Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ensign Jenny - Orion Ghost Ship

The continuing adventures of Ensign Jenny... Investigating a dark derelict Orion slave ship. You know how it ends. It's 24 pics of spooky ghosty space opera available only at - And the set download is free for members for the next month (or thereabouts).

Wow. Volumetric light sucks ass. 48 hour render. Yes. Forty-eight. Two days. The result? No better than I could have postworked in far less time. And here I had been hoping for really cool effects like shadows from the chains and shit. Nope. Oh well. Live and learn. In any case, I went crazy with reverse ambient occlusion and refraction/ambient in this set. Had far too much fun with it. And pleased with the result, if I do say so myself. But then Jenny sets are ALWAYS fun. And Ensign Jenny is based on our favorite blonde bombshell, the incredibly sexxxy Jenny Poussin! So be sure to drop by her DeviantArt page and see what she's up to.

And also did up some character sheets for the Ensign Jenny cast. Something I've been meaning to do FOREVER. And they're free! You can go to my website and download them in the free download section. But I realize that's too much effort - so here's a handy link for the download.

M4 Bodysuit by Discobob (I soooo hate DAZ's new site)
Nemesis by NightmareHero (no longer available)


Jenny Poussin said...

REALLY happy to be the FIRST to comment on this Update Mongo! :)
WHY??? Cuz I still cant stop LAUGHING my head off after reading your 8 character sheets from the "Ensign Jenny" cast! :)
OMGawd that is good!!!
I wanna quote a few funny parts but there are just too many!!! ♥♥♥

Then I went to see the new Ensign Jenny set!
You REALLY oudid yourself with the naughty Ghosts!!
I mean WOW!!!! Talk about really HOT stuff!!!
And as usual the level of detail is just staggering!!

I must now bow down to the King in salute!! :)

And NO guys its not an invitation to go doggy on me !!!
... ohhhhhh okay .... maybe it is!! giggle
But Mongo gets 1st dib and u all get sloppy seconds!! ;)

LOVE YA Mongo you RULE!!!! ♥♥♥

Big Kiss


TheMadMonk said...

Damn, When one of my credit cards got hacked a few months back I let all of my on-line memberships fall by the wayside while the dust settled. Now with new Ensign Jenny I see that I MUST RENEW!!!!

God I love that Woman!!! She is right YOU ARE THE KING!!!

She is even made more sexy by the fact that she enjoys this stuff as much as the rest of us!!!

You get five stars (out of four)!!!

TheMadMonk said...

Jenny is right "YOU ARE THE KING!"
I had a hard drive crash a few months ago and had lost a good portion of your old stuff that I had downloaded.
But the new Ghost ship was SO HOT that I not only renewed my membership but I also purchased most of the missing sets as well.
(By the way Goddess Jenny I made sure to purchase the entire Ensign Jenny Collection!!!)
Mongo I especially love that satisfied smirk on her cum splattered face in the second to last image despite her reporting that the mission left her unsatisfied.
I think Jenny should insist on taking the good doctor back over onboard for a thorough examination!
Damn! Keep up the good work!

TheMadMonk said...

You know I am curious – does Orion Ghost ectoplasm or just plain human ectoplasm make for a good anal lube???

Tantacel said...

Another great Trek set MB. Character sheets are fantastic too. The thing that puts you above a lot of artists is the research and detail you put in to the sets. Have to say do enjoy Jenny's latest set. At what point is she going to take on the Jen Hadar and the shapeshifting Dominion founders (ever enlarging multiple cocks for our favourite space adventuring slut?)

MongoBongo said...

Well glad y'all likey... umm no idea which makes better anal lube (wtf)... and Jem Hadar are a good idea, will have to poke around for some morphs!

Neferkare said...

There is actually a mission like this in Star Trek Online: "Skirmish".
But with Devidian 'ghosts' instead.
And no sex.
But the costume is correct: I tend to hire 90% female bridge officers and put them in classic trek miniskirts :)

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