Monday, December 16, 2013

SWTOR: Jedi Vette Sith

Our young Mirialan Jedi now faces her most dangerous challenge. Captured by the Empire she is taken to a Sith Lord's Star Destroyer with the intent on turning her to the Dark Side. Can she resist the temptations of her own passions?! *cue dramatic music* It's 34 pics of SWTOR space-opera at Members get the set download for free for next month-ish, cuz they know the power of the Dark Side.

So yay! New set. And store is finally working again! So looks like it is gonna be an HTML fun-day. That's sarcasm by the way. There is rarely anything fun about copy-pasta-ing code. But everything should be kosher by the end of the day. Which will reduce the stress quite a bit. And we like that.

And obligatory SWTOR news. Cuz I'm using their world, it's only right that I give them some advertising. Looks like they have their spaceship PvP thing working. Re-live the old-skool glory days of Tie-Fighter! ...I guess. No idea if it's any good. Haven't played SWTOR in quite awhile. So if you know, leave a comment!

Alice 4.0 by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Sith Purebloods by Diaxus2 (Free is always nice!)
Short Style Hair by Zygote (apparently no longer available from DAZ)


Lazy Fuck said...

Set looks fun, but nothing's happening when I click any items, paid or free, in your store at the moment. Zafo, Zen etc. links all working - just not your own stuff. Using Chrome 31.0.1650 at the moment if that helps any. Also, TIE Fighter is still one of my favorite games ever to this day. That, X-Wing, Grim Fandango, Monkey Island - you used to be such a treasure trove of talent Lucasarts. And now you're gone entirely. Oh well. I'll just have to give them a one gun salute using your set tonight I guess.

MongoBongo said...

And that is the problem with copy/pasta. If you copy a mistake, it gets duplicated everywhere. Was missing a quote tag. All fixed now.... I hope. Fuck HTML in the nose hole!!111

Anonymous said...

The starfighter things is fun. But totally separate from the main game. Might as well release the thing as it's own game. But oh well. Nice set and good fapping material!

iberios said...

the pvp starfighter thing is as reported, its good and like any other pvp, and it is apart from the game entirely; for a reason and a good one at that! woot! it is a test bed for them using theengine to replace their current starship mission engine. im proly getting the jargon wrong, but basically they will be giving total control of our character ships to us with new missions that are a part of the story. Does it sound like they are ripping off Star Trek Online? yes it does, and yes they are, and im very happy for it. if they adopt all the good things about s.t.o. then it will be the game I always wanted! woot!

now all swtor has to do is adopt the character creation, and multiple companions ability from S.T.O. as well and its perfect! but ofcourse all this wont happen until well after the next expansion, but its another reason to keep on living! wahoo!

set is great, and im soo burning to know what is coming next in their story. in my mind the 2 troopers from the jedi set could be Lt.Pierce and Captain Quinn of the sith master crew, but she is totally random inclusion and obviously not following anything from swtor. So I would like to vote/suggest/beg for the continuation of the story to be more in tandem with what goes on ingame, like any of the npc's he gets to fuck like darth lachris, or lady grathan, or especially vettes friend Taunt, and vettes sister ! heh heh heh it would have been fucking awesome if he could have fucked their mom too before she died! hahahahahah but Jaesa willsam is a must at this point, especially with the weird triangle between her him and vette.
anyway, here's to hoping!
thanks mongo!

iberios said...

I love the color schemes between the aliens too, very Christmas-ish, lol. and im also hoping the bed pillows and sheets are Cathar skins! hahahahaha
and leaving the pants on was totally way better, fucking badass!

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