Friday, July 5, 2013

Liberty & Justice - Corporate Pig

Liberty and Justice take corporate money and become whores for Pig Business! Big Pigness? Whatever. It's 23 pics of pornographic political commentary at, and just in time for your 4th of July hangover! And of course, the set download is free for members for the next month-ish.

Porn and politics. Two great tastes that taste great together. Right? Figured since it was the 4th, I'd do something with my long-neglected Liberty and Justice girls. And since I hadn't used the Frankie pig-guy before, it all just sorta meshed together perfectly. Amusingly enough, I'm actually kinda pro-business, and probably the last person to go railing against "the evil corporations". But the theme worked too well to pass up! And reckon some of you are filthy anarchist hippies that would probably like it. :-P

For those of you who don't know, the USA celebrates the 4th of July as our second major BBQ-day of the year (the first, of course, being Memorial Day). Oh, and a few hundred years ago some power-hungry extremists riled the disenfranchised rabble to engage in terrorism and stage a coup against the rightful government... Or was it some noble visionaries fighting for freedom against an over-bearing tyrant? Suppose it depends on what spin we are going with. In any case, 4th of July is our Independence Day. 'Merica! Fuck yeah!

In other news, went to go see the new Lone Ranger film in hopes of getting some inspiration for another Caliegh / Western set... I did not receive much inspiration. It was surprisingly lackluster and dull. It's your standard Western revenge tale, but without the vengeance or anger. Which basically just leaves the story with a pointless plot motivation that tediously drags along until the thankful end of the film. Wasn't highly impressed. Would not recommend. Maybe giant Robot Godzilla ripoff will be better? LOL.

And been eyeballing a new MMO - WildStar Online. Still in Beta, scheduled release later this year. To be honest, I don't think it's going to be a super-fantastic game. Looks to be your standard WoW-clone, but with a sci-fi bent and few more bells and whistles. However, the marketing for it is pretty damn funny. Check out some of their videos, it's good stuff. Plus the art is decent, and they don't seem to take themselves seriously at all. So might be worth some casual relaxed gameplay.

Eterna by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)


Nemanja Mitrovcan said...

That pig is the exact same one as here

Faro09 said...

Glad to see the girls return for a new set. Great idea for a set too. I discovered Wildstar about a month ago and I think it looks pretty interesting. The art style is like a mix of Jack & Daxter and WoW. It's definitely on my radar, though it's not scheduled for release until the end of the year. I'd really look forward to a set featuring that robot woman from their "paths" video. Just a suggestion. I'm sure you have plenty of ideas floating around. Keep up the good work as always.

Anonymous said...

Pacific Rim is actually a Neon Genesis Evangelion or Neo Evangelion ripoff. It was a decent anime but not sure about it being a live action movie. It does have a couple of good actors in it including one of my favorite Brit actors Idris Elba.

OH and on the topic of Liberty & Justice being screwed over by the corporate pig is a very funny but realistic representation of how this country(Yes I am a "Merican, YEAH!") is going down hill FAST! Awesome work all around


An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Capitalism has never been so sexy. Y'know if you're into pig-men

MongoBongo said...

@ Mackinaw - And seriously, who isn't?! I could fap to pig-men all day long!

@ Derm - Ehhhh.... Gonna have to do a bit more work trying to convince me it's a NGE ripoff. Now if the beasties were referred to as "angels", looked like clowns or geometric shapes, and there was a bunch of convoluted self-contradicting metaphysical bullshit, then you might have an argument. But they are called Kaiju and there is Mothra and Rodan. That shit is Godzilla, dude!

@ Faro - Yeah robot chick from the Paths vid is exactly what I was talking about with their marketing. Sexy robot that includes the "uniformed dominatrix" and "hot teacher" motifs. Guaranteed to work! The gameplay has barely anything to set them apart from WoW, but they'll still have massive short-term success.

@ Nemanja - It is indeed. Dizzy buys his critter models at the same place I do.

sumuner said...

Awesome set as always Mongo!

It's a shame lone ranger wasn't any good, more and more it seems movie are just getting worse. if you want inspiration from a movie try evil dead (the original! F*** the new one)

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