Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zen: Jalinn - Part One

Because colossally huge sets are just plain awesome, we have a new one from Zen! It's part one of an epic tale of mystery, ancient evil, corrupt rulers, and a whole lot of sex. This time it's 79 pics of the gorgeous Jalinn and her redhead friend Aria being violated the vile Baron's overly endowed henchman. And it's all available at Members get the download at half price and all the sales going directly to Zen.

I could do a paragraph of telling you how incredible Zen's set is, but why bother. Just look at the pics. Quality shit. 'Nuff said.

And in other news, I should probably have finished another set by now, right? Well I would, if continually filling out DMCAs weren't fucking killing my soul. It's not that it takes a particularly long time to hunt the shit down and send out the notice. It's that afterwards I just end up feeling no particular desire to render. Which sucks. Instead I've been dicking around with Shadowrun Returns. You can pick it up off of Steam. It's a mildly amusing, X-Com style, turn-based game. Good story, simple interface. Was funded thru Kickstarter, though with $1.4+ Mil in donations you'd have expected a bit more out of it. But it still works. Was done by the guy who actually designed the Shadowrun PnP game (and he also did MechWarrior and a bunch of other stuff, who knew? not me), but if you expect it to religiously follow the Shadowrun rules you'll be sorrily disappointed. Shotgun is the One Weapon to Rule them All. Just make an Elf with a ridiculously high Quickness, Ranged Combat, Shotgun skill, and Dodge. Easy mode. The game is more about the story anyways. Gameplay / combat itself is just a vehicle to move the story along and transition from chapter to chapter. Unfortunately once you complete the game, there's not alot of replayability. Convo choices don't really matter, all roads lead to Rome. Once again looking back at that $1.4 Mil and wondering how a writer couldn't have spent a week doing more path choices, while coders and level designers were busy. Whatever. So why am I droning on about this? Because while playing I did some Rule 34 research. And was shocked to find that there is practically zero Shadowrun porn. I shall have to remedy that in the near future. And that was the point of this rather long paragraph.


An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Man I like your guest artists and all but none of them really do anything with expressions; the models look kinda dead

Mongo! Rescue us from our semi-consensual-monster-porn lacking lives! You're the only 3D artist with a sense of humor! And whose work has actual personality! Which is sexier than boobz

"People forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone"
- The Big Lebowski

Will Zenn said...
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MongoBongo said...

Meh, fanbois will be fanbois. Don't sweat it. Some take my use of overly exaggerated expression as the standard, instead of y'know more normal and realistic facial emotions. Which is fine, different strokes for different folks. It's just different styles. It's like a manga fan complaining about a DC comic.

And my suggestion to pretty much every artist out there is do your art how you like it - not as an effort to please others. Make what you think looks good, and fuck the opinions of everyone else. Create your own style, please yourself, and you'll find that others will be drawn to it.

Tantacel said...

Hey Zen, personally thought it was a great set. Its clear to see from each work on Mongo's site how you improve each time. I thought expressions were fine!

I don't tend to buy the sets as as a member, I just browse when I need, but will say that if anyone isn't a member, its worth looking at.

You've clearly got talent, so keep plugging away and don't let the negativity get you down.

An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Don't even listen to me, that was insanely rude in retrospect. I only gave the piece a quick once-over. My opinion = moot

The framing in this set is awesome (images like #7, #9 & #66); which is my favorite thing about your sets. When you use irregular "camera" angles it's way more stimulating (um, narratively of course)

Also you can write! Which is ballsy, words can distract from / ruin the mood of a good visual story. I enjoyed the set more once I actually read it, and it's really nice to see text bubbles in your other stuff, it makes all your scenarios more human (even the ones about...zombie sex)

I have a preference for cartoony overblown stuff - which is why I'm on this site. This is more tethered to reality (as much as porn can be). My preferences aren't any kind of artistic standard

Don't let my generalizing, 4 AM in the morning b.s. discourage you. I'd definitely pay for more of your stuff. Obviously you put a lot of work into this and you're clearly talented, and obviously I'm full of beans

Krystan said...

Grate Work :)

I hope you may help to create some Shadowrun art. that would be great. But I remember some very your sceens in novels and books I read about shadowrun.

Zafo said...

Thats is wierd becuse ppl usuly praise facial expressions in my renders so thats a first complaint i got on this.
Im not a big fan of over exaggerated expressions and i learned thru the years of making renders that even a slight change in eyebrow, eye or lip shape can get very difrent results.
Allso save "us"? Or just you?

Epoch said...

It sucks when you have to devote time better spent rendering new work to sending out DMCA notices every week. I hate that shit...

But the worst part of it is knowing that the assholes pirating your work are members of your site, hiding in plain sight right under your nose. That is the part of it that makes me completely fucking irate.

Will Zenn said...

Hey sorry for being a baby, this set has taken so long and im really trying to up the quality. Mongo, Epcoh and others have been great in giving me honest feedback and bloggers too. I don't mind critical feedback at all :) it helps improve and im not normally that sensitive on comments - i must have my period or something ;o)

@Epoch - yea i even see my stuff out there fro pay sites... man that's anyoing.

@Zafo - I concur the one area i have got more compliments on is expressions, i think that's why i got a bit defensive but like mongo said everyone entitled to opinions all good

iberios said...

zen this set is awesome! I have no idea why people are complaining at all. you ha d a story, a great lead in couple of images and it was insanely huge and engageing all the way thru....something other sets from other artists never have! I cant wait for the continuation!

Anonymous said...

You know who also seems to have zero porn? Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. There seems to be something seriously wrong with a world where you can't hurl a brick without hitting My Little Pony porn and there's nothing for Eternal Darkness.

hzr said...

Hehe, been a big shadowrun fan my whole life and I would love to do some SR porn, however I always wanted to do the setting justice and felt that coming up with some really kickass set would require a massive amount of work, so I did not really do it so far :)

If youre going for Shadowrun porn, Maria Mercurial would be great for some kinky action. She is basically the Brittney Spears of her time, some rockstar diva that keep getting mentioned in books and games for Shadowrun.

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