Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spider-man: Dr Octopus

Time for some more web-slinging action! Which is another way of saying "time for more Gwen Stacy getting cock slammed". It's 28 pics of superheroic action available only at And the set download is free for members for the next month(or so)!

Finally fucking done. This scene was hating on my poor little laptop. Way too many props and figures. And then for renders had that throat-punch combo of Transmap + Reflections. But finally done. So yay! And to be honest I wasn't even particularly enjoying the way the set came out until I started postworking it. Can solve so many lighting issues that way.

Anyway, so wanted to do this set for awhile now. Cuz good ole Otto Octavius is kicking ass in the recent arc of Spider-man. He killed off Peter Parker, stole his body, and is now running around as The Superior Spider-man (and he is completely awesome at it). Oh... spoiler. Now I've always kinda written Doc Ock off as a sideline joke villain. But apparently back in the day, he was an utter badass who fuck Spidey up on a regular basis. And he made a comeback with a vengeance. If you haven't been following the comic, I suggest you do so (digital or Amazon). Story is great, and Ramos (one of my fave artists) does alot of the work on it. And it does a great job of showing Octavius adapting to his new situation, trying to be a hero, and then sliding back to his old crazy megalomaniac ways. And the man can drop an "Egads!" with style and aplomb like no other. But reckon shit is coming to head, and his house of cards is gonna fall down pretty damn soon. So check it out!

Octo-Tentacles by Davo-rama (used to be on the old 'Rotica freebis forums)


Faro09 said...

I'm happy to see you've brought Gwen back. I haven't been following the Spider-Man scene recently, but I know there is another movie releasing. Again, I really like the NTR aspect and am glad you brought it back. Her expressions are amazing. I also really love the idea of Gwen fucking either near or on spider-man himself just like the previous set. Rubbing salt on the wound, you know? The whole body swap thing sounds interesting, I'd still like to think that Peter gets nothing in terms of sex in your series. Will you be working on another once movie releases?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your spiderman works I'd love to see one of both gwen and mj with another random villian but hmm I recall you started doing gwen stacey because you liked her actress?

MongoBongo said...

@Faro - Yeah poor Petey, his GF is kinda trampy. Def the reoccuring theme of the Spidey sets. Glad you like. And yeah, odds are we'll get some more with the next movie.

@Anon - Actually just used Gwen cuz she was in the recent movie at the time, and I needed to a blonde for a set. LOL. Personally I'm more of an MJ fan (not so much Kirsten Dunst though).

Will Zenn said...

Nice anal iamge you got that lookign great in the image above :-P

Your a freaking machine with these 3D Image set updates! Keep it coming.

Time Wanker said...

Great set. Longtime Gwen fan; always liked her better than MJ. Betty vs. Veronica, you know? One of 'em will be your best girl forever, the other's gonna sleep around on you first chance she gets. Though I guess in these sets, it's Gwen who's the tramp. That's okay, though, 'cause how else would we get to see Gwendie banging her heart out every which way.

Oh, and the ovaries and fallopian tubes always make me smile -- though I'm not really sure why. Great work. Worth the membership this month! :-)

joeannie said...

Not Spidy's finest day :)

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