Saturday, July 20, 2013

Warcraft: Belf & Centaur

Our favorite Belf is back! This time kidnapped and taking huge horse cock from a savage Centaur. And huge cocks mean huge sets! So it's 48 pics of Warcrafty awesomeness at! As usual, site members get the set download free for the next month or so.

OMFG my eyeballs hurt! So many pics to postwork! Was sitting there rendering when I realized, "hey, I got like 25 pics done and I'm not even at the part most folks will really want to see, or even done the intro pics!" But since all the cool kids are doing big sets (Zafo's recent, Epoch's new comic, and Zen's upcoming) thought I'd try to fit in and hang out with them... Yeah... Fuck being cool. Too much goddamn effort! Especially for a set based on a game nobody even plays anymore. And they don't! Cuz I said so! And I'm always right! :-P

And speaking of always being right, I saw Pacific Rim last weekend. If you will recall there was some debate in the comments section on whether it was more of a Neo Evangelion rip-off, or a Godzilla rip-off. Well I'm man enough to admit the truth... and I was totally right. It is a rip-off of Neo Evangelion... just like I said it was... *cough*. (Yeah, I'm gonna play it like that. Cuz it's my blog and I always get to be right.) By the way, it's a 4-Beer movie (or however many it takes you to get a nice buzz). Great visuals. Fun and entertaining if you turn off your brain. Oh, and the hot asian chick doesn't get naked. Spoiler.

Also some more sites for ya to check out. Paysite with some seriously old-school A3 / MayaDoll renders, for those into that sort of thing. Hey, the guy contacted me and I'm always a sucker for promoting other people's shit. It's how I roll. Yo. (Still trying to hang with the cool kids.) Anyway here's some links -

DragonLeaf for A4G4V4S4 by IneteYe (such a great indie store)
HorseTail Hair by AprilYSH (it's free!)


Sol said...

Nice work, as always. Oh, loved the rug.

Will Zenn said...

ahh fuk mongo.............. I have not plaed WOW in over a year but this set makes me miss my Frost Mage that powned in PVP -- pew pew pew.... HKs!!

im thinking time to get to level 85 now, i jsut hate pandas

.... umm nice set BTW ;)

Zafo said...

Im sorry!
I didnt mean to make such a big set!
It just... tunrened out like this.
You are still pretty cool even with those small
sets of yours *snicker*
I allso didnt play WoW in ages but like mongo said, who plays WoW these days?!
only MMO i play right now is MWO and Warframe.
And sometimes Tera with my Elf healer or
castanic archer but thats rare.
And awsome set Mongo.
Love the centaur carpet.

@ Will
I tink lvl cap right now is 90.

Lazy Fuck said...

Not to be an ass, but everything that Pacific Rim did that people think it ripped off from Evangelion was done in at least a couple of other, also rather famous (at least in the mecha/anime community) shows years before Evangelion did them. Most of them were done by a whole lot of other shows and movies. Piloted giant robots versus monsters has been around since Mazinger in the 70s, G Gundam did the whole pilot by sympathetic movement/brain power thing several years before Eva and it wasn't the first to do so. And so on. They're just common mecha tropes.

Also, Del Toro has never seen Evangelion, though Travis Beachem the co-writer has. Evangelion is a good show, but it is far from an original one - which Anno himself admits to.

MongoBongo said...

Glad y'all liked. And see how Zafo is? He used to steal my lunch money too!

And that Lazy Fuck guy... what an ass. Amirite? Of course I am! Cuz... (say it with me)... it's my blog! (okay I'm bored of that too now)

Zafo said...

I did not!

Anonymous said...

It's all good Mongo, you do great work so no real complaints from me :-P.

Love the Belf btw, I haven't played Warcrack in a couple years but still enjoy the WoW porn, keep it the awesome work.


Nemanja Mitrovcan said...

hi i am so sorry about my brother posting those links on that website as i seed there it will not happen again

Will Zenn said...

@Zafo - Level cap... 90 hmmm well ill take Mongos Elf and just offer her up to the WOW pro's i all the BGs then ill go cap flags and win BGs. Wonder if Blizz would allow a custom toon like that ,,, I would pay to play with those toons !

Zafo said...

Meh! Take you skinny belf!
Draenei girls are the best!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you can make a set. with Mynxie and that blood elf? it would be so cool.

GreenSun said...

Epic! One of the best set!! Belf is super hot! Maybe part 2?

Foo Bar said...

FWIW, I concur with you on the Pacific Rim. It was as I expected, not shabby but not exactly brain-trust kinda stuff, either.

It's basically Gamera/Guiron vs. Transformers... with human operators. On that level, it works.

The story is pedestrian but tolerable. I did think that the FX shots were all a bit too dark (apparently, there's very little that occurs in daylight with these monsters), but that may have been to hide weaknesses in the CGI, which was decent except for that one obvious kvetch.

Anonymous said...

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SpideySense said...

I really think this girl is ultra hot but I wish she had normal eyes. I think it takes away from her expression that you can't see her pupils.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you got the location right in Shok'thor, Desolace.

Hope we get to see a dryad pounding her next!
Nothing beats these 4 legged beasts with 2 cocks extending a hot humanoids guts from the inside!

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