Thursday, October 24, 2013

ACIV: Black Flag

As you may or may not know I am HUGE fan of pirates. So needless to say I was rather excited about the prospect of the new Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. 'Course that was rather short-lived once I read up on the minimum computer specs. Sadly my sturdy little laptop can't handle that kinda shit. And it's not like I can't afford to go out and get a real computer - I totally can. Or even just a PS3 or 4. But I'm always on the verge of moving, so don't wanna be lugging that shit around until I set down roots again.

But it's probably just as well. Knowing the AC franchise I'd probably wanna punch a hole in my screen. Favorite ACism - The evil Illuminati created capitalism as a way to enslave people!... Yeah cuz that's what capitalism does, it enslaves people who put out effort - whereas socialism and spreading the wealth is freedom. *facepalm* Then again, if you spend all your time sitting on your ass playing AC and ripping bongloads when not working as a part-time barista, then capitalism probably does seem pretty shitty. But whatever. Point is, no Black Flag for me. So if you get it next week (or Nov for PC) and it's any good, give a shout out.

Oh and Assassin Pirate Chick. Playing around with ideas and stuff. If the game is any good, maybe I'll do a set off it.


sumuner said...

if you do make a set for this gal, could you put your spin on the easter egg squid from AC2?

Tantacel said...

Yes, I think the Pirate chick should most definitely have a set!

Surprised that since you love pirates, we've never had Elizabeth Swan ravished by the Flying Dutchman's monstrous crew? Or even in your dark Disney twists, Aerial the mermaid gains her legs, but instead uses her new found nobility to seduce the Prince's crew. Captain Scarlett of borderlands fame? Samus and Space Pirates?

Ok, last one was weak....

Xipomus said...

Weak or not.. as long has it has pirates and hot chicks... :D

She definitely has some Booty to raid!

Me likes pirates too.. especially the wenches... arre Matey!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Do. The. Set.

This is your conscience speaking.... Do. The. Set.


Anon said...

I remember you start a One Piece pic once with Nami ,..why not keep going ;)

Anonymous said...

Do a set where or
is captured and raped over and over again
It would be so awesome

Lazy Fuck said...

Zen did a picture of a similar Assassin to the second one you uploaded anonymous:

Having seen it again, there's basically no way he didn't see that picture and model his off it. I'm not sure if he's done a set with her though. I bought a few sets from Mongo's site a week back but haven't had the chance to check them yet to see if that one is included, but don't recall it popping up as part of his free content at least. Maybe bug him on the site about doing something with it. He's a pretty accommodating guy from my experience chatting to him so long as you're nice.

MongoBongo said...

You mean this outfit? -

Lazy Fuck said...

Well, color me corrected in that case.

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