Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zen3d - Zombie Mansion

So we got another new artist added to the site. A big welcome to Zen3d. And he's starting off with a 52-pic set that includes a 26-page PDF story that goes along with it. Beautiful stranded motorist, creepy deserted mansion, and a horny lecherous zombie - what could possibly go wrong? So drop on by for some story-rific fun at mongo-bongo-art.com. And remember all the sales go directly to the artist!

Also a quick shout out for CNC55 and his blog. Added his banner a couple days ago. He already has a decent sized gallery of hotties in all sorts of peril. So be sure to drop by and take a look.


CNC55 said...

Thank's MongoBongo :)

Jaxxey Jax said...

Nice set thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Having just had a quick talk with Zen by email to thank him mailing me the link after Google wallet refused to co-operate I'd just like to drop by and say that the set looks fantastic. Jill looks very sexy and the ass shot early on in the set is probably going to lose me a lot of free time in the next few days.

Not really an ass man usually, but there's a few shots in there I think ass lovers will really appreciate.

Hope you take on some more artists like Zen and Zafo Mongo - would be great to see the site expand to include several who post regularly.

Anonymous said...

Качество сета такое же, как и в превью? Тогда это ужасно.
Quality of a set same, as well as in a preview? Then it is awful.

Tantacel said...

2nd Anon. Really helpful feedback. Thanks for that. Here's some for you. Go deepthroat a knife.

Seems Zen's been rendering for three months. So turning out art after three months (and its a pretty fair set) is impressive. You on the other hand offer nothing but a waste of 4 lines in a blog. Brilliant. New artists need constructive feedback, not trolls.

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