Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zafo: Caged Succubus

A great new set from Zafo with another of his awesome chicks! A sexy succubus seduces her way out of a cage and gets a tasty snack. It's 27 pics of demonic seduction available at mongo-bongo-art.com. And of course, all the money goes to Zafo. He's doing much better these days. But probably needs some therapy after being forced to eat all his aardvarks to survive. So help a brother out!

And let this set be an example for anybody who intends to rule a kingdom or anything along those lines. Seriously, this set should be it's own section in the Evil Overlord List. Make all your guards post-menopausal gorilla-women or sexless killer robots. Not young, dumb, curious, horny punks. Unless of course you like having succubi (or slutty heroines or w/e) wandering about causing trouble. Which I guess does have it's own perks. :-P


Will Zenn said...

Looks like an awesome set Zafo!

Faro09 said...

Zafo's work have increased in quality with every set he produces. I'm glad to see him doing such good work and to hear that he is doing much better now. I'm really glad you gave him an opportunity to sell his stuff on your website. That's what I like about the 3DX community here, everyone helps each other out.

The girl looks amazing. I can see her eyeballing those keys as she's blowing the guard. Great job on the set, Zafo.

Zafo said...

Thanks All.
Since i started posting here i had allot more time
for 3DCG so i can mess arround and try new things to make beter stuff. Allso money is another motivation :P
Allso Mongo, stop mencioning aardvarks!
I want to forget......T_T

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