Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So my Weekend...

After a long haul busting out the Belf & Centaur set, I thought I'd have a bit of relaxation due. LOL. No. Instead I got to spend my weekend, and a good chunk of today, filling out DMCAs. Cuz stupid fucktards are stupid. Ugh. 90% of an artist's sales come in the first 3 months of a product's release. So pirating recent shit ends up hurting the artist. Whereas pirating old shit kinda works as advertising, IF it occurs on a limited scale. But fucktards are fucktards, and they're more interested in the momentary adulation of other fucktards they will never meet or ever really get to know. Go figure. So that's my rage vent. Finally got to start on the new set today.

And speaking of stupid... The release of GirlFriends4Ever was apparently stupidly SUCCESSFUL!!111oneoneelventy... So much so that Affect3D's store crashed, and even the BMT server can't handle the load (it is like a 1.5GB download, but still). How awesome is that?! It's one of those "wow never expected it to be THIS BIG" moments. It's a few days after release and they still can't handle the constant stream of traffic. Crazy! They're diligently working on a solution in between breaks of rolling around naked on their growing mountain of cash. :-P Personally, I'm just gonna wait out the week and try to buy/download it when I'm fairly certain things aren't gonna timeout on me. Gonna be a rough wait though. From what I hear it's fucking awesome!

And in other news, Vaesark came across an interesting bit of news out of the UK. Personally, I've been trying to ignore that little upstart island full of bizarre horse-toothed people for the past couple days, cuz all it's been lately is "ZOMG! Baby!" bullshit. As if another overly entitled royal brat to act as a drain on their struggling economy is a good idea. Brilliant! Anyway... Apparently Cameron has declared a full-out porn crusade. Some think "meh whatever, I don't live there". But shit like that has a tendency to spread. Pop on over to Vaesark's site and check out the link.


Anonymous said...

I will always buy your stuff. because I like your art. thank you for a job well done and your time for putting into them.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I try to visit Vaesark's blog, all I get is a blank page, and that is all I have gotten for a month. I enjoy both your art, and check frequently.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mongo,

Indeed the A3d animation is rather good.
If you mail you purchase order you get a link that works...

So if you curious you can check it out.
Question though for you... when did you got Google wallet instead of CCbill?

Is there a certain reason for that? Coz as much as I like Google, they are getting to much like Microsoft to me.. so no wallet for this person.. altough your blog does make it very tempting...



Anonymous said...

Fuck-nut pirates piss me off, if you like an artist's stuff, show your support and pay for it. Each month you get $10(or whatever it is) from me and I'm happy to spend it because you usually don't disappoint.

Also, GF4E is AWESOME and well forth fighting the "server full, try again in an hour" BS. Actually did that BMT work around where you hold shift or alt and opened like 50 windows until one of them worked and it downloaded. Enjoyed it so much my hand went numb :-P.


MongoBongo said...

@Jake - well thnx & you're welcome.

@Anon - *shrug* Seems to be working fine for me and plenty of other folks. Maybe you have his site on a blocklist or something?

@Xipomus - Went with Google cuz it was the easiest choice given what the storefront was already set up with. However, GoogleWallet is being discontinued in November, so looking at different card processors atm. CCBill ain't gonna be one of them though, cuz they can get kinda weird from time to time.

@Derm - From what I've seen of it, yeah it kicks ass! Definitely a must buy!

Anonymous said...

I am a member of your site so I get most of your art for free when you first put it out I don't upload though too lazy too but I do enjoy your artwork so that's why I'm a member.

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