Saturday, December 7, 2013

SAO: Lisbeth

Welcome back to everyone's favorite MMO deathgame, Sword MongoBongo Art Online. After taming Asuna, Gleam Eyes heads down to the 48th level to visit Lisbeth. It's 39 pics of gaming griefing at Members of course get the set download free for next month or so.

Moar SAO! Why? Cuz I like it. Have no idea WTF is going on in this set? Go watch the aime. Anyway it's another set that is a testament to my inability to control the constant need to "just add a little bit more". Sigh. Oh well. On to the next set! A bit of sci-fi SWTOR before we get to Mynxie.

Alice 3.0 by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Mitsu Hair by 3DUniverse (the all-purpose anime hair!)


iberios said...

absolutely joyous news! woot swtor! and mynxie!!!

Hydros1966 said...

Great new Gamestory!

Anon said...

Yo shold really watch the Anime " ATTACK ON TITAN"

joeannie said...

Great images ... I see you still use Satanica's M3 gens. Odd how some of the old stuff is better than new :)

I tried to watch the episode #1 of the anime, but the buffering was too slow. Quite funny - proof there are no girls online. As for the question of "Why do men create female characters" ... I usually do, but my reasoning is just that if I am going to spend 50 or 100 hours staring at the ass-end of my 'character', I might as well make it a cute ass, and all the better if she can wear something more suitable for ass-watching!

Tanacel said...

Marvellous! Having watched both series after your recommendation, I thought we'd get elf Asuna, but brilliant choice with Lisbeth! And the Heathcliff finisher was inspired!

Great set, hope to see more of MOA : )

Anonymous said...

Glorious. I bought a subscription just for this - The Sword Art Online ones are the best ones so far.

Anonymous said...

Do more of this! Asuna being fucked by the Gleameyes is really hot. You could probably do Elf Asuna and Leafa, too...Or just more Asuna.

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