Friday, January 31, 2014

Zafo: Bounty

Another new set from Zafo! And it's fuckin' HUGE! In the harsh competitive world of space bounty hunting, a pair of hotties go after an ebil space-pig pirate and his weird alien pet. Only to have the tables turned on them. It's 64 pics of sexy space opera over at Site member's get 50% off the download price. And remember all sales go directly to the artist!

And in other news.... Well... there's not alot of other news. I'm busy working on another Shadowrun Returns set with it's myriad Transmap + Reflection/Refraction + AO issues (yes, IDL would avoid alot of those problems and is a vastly superior lighting method - thankyou for reminding me). but because of said issues I have to dupe render some pics and patch them together in Photoshop. Ideally the set was supposed to correspond with the release of Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, but they let their delivery date slip to the end of Feb to polish out some bugs. Which is definitely better than shipping a buggy expansion "on-time" (I'm looking at you EvE-Online). In any case, still burning away on the next set.

Let's see... what else? Oh another blog for you to check out. Those of you have been following the 3d pr0n scene for awhile might be familiar with the name "Dtrieb". Well he's got a new blog. So go check it out!


Anonymous said...

The wizard are of interest, and the rest is dross.

Knight77 said...

the outfits are looking really cool

Anonymous said...

Blog author answers the questions? When waiting for the continuation of a series of Vampire?
Itching to spend money)

MongoBongo said...

Occasionally yes I do. Not sure when the next Vampire set will come out. I will probably do a poll in a week or so to see what folks want to see next. Obviously, you are a vote for Vampire chick. :-)

Anonymous said...

Vote with both hands Vampire chitsk) The author does not like to try
animate characters:
In your performance it will be a bomb)

Anonymous said...

Vamp chicks don't really do it for me (GO TEAM BELMONT), but you do phenomenal work with giant monsters. I'd definitely like to see some more of that. Also, good on you for plugging Dtrieb's blog. Love the story element; you should try that again sometime.

Anonymous said...

No idea if they'll be in the poll, but put me down for more Cherry Bomb or Lady D'Clairemont. Their facial expressions are the best.

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