Sunday, March 9, 2014

Warcraft: Belf & Trolls

Our favorite slutty adulterous Belf is back, and having an extramarital romp with a pair of trolls. It's 30 pics of warcrafty awesomeness only at And members get the set download for free for the next month-ish. Tazdingo!

Right... So this set. Ugh! So the first part went fairly well. Knew it was gonna take awhile since I had to use Indirect Lighting to prevent artifacts in the hair model. So that combined with Subsurface Scattering was gonna take some time. Knew it, planned for it. Got thru the second or third day of rendering and finally accepted that something was off with the renders. There was some sort of weird ass ambient lighting going on in the skin. Noticed it in the Valentine set, but figured it was some sort of side effect of using IBL ambient light. But this set was Indirect Light so was somewhat confused. And that launched a nightmarish week of testing testing and more testing. And after a ridiculous amount of effort and trying every possible combination of light sources and different SSS mechanisms, I finally had the hurr-durr moment. Seems that if there is an Edge Blend node between the SSS node and the Alt Diffuse plug, it decides to create an ambient light effect. Makes absolutely no sense, but that's what happens. So yeah. A week wasted due to sheer stupidity (on either my part or Posers - not sure which). In any case, got it fixed and shouldn't have anymore more "jelly-bean skin" in the future.

And of course a Warcraft set would not be complete without mentioning Blizzard's most recent WoW game. Hearthstone. So it's in free open Beta (ie. "let's release it, but call it Beta so folks can't bitch about bugs") and I played around with a bit. It's a fairly simplistic rip-off of Magic the Gathering. Which has it's pros and cons. Simple means it's easy to learn, but also means it doesn't have a whole lot of depth. So yeah. Personally, I wasn't all to thrilled with the game. After screwing around with it for a few weeks, I found the constructed gameplay to essentially be "pay 2 win", and the Arena gameplay just far too RNG dependent. Now, now, before you start flying off the handle that I have said something adverse about a game you play and therefore have personally insulted you and everything you stand for, please allow me to explain. At the higher levels of constructed (since the game matches you based on your level) most games are decided by the better rares and legendaries. Which makes sense, since Blizzard is in the business of making a profit. Plus I have the sneaking suspicion that if you don't give them money, you end up on the "bottom-deck list" where you have all the cards you need to counter your opponent in your deck, but never seem to draw them. But that's just a gut instinct conspiracy theory. And for Arena, I found it to be a wee bit too dependent on RNG. Your character choice is random, the cards you get to draft are random. Some days you will get a Mage with plenty of Flamestrikes, Frost Bolts and Polys. Other days you'll get a Warlock who has to draft a Hungry Crab cuz it is literally the best choice of three terrible rares. And as good a player as you may be, there is only so far you can get with poor cards and no removal. To top it all off, there are some severe balance issues that can allow even the most mongrel idiot player to steal a win. Which also works well for Blizzard. Because no matter how bad you are, you can still win sometimes just by stupid luck. Sadly that doesn't work so well for me. I get beat I wanna lose to a better player, and when I win I want it do be due to my own skill. Not some freak accident. So needless to say, the game got uninstalled. But that's just me. Maybe you'll like it. It's free to play, so I'd say give it shot.

DragonLeaf for A4G4V4S4 by IneteYe (such a great indie store)


iberios said...

well done sir, as usual! and as usual the last image is my favorite! the daughter wearing the head is classic! but I must say the maid is intrigueing to say the least. I don't really see her fucking the boss cuz he seems so strong in his convictions against adultery, so maybe a lesbo thing with belf? at any rate im very much looking forward to where this leads in the next chapter! thanks again!

Anon said...

Great Work again and its sooo true what you said about Hearthstone. Luck and good cards. Nothing more. You just need the right card and luck -___- But hey its free to play so.

Anonymous said...

the best ) Belf sexy !

Time Wanker said...

Another great set. Sorry about the render issues.

I really feel for the belf character. She's one of my favorite 3D nymphomaniacs, and clearly got the raw end of the deal -- again. I mean, things were all good when she and the minotaur were dating, but then he knocked her up, and since then ... Well, it's clear that she's not getting enough at home -- and now hubby's eyeing the maid, too. (And probably more than eyeing, but that's another set in the works, I suppose.)

So, our belf goes out and gets a little on the side -- who can blame her -- but every time she does, inattentive hubby comes along and kills her lovers. (And sometimes even turns them into home furnishings.) Thought the troll "dog" might get in on this set, but looks like the kid takes after her dad. Poor belf! Anyway, I never get tired of seeing her banged -- and judging by the voting, neither does anyone else. She should keep doing it, and I'll just hope for better ends for her beaus. (Maybe there's a threesome with hubby and the maid in the future.)

Now it's time to go vote for the Brettonia Knight again. More BK, please! Keep up the great work!

Павел said...

В конце неплохой вариант будущего комикса по варке. Дренейка, таурен... мб и эльфийка к ним присоединится.

iberios said...

@time wanker; all her lovers are douchebags and I totally root for the hubby everytime. I always love the final image and those kids are hilarious!

@mongo; anyhoo, I just wanted to give a public service announcement that everyone will thank me for. Crossing Over (2009) is a movie with a real black and white look at things like Elysium, so im not gonna say its good, BUT, it does have Eve Alice (Lt. Carol Marcus of star trek into darkness) butt nakey for three long scenes, nuff said, and your welcome! ZING BAM BOOM! enjoy....

Will Zenn said...

Friggin awesome set Mongo! Love teh WOW Sets you do.

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