Wednesday, February 26, 2014


New site for you to check out - 3dx-games. A site that specializes in (yes, you guessed it) 3d porn games. With some free games to play around with, and game reviews and the like. So the games are pretty much your standard Wapanese dating simulator stuff, but in english and with 3d art. Also there is a demo for an upcoming collaboration with the incomparable Gazukull. It's a Blackjack game starring his vampire pirate chick Jessenia. Play blackjack, win credits, spend credits to make her strip and eventually get sex pics. So keep an eye out for that!


Anonymous said...

Looks really promosing! I checked the demo for the game and the animations seem really well done. You only get a small preview of them in the demo, but they looked awesome.

Anonymous said...

It got released... and so did my semen. Fuck gazukull and 3dx-games... my keyboard is soaked in cum.

Dante, The Dark Prince said...

Speaking of games. I made another mod based on one of your creations, Serra Angel. Hope you're okay with this

Zafo said...

I was actully thinking about making a sidescrolling fighting game with one of my characters
where they can get fucked by enemys but i have no programing skills :(

VenusKnows said...

Feeding Mongo and Epoch is about all I can usually afford but I bit the bullet and got Jessenia's idea of blackjack. Stunning and she's quiet the player, no really she is. There is a little cheat in the game if you suck at blackjack *hint* *hint* credits!

@Zafo, 3DX game do colab it seems.

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