Saturday, June 29, 2013

Serra Angel: Hellbent

Serra Angel heads to Hell to do battle with Evil in the best way she knows how! Defeated and chained by a pair of demons, she writhes in forbidden pleasure thru 34 pics of heavenly goodness! And only found at! Members get set download for free for the next month (or so), cuz they are special and awesome.

Yay! Finally got around to doing this set. And of course what was going to be a quick-off 20 pic set ended up being 34. Whatever. Self-control is for pussies! Right? Whatever. So was going to try and do some PP2014 bullet physics in this set (breast squish, etc). Didn't seem to work though. Her tits kept falling thru the floor and the beasties hands. So gotta go back and try and figure that out. Cuz I know it can be done, I was just missing some setting. In any case, the morphs seemed to do the trick just fine.

So as some of you may have heard, Blogspot is doing a crack-down on adult sites starting tomorrow. And despite much over-reacting and stress by many, there's really not that much to worry about. They are just cracking down on sites that do adult-advertising and link to money-making adult-sites. So very few blogs in our little circle are going to be affected. In fact, the only one that really stands a chance of getting targeted is mine.... Ok, so maybe there is something to worry about. Time to make another back-up! (Really though, odds are they only targeting folks who are using sidebar graphics ads and that sorta stuff.)

And in other happenings, I bring you news of yet another 3d artiste - the ever talented Nova. He has like a site, and stuff. You may recognize him from his great Vanya sets, or his Gamer Girls series. Or possibly from seeing him reviewed... repeatedly... over at Affect3d (seriously he's challenging BlackAdder for ridiculous amounts of coverage - me jealous much? yeah maybe). Really though, go check out his site. It's all professional and nice, and you can buy his sets.

And speaking of site links I changed up my enormously long banner sidebar. Finally got around to setting up the sidebar to randomize and post a reasonable number of banners. I figured it out and scripted it up all by myself, cuz I'm a big boy! (Yeah, I know, it's shitty archaic code - I ain't no programmer) But all the links are in there, it just randomizes on each page load. And if you need ALL the banners, then you can just go to the new and exciting Links Page (so exciting!).

Moon Dancer by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Justice by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)


Will Zenn said...

Have to love when two monsters have there way with such a lovely 3D Babe :) excellent image set Mongo.

Anonymous said...

your best one yet!!! love it.

VenusKnows said...

Delicious, nice to see some sets with previous beauties. Lovely facial expressions (Image 21) :)

The question I have to ask is if she 'planed' to get caught and get 'taken' to where she wants to go.

joeannie said...

I like TerraDome lights & skies as well :)

I noticed the Blogger changes, but I think they are more focused on the blogs where every single link sends viewers through some 'adfly' like 10000-clicks = $5 site. A lot of their base content is spider-bot'd.

Still, I'd you seek alt blogs ... but then you already have your own site :) I see Zen moved his site as well.

Jaxxey Jax said...

good job Mongo, this set is great.

Anonymous said...

People who say porn has no story obviously haven't seen your work. Are you a writer of some description? :P Brilliant!

Oh, and as for the Blogger policy...Are we gonna have to rely on your other site for updates and witty remarks?

Keep at it!

- George

MongoBongo said...

Well glad y'all like! I suppose we'll find out what's up with Serra in her next set.

And it seems we've survived the first couple days of the New Blogger Order. Let's hope it continues.

Kaye Skellington said...

you do amazing work! i LOVE your liquids, so wet and yummy! and the pussy shot with the anal sex, very nicely done.

i love nova digital art! he's so great! i'm so glad to see you guys connected! thanks for sharing so much great stuff with us all, i hope you continue to survive the policy changes and censoring!

Aburrar said...

Another great set! Particularly fond of the extremely well-done postwork, esp. fluids. Hope to see more of her and monster licks.

Hydros1966 said...

when dose cam the 2 part of the Story?
Start of it is ´great!!! Hat up !!

CARLOS RAW said...

please make another set

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