Friday, December 13, 2013

Zafo: 3 Wishes

A new set from Zafo! The classic Genie tale of Ancient Araby. And when she's a smoking hottie, she'll definitely end up as one of the wishes. But a Genie's job is never done. And there is no telling who, or what, will rub the bottle next! It's 44 pics of a tale that would make Scheherazade proud over at Site member's get 50% off the download price. And remember all sales go directly to the artist!

And as some may have noticed there were some issues with my store for the past few days. All fixed now. Okay not quite. Still getting stuff hammered out. Sigh. But everybody else's store (Zen, Zafo, RedRobot) works. New storefront and some new stupid blinky lights and stuff. If you move your cursor around quick enough you can induce an epileptic seizure! Try it! Fun for the whole family!

And movie review time! Okay, first off I was not overly optimistic about this film. Legolas? Random elfy chick? WTF? It's been awhile but pretty damn certain they weren't in the Hobbit last time I read... err.. had it read to me. So I walked in with a bit of chip on my shoulder. "Fucking Petey Jackson gonna ruin more shit!" Well Petey blew that chip apart, slapped me across the face, and made me pick up the pieces. Basically, he did awesome with this one. Was good shit! Pacing was far better than the last movie (which was it's biggest flaw imo). The extra stuff thrown in fit in pretty well, fleshed out the story a bit more. So it was good. If you are a diehard Tolkien fanatic that wants everything just like the book, well.... go read the book instead? For everybody else, it'll rock.

And normally I'm not a big Legolas fan. He's a prancing douchey "elves are great at everything" faggot. But seriously, he kicks ass in this movie. He became a non-stop monster-murdering machine. Oh I know what you are thinking - "he was already epic during the LOTR trilogy". Yeaaaahh... no. Totally pales in comparison. Was like that but times 10. And Orlando Bloom pulled off just the right amount of badassery mixed with arrogant cock, so that I've actually revised my view on Legolas. I actually kinda like him now.

And spoiler.... From the commercials I was positive that sexy elf chick was gonna be love interest of Legolas - Get killed at the end of the movie - And turn Legolas into a sociopathic orc-hating killer. Nope. She lives. And apparently he was already an orc-slaughtering god. But odds are she won't make it thru the next film - otherwise it'd be kinda hard to explain why she wouldn't be the first to be shouting "And my Axe!". And yeah she's just as much of a badass as Legolas. And she's hot. That kinda bears repeating. Alot. And for some strange reason I have the urge to do a set with my old Sylrahtae character.

Let's see... what else? The dwarves were still a bit non-dwarvey for my tastes. I keep thinking they should be bulkier. Hmmmm. Gandalf got some good screentime without completely overshadowing everyone else. Which was a nice change for once. The Wood Elf king was fantastic! Definite kudos there. So yeah. Overall it was just a damn good film. You should go see it!


Time Wanker said...

A little Tolkienesque elf action -- with Sylrahtae or someone who looked like a famous LOST actress -- would always be appreciated. Go for it.

Oh, and Zafo's 3 Wishes set ROCKS!

iberios said...

you sir should not tease us with sylrahtae if you don't mean it!!! I been screaming for another set with her for years, literally! as you well know!!! some lesbo action with tauriel would be nice but there needs to be some dick in there too for a wonderful threesome! and incase your thinking legolas, I would like to suggest sylrahtae's old boyfriend groknar! since we aint seen him in a bit either!

Knight77 said...

first of all, nice xxx-mas header ;)
your elf is sexy

second, I saw the movie yesterday and I have quite the same feelings about it
the second movie is quite entertaining
I have to say, orlando bloom got quite "fat" in the face, but he gets older like everybody else.
funny moment with the son "gimmli"^^

Planetfall said...

Love this. More dark girls, please!

Ichy Meloncat said...

Would definitely buy another of your elf set. She's fantastic.

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