Tuesday, March 12, 2013

K'rikka & the Lizard King

Sexy goblin girl K'rikka is back! (Yeah I know, "sexy" and "goblin" rarely go in the same sentence, but for her it works!) This time she gets captured, bound, and gets a good hard double-dicking from the Lizard King... and then she comes back for more! It's 22 pics of goblinesque glory at mongo-bongo-art.com. And the download is free for members for the next month (as always).

So first set with LaliBits. And must say I am very very pleased. Came out fabulous. Minimal postwork required in the groin area, no need to use the Liquify tool to make her ass nice and round (and gotta say, her ass came out really damn well). Once again, highly recommend getting it! Course that was about the only easy thing in this set. Y'know how I always swear up and down how "next set I'm gonna use less". LOL yeah right. Shit-ton of trees, tons of plants and grass, a crazy hi-rez multi-layer trans-map hair prop, a water reflection plane with heavy bump & displacement, and to top it all off 7 ray-trace lights. I'm such a fucking idiot. 6-8 hour renders. Came out nice though. But christ it was a busy set.

And speaking of busy, this month is going to be hell. So much set inspiration. Let's see... Tomb Raider 2013... Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm... St Paddy's Day... Game of Thrones... and thought the new Star Trek was this month, but that's thankfully pushed back 'til May. Originally thought I was gonna play those games. Bitch please. You ain't got the time for that. Which it true. So just ended up watching the cutscenes for Tomb Raider on Youtube. Good story, but some crazy shit in there. Like Uncharted meets God of War with a bit of Masks of Nyarlathotep sprinkled on top. Got the impression the gameplay was a bit repetitive though - lots of sliding and shooting. But probably best to talk to somebody who has actually played the game about that though. Actually... fuck that! My ignorant and unqualified opinion should be enough.

Also, had a nice water leak in my bedroom this weekend. Until you've experienced it, you have no idea how much your life can be screwed up by your bedroom getting soaked. Forget the shit getting damaged, just the whole inconvenience of it. Got to come back from pulling an all-nighter to find my bed and carpet all squishy with water. So a fun weekend of disassembling furniture and pulling up carpet. Still sleeping on the couch while stuff dries out. Arrgh!

In other news, got a new blog for y'all! Red Robot. First, he has a great blog layout. Seriously, the shit looks awesome. The red and black theme looks really sharp, and the pics just pop. Oh, and there are nekkid chicks too. Mostly he specializes in girl/girl action, with a smattering of monster stuff thrown in. More on the realism side of things, with nice crisp renders. So go check it out!

Throne of Ukko by DAZ3D (old DAZ freebie, no longer available)
ADS Dungeon Door by LukeA (no longer available)


An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Boy, she's really GOBLIN those cocks! Nyuk!

Good thing he didnt get eREPTILE dysfunction! Har!

It sure was COLD-BLOODED of her to steal all his shit! Guffaw!

what a bitch

Anonymous said...

Oh..oh wow, Mongo, this is absolutely fantastic. There are very few words I can use to describe how fabulously you depicted more than a few personal little fantasies of mine. Iiinteresting use of her tongue, I absolutely adore it. You're definitely a master of your CG craft!

Will Zenn said...

I love this little 3D character of yours and the renders look awesome as always!

joeannie said...

The Lali bits looks great, and glad K'rikka is continuing her adventure :) She's a real solid soul.

Anonymous said...

I played Tomb Raider. Must say that it's one of the best game in this last decade that i've played. The sliding and shooting is measured fine imho.

hzr said...

haha mate,


But damn... I wouldnt have enough patience to wait for 6+ hours on a render ;)

Anonymous said...

Heh, if I could splice K'rikka's rendering into Tomb Raider games like mongo's art here, I'd never stop playing Tomb Raider. Hell, that'd keep me settled for a very, very long time.

Anonymous said...

Game of Thrones... Last page of "Dance with Dragons" (the fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire) where Daenerys is standing beside Drogon (the black and red dragon) as they see Khal Jhaqo Khalasar approaching.
Daenerys could get overpowered after a quick fight, and then get gangraped by Jhaqo, Mora, and all his bloodriders, while the Khalasar men keep Drogon on a steel net. Then she could get gangraped by the whole Khalasar, and their horses too. Drogon seeing his mom/women-he-loves getting gangraped could get all horny and fuck her with his dragon dick too. Like a 60 slides scene or something. Double penetration, Bukakke, Double pussy penetration, Double ass penetration, Quadruple men/horse/dragon penetration, well, everything. And most importantly: DAENERYS LOVING IT AFTER BEING A LITTLE FEISTY IN THE BEGINNING. Exactly as the crazy whore she is the late books... Selling a set like that in your site would make you so rich that you could be kind and give me a copy of the set for free, lol.
Food for your thought:
Dany and her baby dragons:
and her and Drogon in the fighting pit:

Bearly said...

where can i download this set ?

Will Zenn said...

Mongo this is excelent, I just started watching Game of Thrones, not only is this my favorite charachter in the show you freaking nailed it with her look. Nice wotk on this 3D Set :) love to see more of her im sure you could whip up a set where she is shared amoungst the warrior tribe she hangs with :)

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