Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zen: The Chronicles of Dun'Ragon

A new set from Zen! And it is fucking HUGE!!! An epic tale of half-elven dragon-rider Fae'aria and her encounter with the world's most unlikely half-orc. It's 156 pics (YES! 156!!) of awesomeness available at mongo-bongo-art.com. And remember all the sales go directly to Zen.

So wow! This is some crazy good shit! Story by none other than our very own Iberios, who you will of course recognize from the comments section. And top-notch quality renders from Zen. Seriously, the renders are fucking insanely good. Like best of the best quality. Like Haneto quality shit. What I'm trying to say is - it's good stuff! And it should be. Lots of loving care and effort when into them. And combine that with an actually entertaining well-written story you got PURE WIN. Not that I actually read it or anything, cuz like buks suk and stuff *cough*. But... ummm... somebody else read it to me, and it was REALLY REALLY good! Definitely worth the purchase.

You can either pick it up at my site. Or if for some bizarre reason you want to deny the artist his pennies, you can also buy it over at Affect3d. They do take a percentage of his sales. But that's how they pay their other employees and keep their nice shiny site - business is business, yo. But whatever route you go, buy it. Cuz it is GOOD!


IronCrab said...

Link to Sendowl don't work --> "Nothing to see here. Ooops - looks like that page doesn't exist! "

sumuner said...

I can just imagine mongo sitting legs crossed in a school library with the teacher reading Zen's story to him! X)

it was an amazing story, I have to say! Very much worth the price.

MongoBongo said...

@Iron Crab - ALL FIXED NOW! The old DDA tags were in the import instead of the newer SendOwl ones. Happened last time too, except I forgot to change the master form. Time to remedy that!

Jaxxey Jax said...

Good set, worth the 10 very much so

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