Friday, August 9, 2013

Ryoko AvP

Xenomorphs vs Predators! No matter who wins, sexy cyborg girl Ryoko still ends up getting fucked. It's 42 pics of alien sex and graphic violence at! And. of course, site members get the set download free for the next month(-ish).

Played around with this one for awhile. Tried some new things - lighting techniques & camera parenting, and also some postwork stuff. Also played around with Ryoko's look a bit. Bonus points if you can name influences for who her face/hair are based off. Was originally gonna do a jungle-type scene for the set - in honor of the good ole original Predator which coincidentally has been playing on Spike like twice a day for the past month (Get to tha choppa!). In any case, turns out Xenomorphs look really weird near plants. Just did not seem to work. So went with the classic nest scene instead.

And a special shout-out to Forender for their particularly awesome Xenomorph model. Forender is one of those little indie shops that alot of people just never get to know about. If you render, you should go check them out. Tons of weird and cool stuff there. One downside is that they don't seem to do much work with material zones and most of the models are just one texture map - but the textures are still pretty damn good.

Also went to go see Elysium this afternoon.... I am going to try and be as polite and restrained as I can at the moment and simply say - I do not recommend this movie. I shall wait until tomorrow to post my thoughts on the film, in hopes that I can manage to be somewhat civil after a night's sleep.

0009 Uniform for Aiko 3 by Digiport & Boundless (love the PP2014 morphing & fitting tools)
Bioflow by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar
Swidhelm's Hunter by Swidhelm (it's free!)


Anonymous said...

Wow Ryoko's eyes are disturbing.

Tipler said...

Character reminds me of the female main character in Doomsday. She had a artificial eye too.

Nice set as allways, thought the cocks on those facehuggers looks . . . umm . . .well . . .

Zafo said...

Nice find Mongo, i allready see 3 models im gona buy from that guy.
I have too agree with Anon on the eye.
It kinda looks out of place, i would put
something more that resembles lenses (something that i used on my cyborg girl).
But besides that great set.

Knight77 said...


It looks all nice there, but when I looked through the weapons, I recognized a lot of weapons from games

right now, for me it looks like they just rip off game models and sell them!

There are weapons from "SKYRIM" and "Mass Effect"

for example:
the model he claim to have the copyright:

and here the original mass effect weapon

I was suspicious about this guy before, because he sold a weapon that looked like the shotgun from bioshock, but I thought he just got inspired by it, but this site now looks very suspicious

I use game parts myself in some of my renderings, but I don't sell them and make others believe I did them...

This Wartech guy has way toooo many models and too different style, this can't be all his doing...
so be carefull

Faro09 said...

Lol, those face huggers are 100% accurate. Really like the return of ryoko, haven't seen her in awhile. I really liked the tron inspired version, but this version does well too. That poor predator, all he wanted was some satisfaction. I really like the idea of several beasts fighting over a girl. Keep up the good renders.

MongoBongo said...

Don't like the eye? Hmmm. One question. Would you still hit it? Rest my case. *drops mic*

@Knight77 - Yeah, that looks just a wee bit similar. In this case "wee bit" being defined as "exactly alike". So it is quite possible, they are game rips. Would explain the accuracy of the Dragonleaf outfit to the Magna Carta game as well. So reckon folks might want to give it some thought before using them for commercial work.

Knight77 said...

game rips are OK in general
but selling them to others as their own is wrong!
there is no faq that says: "these are game rip offs, which I modyfied for easier poser use
That's why I charge money for it"
right now it's like
"I sell a lot of cool models, where I have the copyrights to"

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