Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vampire & Priest

It's Halloween! Which means Vampire chick getting plowed. Yes, that is the historical basis of Halloween. Go look it up! This week's set is 29 pics of priest-seducing hard-staking action at And (as always) the set download free for members for the next month or so.

Vampire set. Yay! I should do more sets with her. Hmm... What else to say about this set? Not much. Other than being a dark moody set which is always a bitch to doing lighting for. Otherwise pretty standard. Wanted to do some other sidestory pics of the Vampire Hunters, but didn't have time. Will hopefully be able to render some up in spare time. LOL. I made a funny. "Free time". *sigh*

And in other news, Haneto's Arche.01 was released the other day over at Affect3d. And it is fucking gooooood! Definitely worth the $10. Keep in mind though, Haneto does this thing where he focuses on the beauty of the female form and stuff, which technical experts refer to as "Ert". No wait... I am being told the correct pronunciation is "Art". So yes, this Haneto person is an artiste, not some filthy pornographer like other people who we shall not name (me). So not much in the way of hardcore penetration shots, but still plenty of sex! So you will definitely be able to get your fap on. The characters that are very reminiscent of Final Fantasy / Square Enix stuff - he is Japanese after all. And he's using Octane so his renders are super crisp - looks like stills pulled from a top-grade game scene. So, go buy it!

Alrisha Hair by propschick (no longer available it seems)


TheMadMonk said...

Wow! Talk about your fearless Vampire Hunter! Or maybe just plain CRAZY! I mean yeah I am all for a great blow job and all but stuff Mr. Happy all the way down something with a set of extended canines like that!!! Now that takes BALLS and considering if she were to clamp down that's pretty much all that would be left hanging there….

Still it is great set guy!!!

Hydros1966 said...

Waow nice Halloy-Story and till TheMadMonk say very Crasy. Why he not Gang her to save him self. And a blow Job of her...? I will not in his Body nude to say the Hunter the Vampe is gone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I'd been hoping for another set with the Vampire chick for a long time, and I'm pleased to say it was worth the wait. Would love to see more of her in the future!

geos_omega said...

Wow I didn't expect you to do another set with my suggested character! Very nice. ;D

Anonymous said...

Great work!! love it. Are you doing a set with Mynxie soon? I really liked the snow man set.

Dante, The Dark Prince said...

Page 28: "Would you believe me if I said, she knocked me out, stole my clothes, and ran away?" Lol, Lovin this new set. And if you're still stumped on the Assassin, you could always do a Black Flag tribute and have her boned by piartes

Anonymous said...

Excelent work, as usual, Mongo. As previous users, I have also wait for our vampiress and will wait for more. Maybe this time,she could play more "aggresive" role? Not as a prey, but a hunter? That could be interesting.

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