Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our slutty video-game princesses go on Spring Break and continue making bad choices in life by hooking up with that Gerudo douchebag from the Jersey shore, Ganondorf. It's 38 pics of Princesses Gone Wild at And members get the set download for free for the next month or so.

So yeah, it's about two years out of fashion but had to work in the Jersey Shore thing. Gerudo... guido... get it? Oh fuck you guys! What do you know about funny anyways?! (j/k) :-P Amusingly enough, I never actually watched the show before. But after doing some research for this set, turns out I didn't miss much. Anyway set had the usual problems the princesses always have - Ambient Occlusion hair artifact nightmare. Woulda been able to avoid it if I had gone with IDL, but didn't want bog down the render time more than I had to. Plus had a few tricks to limit the amount of artifacting, so was pretty manageable. But did end up spending a ridiculous amount of time setting up the scenes for both the pool and hotel room. Couldn't decide which to use at first. Will have to use the pool area for something else in the future!

Oh, and don't use Ganondorf (or anybody else from New Jersey for that matter) as a role model for your life. Just saying.

Also while looking for inspiration I decided to check out Spring Breakers. So instead of reviewing 300: Rise of an Empire, or Hotel Budapest, I'll do a review of this instead.... because it is fucking terrible, and I want to save you the self-inflicted torture. Even smokin hot slutty bitches in bikinis can't save this travesty of a shithole of a film. It's disjointed, random, terribly written, and has constant annoying narration that sounds exactly like a dimwitted co-ed trying to be spiritual. Which I guess *is* appropriate in the context of the film, so kudos for them getting that right I suppose. But still, nobody should have to deal with that more than they already have to during college parties. At first I thought you'd just need some mood altering substances to flow with the movie. But no. It's just a shit movie. Don't see it. Oh and it has Selena Gomez in it. Who is apparently some Hannah Montana derivative from the Disney channel. Actually just had to look that up. And am even now listening to some of her shit on Youtube. It's also bad. EVERYTHING about the movie and the people in it are bad, bad, and bad. Except that they look good in bikinis. :-)



VenusKnows said...

I bet someone felt bottled up inside after that!

Sorry I couldn't resist. Nice idea and wow do those two look stunning :) Lovely work.

Anon said...

Princesses Gone Wild! Absolute love it. Well done once again. I think its my favorite Princesses set till now. XD

Planetfall said...

Okay, I'm only going to say this once on a 3D porn site. God bless you, Mongo. I mean, you put the girls in Converse.
And Zelda tries to get the dude to wear a condom and he refuses. You're... seriously, you're just the best, man. I wish you a long and happy life.

P.S. I almost went cross-eyed reading all the comments on the Bronwynne set. While I prefer our smaller die-hard fan commentaries, I do hope you made a boatload of money off the fly-by-nighters. Mazeltov.

Jenny Poussin said...

everything about this one Mongo I LOVED!!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

"Gerudo Douchebag"

Lol, that's awesome.

Faro09 said...

Good to see the two princesses back at it. I knew you would eventually bring in Ganondorf, I just didn't expect the whole "Jersey Shore" thing. I've never seen the show, or whatever it is you are talking about, but I do like the whole "douche gets the girls" theme. The set stills holds true to the ntr theme I believe. I also like the character sheet you made. Goes a little in-depth with the characters which I like. Great job and hope you make more.

truth said...

oh good! everybody loves the whole awesome princesses in the ghetto thing...again! except me, lol. what is it with you and the ghetto?!? it was great to see them and I like the chnges you made, especially the new lighter nipple color!
I live in florida and am sick of spring breakers, so this was heartbreaking...especially after reading you intentionally went with a jersey shore thing...on purpose! ouch! take that knife outta my ass! lol
I still love you, man!

turias said...

I stopped going to zzomp's site cuz he just does all ghetto stuff now...poor
nova went ghetto too, affect3d is hip deep in ghetto, zen is doing some ghetto thing
longgy starting to look ghetto, and your going ghetto with cherry and now video game princesses?!?
I was hoping their time with ghetto monkeys would be the end of it, but spring break?!?
its too much, I tells ya! why is everything going ghetto?!? the ghetto sucks!

Anonymous said...

In love with the green, as always!

Anonymous said...

Love Princes Peach! My personal favorite. Keep them comming.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you could have 3 vicious looking T-Rex Yoshies ( Red,Blue,and Green) gangbang Peach and Zelda

MongoBongo said...

@Anon - LOL Love it! Will definitely have to keep T-Rex Yoshi in mind.

Sara said...

I also love the idea of the three T-Rex Yoshies. However I must share with you that your artistic scenes are much more intimate and intense when the creatures are unleashed on one girl. My favorite scene of yours is princess peach and the mushroom heads (yes both their LARGE heads - so sexy). When you have two girls in the scene it's a major buzz kill and turn off because 1. The girls have the "security or comfort" of having a buddy along to help them mentally and 2. When it's just one girl pitted against a bunch of males all of the testosterone raging guys can focus all their lust on that one girl and it's so intimately deep, intimate, and wildly sexy. So I hope if and when you do another scene with Princess Peach (who I like most because she looks similar to me and I can imagine myself in that sexy scene...) I hope you have Princess Peach be the only starlet so it turns the heat up to maximum. Lastly I know you like to make her slutty like in Spring Break but it would be amazing to see her will broke by a huge creature or creatures and show her scared innocent and pleading side. Hope you take it all constructively. I'm just a girl who is in love with your incredible art.

Planetfall said...

Sara brings up a good point. The more whorish the girls, the less erotic the scene. That's why I always liked the innocent reactions of Gwen Stacy and Zelda. Peach's attitude of late has been much too comfortable during these gang bangs, almost like she's encouraging them.

Unknown said...

On the 16s picture it looks like something grows out of Zelda's back. It's really weird looking, to be honest both things under her back look weird, it doesn't look like any of it is an arm or leg of Zelda or Peach.

Besides that one picture, this is one of my favorite sets.

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