Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pair of Blogs

First of two links for your perusal and entertainment. Another 3d artist blog! Featuring the erotic works of Aussie artist JimJim, who specializes in huge titted hotties taking it hard and rough from loathsome monsters and occasionally other more mundane critters. With both consensual and non-con scenes. So drop by and take a gander. Look to the Download Bar on the right side for easy access to the full sets! Also, here's some spoilers from an upcoming set on his blog.

And the sexiest for last! I've been remiss in mentioning Jenny's new blog! Bad me! It's chock full of the sexy model shots that we've come to love so well. So meander on by and check out what's going on with our favorite Canadian bombshell. And be sure to drop her some comments and love (without being weird and stalker-ish!).


Jenny Poussin said...

awwwww you saw my blog Mongo!!
Sweet of you to mention it too!!! ♥♥♥
My Jenny eye-candy contribution for those that dont know where to find pics of mine anymore! :)
Big Kiss

TheMadMonk said...

Too late! I think I have been just a tad 'stalker-ish' from the moment I first saw her just stand their and breath. (of course part of my problem is probably due to the brain damage I suffered when after I first saw her I kind of forgot to breath myself until the paramedics were strapping the mask over my face…)

Lazy Fuck said...

I'm still hoping to see you do a set of Jenny as a comic character like Emma Frost or Power-Girl some day, as opposed to the Star Trek ones. I'm not sure if Ms Poussin is a fan of them like she is of Star Trek though.

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