Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving: Squaw Corn

Happy Thanksgiving! In her on-going adventure to prepare a holiday meal, Pilgrim Girl and her new friend Squaw Girl accidentally anger the Great Corn Spirit. It's a 31 pic set to be thankful for at www.mongo-bongo-art.com. And of course site members can download the set for free for the next month(-ish).

So now you know where creamed corn comes from. Just keep that in mind. And who knew vegetables could be so dangerous? And yes, I know the monster is kinda corny (*groan*) but whatever. :-P ... Anyway, this set was a surprising pain in the ass. The original leaf cover I was using was locking up Poser for some bizarre reason. No idea why. Finally gave up and re-did it as a texture overlay for the ground. Lost a bit of depth, but it render a fuckload faster.

Divine Hair III by FK Design (I was wrong! She is still active)
Attitude Vol.1 by ShanasSoulmate (aka "Oh shit they found out I'm actually a guy!")
Hr-030 by Ali (no longer available?)
Wildy by Aery Soul (no longer available - see Alfaseed for similar)


Fasdeviant said...

Love the set. May I ask where did you get the puritan dress from?

Will Zenn said...

Nice 3D images set Mongo, tetical corn vines... how creative :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to say other than Wow. Capital W. No doubt I could make a number of puns about "Corn-holing" "Cream of Corn" and "Children of the Corn." Fantastic work, thank you.

joeannie said...

Well, another Thanksgiving in the field ... that's certainly corny ... err, I mean unusual! :)

Planetfall said...

This set is genius. Kudos on Squaw Girl, love these two as a pair. Here's hoping for more interracial hijinx, and that next time Squaw gets to let her hair down mid-set like the other ladies.

Anonymous said...

Love the indian character. You should use her more often if the stories permit.

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