Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wolves Suck

Ok, so I hate wolves. I hate wolves the way that a rancher hates wolves. I hate them the way a lost hiker hates wolves. If I could kill every last wolf on earth and rub the corpses in the face of every douchebag that thinks they are wonderfully beautiful or that they are some sort of bullshit spirit animal, I would be the happiest man ever. Seriously. Fuck Wolves. Fuck them in the ass! Well not literally. That would be sick. But wolves fucking a hot chick, that would be hot... Yeah... That's not hypocritical or fucked up at all, and I certainly don't need psychiatric help. Well whatever. Point is, wolves suck. If they could just be like a hairless Chihuahua or something, they'd be fine. But they aren't. They are all furry and shit, which makes them a pain in the ass to render. Clocked a new record - 10 hour render... Fuck wolves. It's their fault, definitely not my substandard computer's.

But haven't been lazy with my free time. Got some work done on the next set. 2nd laptop is a plus. Amusingly enough next set might even be all posed up by the time the FUCKING WOLVES finish rendering. God I hate them. If you have Tomb Raider 2013, please go shoot every goddamn wolf in the game in the head. Repeatedly. Right. In any case, got the Zergling, Kerrigan, and some scenery done. So some pics for your enjoyment.

And also some random rocker chick I was playing around with. Not really sure what I would use her for though. Ideas?

EDIT - And on a sidenote, Blueberry RedBull isn't very good (currently suffering thru a can of it). Much prefer the Cranberry.


Anonymous said...

Lara set still on hold? :( The wait will be worth it, I'm sure!

Cannon said...

Damn it, didn't mean for it to cause an issue, just thought it seemed suiting after finishing the game. May have to donate a bit of extra cash for it then :)

Anonymous said...

The funniest update so far. XD keep it up!

Anon said...

You should watch that Movie " The Grey" Then we talk about Wolves

You have to make a Set with that rocker chick!!!
She looks amazing. Ideas....suprise us^^

Hammer said...

Well, I think it is obvious: the rocker chick has played on the wrong night: the audience goes wild, looses control, storms the stage as werewolves!

I hope I don't get banned for that :-(

Lazy Fuck said...

Minus the werewolves a stage invasion was my first thought as well. While I'm not sure if you're taking suggestions I'd just like to throw one out there regardless:

Jenny Poussin as Emma Frost, being gang-raped by some black men. The White Queen being forced to submit by some black men and then "frosted" and made in to a real "White Queen" - what's not to love?

I know you already have at least one set planned for her with Game of Thrones, but maybe in a few months or something when you want to do her again this might take your fancy. She's in the middle of battling some black men, their thoughts turn quite obviously to her slutty outfit and what they'd like to do to her, she picks up on all those naughty thoughts and gets a little excited, starts bending over a bit more than needed and things just escalate till the little bitch is on her knees where she belongs being throat fucked before they collar her and make her their newest pro.

TheMadMonk said...

MB, if it makes you feel any better I think I have killed and skinned over a hundred of the suckers working my way thru Skyrim…����

Zafo said...

I report mission complete MB!
i grinded 74 points in blacksmithing
in skyrim making leather bracers that
were made out of 100% wolf fur!

Allso, got to those girls in tight body suits.

As for rocker girl? Hmm.
Meaby she is geting fucked by some fat bigtime
music producer in exchange for a contract?

Blueberry RedBull? Never tryed it.
I hate blueberrys.

Anonymous said...

The rocker chick has a bunny doll... maybe she can be doing some voo doo ritual and the doll grows into some giant monster bunny and does things to her?

Tantacel said...

Well obviously Rock and Roll is the music of the devil. So Rock Chick strums some chords from an old song book she found and it summons the she demon Devonna! (because she does need another set)

Who then proceeds to turn the rock chick into her ideal slave (increased breast size, longer tongue, maybe two futa cocks depending on where you wanna go...)

Alternatively, she humps a group of hairless Chihuahua's in a very white room. Rendered set in 10 mins and no need for mind altering redbull (which mings no matter what flavour - only good with vodka when you want the night to carry on)

Anonymous said...

Mongobongo should make a Hansel and Gretal set. Gretal gets banged by the troll and Hansel fucks the white and black witches how nice that would be. I hope you will make this set cause I know you will make it epic.

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