stay in his good graces, or both! lol

Anon said...

Did u try "the elder scrolls online" ? Or what you think about that game?

And wow that Aurin really is sweet. But somehow she dont look so Aurin. Dont get me wrong its really good but i dont know. Something is missing. Maybe her eye color didnt fit to her clothes color . Or her clothes dont look space - galactic enoug. Or her skin color is to usually ( not violet ) . Or her ears are just not long enoug ( rabbit ear )

But well what do i know. I also never got ainvite Q.Q just like @Faro09

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