Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer 2013

Because nothing says "summer" like a pair of drunk slutty video-game princesses getting gang-banged in a tropical paradise by Diddy Kong and his tribe of surfer monkeys. Right? I mean I think I read that somewhere. Whatever. In any case, it's 28 pics of vacation fun at And members get the set download for free for the next month or so.

OMFG my eyeballs hurt. Bitches hair was a poser artifact nightmare. (Poser artifacts are little black dots that show up in the render process that occur for a variety of reasons - in this case polygon smoothing on a transmap surface.) Shit ton of postwork correcting. I'd hate these digital vixens if only they didn't look so damn hot. Also remind me not to do orgy scenes in the future. Posing hell trying to get all the body parts in the right position while, at the same time providing a decent camera shot. Ugh. But end result always makes it worth the effort.

And my faith in movies has been somewhat restored. Kick Ass 2. Decent movie. Not quite as good as the first one, but still entertaining. Obviously, if you didn't like the first one, you're not gonna like this one either. But I did. So there! Never read the comic so no idea how closely it follows. Downside of the movie was the cliche high school shit. But overlooking that, still decent. Kick Ass actually got to kick some ass which was fun. Night Bitch / Lindy Booth is yumm! Jim Carrey was completely unrecognizable (which is a good thing). And the Hit Girl chick is going to grow up to be unbelievably hot in a few years.

And in other news, Renderotica has decided to commit a long and painful process of ritual suicide. If you haven't been by there in the past week or two, they have undergone a massive image and website change. Which would be a good thing.... if they actually tested it beforehand. Apparently they didn't, cuz shit is just all fucked up. Some of the stuff is definitely good. They finally started displaying thumbs of their Premiere Gallery - which was something I had been suggesting years ago when I still hung out there (before I realized that for the most part they are a insular clique of circle-jerking neckbeards and freakish old women - not bitter :-/). 'Course their Premiere still suffers from the same problems it has for years - too much of it is worse that than the average free gallery submission. Don't get me wrong, some of the artists are fucking amazing. Others... not so much. And it really should be "best of the best" in there. A purging should have been done a long time ago.

Unfortunately there is a cloud within the silver lining of the new site. They decide to institute some sort of weird ass limited view count system to the galleries. The "free" galleries. So you can only view so many images a day. Want more? Well then friend *greasy smile*, you can just buy more image views in our store for the low low price of some fee. Yeah. So not only do they want to fuck over artists by charging for gallery space that provides the material that draws folks to the site. They also want to gouge the visitor to the site as well. Brilliant! That will surely build a strong and vibrant community! ...Fucktards.

Not surprisingly, Affect3D is circling above eagerly watching as Rotica's walking corpse shambles along to it's inevitable demise. They've already expanded their store with Merovingian's new release, cutting into Rotica's traditional niche. And they've made pitches to other artists as well. So should be interesting to see how it all pans out over the course of the next year.



Knight77 said...

first of all:
nice preview pictures ;)
posing an orgy is hell
posing and animating an orgy and make it look like an infinite loop... you can guess^^

I was going to see kickass 2 too
I wish more cinemas would play original language movies

I can't rid myself of the feeling that you don't like renderotica xD
I never joined that community because most of theit posted stuff is some poser 5 ugly doll massacre
I mean everyone starts little with no clue of anything, but some of these "artists" posting there for years and they don't seem to have any interests in any artistic perfection
but there are some really hot artists as well

Faro09 said...

Lol, Diddy Kong. I didn't see that coming at all. Well at least Peach and Zelda got that well deserved gang bang. One thing I've noticed, that I actually like, are the tan lines. They're subtle, but I really like the fact that they're there. I'm also really happy to see the two back in action. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

sumuner said...

I got on here to check if you had post any news rants about the latest revelation that Ben Afleck is gonna be the new batman for Batman V Superman...(or are you gonna wait 'n' see how it turns out:)) when I found this lovely update :3

Dare I say, this is better than the bar set!?!?
well done Mongo!

yup, I just went to rotica for the first time in four months over the weekend and everything is messed up, they merged with CGBytes, which was an ok site by itself, but now that they're one, its a nightmare...

MongoBongo said...

@Knight77 - It's a love/hate relationship. I love what they were, I hate that they were never able to become more and what they are now.

@Faro - Only noticed ONE thing that you like? Wow. Tuff crowd. :-P

@Sumuner - No. I had not heard that. Jesus christ why didn't they just get a Baldwin or something if they wanted it to be that bad? I think I'm going to go slit my wrists now. And glad you liked the set. It will be a nice condolence as the last bit of life leaks out of me. Ben Afleck. Fuck!

ncorde said...

Amazing job and concept for this Peach & Zelda set. I'm glad to see you creating another set with the duo since the New Year's 2013 set with them was the reason I subscribed to your site. Granted, it took a lot, and I mean a lot heh, of searching until I found out that it was your work since when I first saw the images they were being used on one of (well, actually, many of) those random 3D "video"/image pron subscription sites. Needless to say I'm thankful for that random fateful pop-up because here I still am, and here you are re-affirming my member-based support of your work. Keep up the great sets! Wouldn't be mad if Peach and Zelda make another come-back sooner rather than later~

Faro09 said...

I didn't mean it like that. I was just admiring the amount of work you put into the set. It's very subtle, but it shows how much attention to detail you put into the set. The tan lines go really well with the theme of the set.

There are several things that I liked about the set. As I said before, Peach and Zelda are my favorite models of yours and I'm really happy to see them back. Your work keeps getting better and better and I can't wait to see what you will do next.

Dante the Dark Prince said...

I have got to say, I'm a huge fan of your work. I've been follwing it for years and I've finally managed to the sets I've always liked most, in full. And I agree with Faro09. Peach and Zelda are the sweetest little sluts, lol. Just a quick question though, do you do commissions? If so how much would you charge?

Someguy said...

Awesome work. Your Peach and Zelda sets are some of my favorites so I was very excited to see this.

joeannie said...

Hmmm ... Peach ... :)

MongoBongo said...

@ncorde - Yeah those sites are both a blessing and a curse.

@Faro - Don't lie!!!11oneone We know what you meant! You're against me. You've ALWAYS been against me! You're conspiring with THEM. But I will have the last laugh! Oh yes, I will. I shall reap my rewenge upon all of you! BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! (Ben Afleck most of all.)

@Dante - They are indeed! And no, don't really have time for commissions. But always on the look out for ideas for new sets. In fact, was intending to make another post about that. (Y'all can wait for the post to pitch ideas, don't clutter the fuck out of these comments with them.)

@Someguy - Yeah I'm kinda fond of them too! :-)

@Joeannie - Peaches are both tasty and good for you too!

Supro said...

"Not surprisingly, Affect3D is circling above eagerly watching as Rotica's walking corpse shambles along to it's inevitable demise."

Whoa! I wouldn't say we're doing that. We're just giving artists more options for their artwork. If anything, this will be good for everyone in the long run. :)

MongoBongo said...

Behold how the nefarious Supro spider spins his web of lies and deceit to placate and misdirect the naive cattle. Even as his Machiavellian schemes for total 3d pr0n domination begin to unfold! Don your tinfoil hats, and do not be taken in by his duplicitous subterfuge my friends! Cuz remember, if you don't see a conspiracy in everything around you, then you simply aren't looking hard enough!

The milk in your breakfast cereal, what ulterior motive does it have?!!

Seph Harrison said...

Nice piece, definitely a surprise, monkeys, gorillas and the like are too rarely seen.

As to Renderotica, it gets better, the system ate my old user account (i'm just a viewer), and customer service is lacking the service part.

Dante the Dark Prince said...

Well that sucks. I was hoping you could make... oh nevermind I'll wait for your next post before clutering this one up. However I thought I should let you know that I plan to make a few of your creations outfits for the Super Deepthroat flash game, if that's alright with you that is.
Specifically: Mynxie the Christmas Elf
Tavern Maid & Groknar
Northern Elf
Snow White Mongo Bongo variant
Belf the Blood Elf
and Caleigh McClintock

I did the same thing for Fullytank's Paladin and she turned out "lovely"

If you're interested in seeing what I can do, you can check it out here:

Supro said...

*in a confused Farnsworth voice*


Jenny Poussin said...

I did hear that many times about Summer ... or what it my inner lil devil talking?! Can never be sure anymore, she just wont shut up it seems! giggle ... AMAZING Mongo! Whatever trouble it gave you: it was well worth it! ♥♥♥ And as a fellow summer slut-bunny I gotta say: there is nothing like a good "sex on the beach" gangbang? (or is that a drink? I get confused ...)
Big Kiss

Anonymous said...

PEACH is my favorite. Gangangs are best for me. Will definitely buy this set.

Anonymous said...

blonde ruls

Anonymous said...

New member joined because of this set and Ryoko AvP, just so you know :-)

VERY happy to see more of them.

Planetfall said...

Not surprised that this got so many comments. It pretty much satisfies every perversion imaginable. The girls, poses and facial expressions could not be any hotter. Killer Combo, Mongo!

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