Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zafo - Pirated!

Another great set from Zafo! This time Nami from One Piece tries to steal from a Fishman pirate, and has her treasures plundered instead. It's a massive 45 pic set available at www.mongo-bongo-art.com! Members get the set for half price, and all sales go directly to Zafo!

Mmmmmm... Nami.... Love Zafo's take on her. Plus always loved pirate stuff. Big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And One Piece is definitely in my top 3 fave mangas. Good solid story, fun relaxed art style. The subtitled anime is pretty damn good too. But would NOT recommend the dubbed versions. Especially the 4Kids version. That shit is terrible. Stab yourself in the eyeball with a fork instead of watching it, you'll have a more enjoyable time. Yeah, it's that bad.

In other news... I've been remiss in my duties as an EXTREME JennyWatch 2013 reporter. I should have been giving you constant updates with absolutely no information in them, but assuring you that once we know more you'll be the first to know. Instead, I have to report actual content. She's back! Whatever she has been dealing with has been dealt with. And apparently none the worse for wear, other than a continued exasperation over the endless supply of haters in the world. So drop by her dA page and give her some love.

And if you haven't visited Affect3d lately (and you really should!) they have released a new trailer for their Girlfriends4Ever project. And it's FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Some damn good production values there. Good voice acting. And some incredible render animations! Go check it out! And actually download the trailer, the larger size and quality are worth it - plus their file hosts are pretty quick. The finished work will definitely be something to look forward to!

And speaking of things to look forward to... Epoch's long-awaited Dark Rift comic will be available on Thursday Friday (like days of the week fucking matter)! It's a massive 170+ pages, plus animations, an actual storyline (lol wut iz plot?), an upgraded version of his Dynamic Comic Viewer, and all the excellent quality we've come to expect from him. And being the terrible businessman that he is, Epoch is giving it all away for less than $12. Yeah. So be sure to take advantage of his complete lack of fiscal sense and buy yourself a copy on Thursday. In fact, buy two! That way you won't feel like you are ripping him off.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Nami! Looks great!

Epoch said...

LOL, you dork...

>Get a PM saying, "Hey, what's up with Erik? He says your comic is releasing on Thursday?"
>I say "WUT"
>Come over here
>See bad information
>See comical attack on my business acumen
>LULZ ensue

The comic comes out on Friday, broheim. :-)

ANON said...

You really should make a One Piece Set Mongo Bongo! You already made a Nami pic long ago.

Zafo said...

My wallet is so ready.

MongoBongo said...

Thursday... Friday.... What the fuck ever. Not like anybody is gonna buy it anyway. I quote from your very own website "I just don’t give a fuck anymore more trouble than its worth". See? Nobody wants it ...... ZOMG is it out yet?!! Is it?! IS IT?!!! Must haz Dark Riifttttttt!!!!11111 (So buying that shit on Thursday. Friday. Whatever.)

Will Zenn said...

Nice image set Zafo and Dark Rift soon, good week for 3D XXX :-)

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a set of Nami with some of the 'sea'men. I don't know if Luffie and his whole 'stretching will work.

joeannie said...

Excellent lighting on Zafo's work :)

Anonymous said...

What are you talking weeaboo? The Funimation dub is not only leagues better, but it matches everything from the original script.

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