Thursday, June 20, 2013

PP2014 Rocks!

Okay, so been playing around with the new version of Poser for a bit. And it is AWESOME! The Morph Tool / Fitting Room makes it worth it alone. So freaking good! And that's even without having figured it out completely yet. Running into problems with V3 buttocks body parts not transitioning over. Annoying, but I'll get it sorted. Despite that, still some incredible shit. Take for example the above pic on the left. The outfit is an old old old Aery Soul mesh for V3 from before he became Alfaseed, and was still making stuff based off Masamune Shirow art. And it's perfectly fitted onto V4 just using the morph tool. You couldn't even get a conforming outfit made for V4 to fit that well. No more magnets, no more bullshitting around with morphs trying to make a hack job of it. It's gonna make setting up renders sooooo much easier.

The pic on the right has absolutely nothing to do with PP2014. It's just a pic from a couple months ago that I was playing around with. Was contemplating making a SWTOR comic/series based on off her, like one page/week or something. But then realized it would take almost as much time as doing a normal set. But maybe with the new version of Poser it'll be possible. We'll see.

Let's see, other awesome stuff... The library loads incredibly fast now. I seriously have like 500GBs of shit on external HD. What used to take almost 2 minutes to populate the library, now comes up instantly. I don't even keep the library open anymore, just click it when I need it. So screen stays nice and uncluttered. Also, render speeds have increased a bit, so that's a plus. Though I've come to the conclusion that I REALLY do need a new computer. Something like a six core machine so I can have tons of threads processing and just burn thru renders. So time to research.

And speaking of computers.... Microsoft. LOLOLOLOLOL. Seems they FINALLY figured out that people utterly hate their "brilliant" XBoxOne policies. They've gone and done a 180 and will now allow people to game offline, and to be able to freely trade games. Which is nice, but the damage is already done. They fucked themselves at THE biggest computer event of the year, and that's all that people will think of. Plus it's now rather apparent what MS really wants and what they will always be driving towards. So they've kinda made the decision for me of what game system to get - anything EXCEPT an XBox.


Anonymous said...

If you let the twi'lek run into something large that will "leave a lasting impression" on her (or in her) then i wouldn't be sad :D

Anonymous said...

are you getting a ps4 or xbox one?

Anonymous said...

So, I've been thinking about subscribing to your paysite for a while now, but when I read through the terms and conditions and looked at the site a few questions arose.

1. Under terms and conditions there is a passage where it is stated that I may not copy/ download anything from the site when it's not explicitly mentioned in the terms and conditions... which it isn't.
So, does that mean I can't even get a copy of your pics for my hard drive?

2. kind of follows or is complimentary to 1.
You have all the sets to download, but it seems even subscribers have to pay for them (albeit at an 80% discount). Again, does that mean I can't simply look at the pictures and then download each one individually by right-clicking them?

Because if it is like this, that would really suck.
I was just about to subscribe really, already looking for my credit card information, when I stumbled upon this and I have to admit I'm kind of baffled.

Would be really glad if you could clear this up, I hope I'm just too dumb and misunderstood.^^

Cryotek said...

The twi'lek does look awesome... which is difficult for me to say (something about tentacles instead of hair just seems wrong :P).

I'm at least glad that Xbox reversed their policy, I'm sure I'll end up with one at some point but definitely PS4 when the new consoles launch! :D

As for Anon's post, I'm sure Mongo can answer your questions better, but usually his old stuff is up for $2 per set, and all recent sets are free. :)

MongoBongo said...

@Anon - First off, you can post under any name at all. Why you choose to stick with Anon is beyond me. Okay now for questions...

Technically, no you're not allowed to copy anything off the site. Or redistribute it, or breach copyright etc etc. It's the standard anti-piracy clause. Rather difficult to enforce though. However, most of the pics are in lower rez and size due to loading speed constraints (folks don't want to wait for a large pic to load - they want their porn NOW!). So if you REALLY want a set, then you can pay $2 for the much better quality. Why? Cuz making them all free leads to them being easily disseminated across teh intrawebz. Oddly enuff, when people pay for something they are far less likely to give it away. But! Like Cryotek said, you do get the most recent sets for free. Cuz you should get something worthwhile for your subscrip. Hope that clears things up a bit.

If you are even the LEAST bit apprehensive about signing up, then don't. It's only porn. It's not worth stressing about.

Lazy Fuck said...

I did always think a story about a Sith or other dark Jedi abusing her powers and sexuality to convince someone (or several someones) to help her or come over to the dark side would be cool. Like, taking a really meek force sensitive her master (or mistress) wants to recruit and using convincing him that all women are really slutty deep down and want to be taken and forced, re-inforcing the ideas by reaction positively to the increasing rough and/or degrading sex and using the force to convince him it's all true till she's being taken from behind, getting choked, slapped, having her hair (or lekku) pulled and so on.

That, or you know, taking a couple of wookies for funsies because she just enjoys big dicks and hard sex.

VenusKnows said...

New toys always keep the inspiration up. Least that's the case in some regards...

Glad to see Microsoft take flake for trying to shaft its customers. You'd think they'd have our interests at heart while making those millions :(

As for a Star Wars story... oh yes please :) I sat and pondered on this for a bit. A sexy Jedi is too expecting and tells her apprentice he's never going to cut it. Only for the apprentice to be 'swayed' to the dark side in a rather lustful and tasty means by a certain Tweelek Sith Lord. After sometime the fallen apprentice returns to his old Jedi master and shares with her just how good the dark side can be. I think Lazy Fuck's got all the details worked out :D

Just a thought, enjoy PP2014 ;)

botc76 said...

Anon here again.

First off, I had no reason for using anonymous, I was just too lazy to decide which ID or tag to use.

As for my question, thanks for clearing it up.

I have to admit, I probably won't sign up under these conditions though.
There are so many artist that give you their stuff to look at for free, you can download it for free to your hd, all they ask for is some comment and a little appreciation.

I do really like your art, and I was willing to pay the relatively reasonable price for a subscription, but I would feel as if I'd have to pay twice if I have to pay 2 dollars per set extra just for downloading.

I'm not looking for an argument with you, I'm sure you've got your reasons and they are perfectly fine, it's just how I see/feel it.

Anyway, thanks for explaining it to me and have a good time.

Arkon said...

Wow, nothing better than than sexy sith girls. Looks damn hot.

Supro said...

Yay for technology being kept back another generation! I'm ready to get me an PS3.5 and Xbox 360 1/2!

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