Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Even More Random Stuff

Right-o. So here's some random shit I've been playing around with for awhile. Don't think I've uploaded any of it before. If I already have I'll look kinda silly. In any case, some ideas I've had floating around in my head. Some might make it into sets. Some might not. But there is one that definitely will...

... Judge Anderson from the recent Dredd movie. Never got around to seeing it when it came out, but one of you adoring fans pointed me towards it yesterday. Was actually pretty good (as far as pew-pew movies go). Karl Urban was a proper Judge Dredd - he never took off his helmet. And Olivia Thirlby as Anderson was just plain yummmm! Plus a great scene where she does her Psi-thing and goes into a thug's head, and he tries to turn it around on her. And since it was such a great scene, and since the DVD of the movie is being released today, it's going to be this week's set. Oh! And it also stars Lena Headey, the chick from the terrible Terminator TV show, but more famously the incestuous "mother-from-hell" Lannister from Game of Thrones (site takes forever to load - fuck HBO). Which of course leads to....

... another set idea. Starring our favorite blonde bombshell model Jenny Poussin as the lovely Daenerys Targaryen! Cuz they are so alike. Well they are both blonde. And hot. So whatever. In any case, won't be until March-ish for this set. Cuz that's when the next season of Game of Thrones starts. And if you've somehow eeked out a pitiful existence without seeing the series, you should rectify that immediately and give some meaning to your otherwise pathetic life. Yes, it's that good. Now there is a problem... HBO sucks. Big time. They didn't put the series up on Netflix or Hulu. Which is probably why it ended up as the world's most pirated series. But that's what happens when you have an outdated business model centered on a dying media source that is all designed to fuck over the customer. Brilliant! Now if you want to legally watch the episodes (which of course you do) you can buy the episodes thru Amazon, or get the DVD sets. Oh! And speaking of Jenny....

...she has printed up the three Ensign Jenny sets as a comic. "But I already have the sets! Durrrr." Au contraire ma cherie! (Do French Canadians even say that?) For there is more than just the sets. Jenny has cut-up, reformatted, and added text to the images to create an actual story! And it's pretty good too. You too can get yourself a signed copy if you send her an email/dA-mail and a few dubloons (or whatever Canadians use as money - ice chips? moose droppings?). Which of course leads to...

... well actually this has nothing to do with anything. It's just a test pic of a tavern. And I thought I'd include it because... okay I have no idea why I'm including it. It's a tavern. And it's there. So.... yeah.


Mary-Margret Callahan said...

Believe it or not, we Canadians use Loonies and Toonies as currency...true story. I think that the Predator would be a great addition to the stable of male models. Just have to find him a suitable fuck toy.

TheMadMonk said...

Many things to say nice things about here.
Like you I missed Judge Dredd but looking forward to the Blu-ray.

The Predator would make a nice stud for a number of your virtual vixens, maybe these guys show uo, kick the Borg's collective ass, strip Jenny of her fashion accessories and reap their reward for 'cumming' to her aide as most males of any species across the galaxy would.

By the way have you ever read the novel "Prey" by Stephani Perry? It was the first in the Alien Vs. Predator series and the basis for the first movie.

And speaking of Miss Jenny Daenerys Targaryen is one of my favorite characters in the "Song of Fire and Ice" Series (Correct name for Game of Thrones) and Jenny would make a nice fantasy version of the lovely queen.

By the way if you listen to audiobooks while working on your fantastic artwork I HIGHLY recommend the the series as read (mostly) by Roy Doltrice probably best known as "Father" on the old "Beauty and the Beast" television series, starring Hellboy Ron Pearlman. (BTW George R.R. Martin the author of Gme of Thrones was one of the producers and writers on B & B, go figure...)

And sigh, guess I'm gonna have to dust off all those loonie and toonie's I've been collecting and invest in Ms. Poussin's comics. I'm curious as to the dialog she's chosen. Did she scream in resistance during her entire 'interrogation' by the Klingon bad boys or scream in encouragement halfway through?

And one question, where did ya get the picyure of my dining room??

Will be looking forward to these new sets!!!

joeannie said...

Nice randoms. Not sure you've done a medieval blacksmith and apprentice before ... not that my image of A3 as master and F3 as student is the correct bend :)

Anonymous said...

Two words...HELL YES!

- George

Anonymous said...

Sorry but she looks more like Cersei Lannister (as far as I would have imagined her from the books, not from HBO crap) than Dany. Dany got the SILVERY HAIR from the Targaryens.
So, sorry, but I will jack-off to that image as if I was jacking off to Cersei not to Dany. :P

Ang. said...

I like how the anime girl has a briefcase, like, "I'm going to need you to fill out a few forms before I totally cut you to shreds". Makes everything nice and legal that way!

Anonymous said...

Love that girl in the white skirt and pinstripe jacket. Looks like a prim and proper lady who needs someone to pull up her skirt and nail her from behind.

Anonymous said...

She's probably a bit too tall and buff to be Danaerys too. I can't remember her description from the books, but the girl that plays her in the HBO show is a smaller and much more waifish than that girl. Still, she looks hot regardless.

I love the dress the monster arms lady is wearing too. Not sure about the tentacles and claws, but if she's the one doing the fucking rather than being fucked and the other girl is hot enough then I doubt anyone would care. The dress looks amazing on her though, and I'd love to see a set with someone like high class and posh like Lara Croft or your Blood Elf noble wearing a little black (and possibly kind of transparent) being stripped out of something similar to it. Nothing better than seeing a hot class woman act like a depraved whore after all.

GreenSun said...

The blonde girl from "Game of Thrones" pic is fantastic amazing. Really great! She's much more interesting and beautiful then all random girls above. Can't wait to see her with their monsters from pic. Maybe, will it be several parts of her adventures?

Anonymous said...

AsianSlaneeshiChick is HOT!

TheMadMonk said...

I couldn't stop thinking about Ms. Poussin and the Predator's.

Here's an idea. A small cloaked scout ship with three Predators 'sneaks' onboard a Borg Cube ship for one of their usual hunting parties.

Only thing is the Borg are aware of the raid and as luck would have it the Predators have landed on the Queen's cube. Not wanting to get her flagship shot up in a firefight The Queen sends Fornicatus who has been recently 're-tooled' for special sexual infiltration operations down to subdue the squad by draining them sexually.

There ensues one hell of a gang bang with the the Queen and the rest of the hive mind plugged into Fornicatus where Jenny's high level of intense orgasms causes the neural net to literally short circuit resulting all the Borg to black out.

And just in the nick of time too as the a Borg armada was just about to assimilate Earth, but when the entire Borg armada goes suddenly, unexplainably dormant it easy picking for the ragtag fleet of Federation defenders.

The Predators meanwhile are a bit miffed that after turning Jenny into a semi-unconcious but very happy and satisfied sluttish heap lying in pool of their semen all of the Borg prey are equally unconscious and as such not worthy to be considered prey at this time.

But since there have been very few females of any species who have managed to deep throat and double penetrate them – and seemingly enjoy or even survive the encounter – they throw Jenny over their shoulder, plant an explosive device next to the stunned Queen and leave.

The last shot shows Jenny on the Predator ship getting ready to be used again as the Borg cube explodes on screen.

Hey it's an idea.

One more thing as the Predators remove Jenny's augmentation could you give us a shot of her Klingon brand or did the Star Fleet med staff already have it removed???

Okay one more thing what I like about this scenario is that it fits in with what we've seen about Predator mentality. They love 'mounting' their trophies except in Jenny's case it is more for 'play time' then 'display time'.

Sto Per said...

Martin's S&M, whatever nasty things you do to his character, he'll do worse in the books :P

Faro09 said...

After seeing your render for Judge Anderson I went and watched the movie. The scenes where she was in the guy's was pretty cool and I can totally understand why you wanted to create a set. I'm looking forward to see what you will do.

Nefer Ka Re said...

I see that the The Goddess of the Black Fan has been working out! Nobody should call that particular avatar of Nyarlahotep a 'bloated woman' anymore :-)

Jenny Poussin said...

@Mary-Margret Callahan : “suitable fuck toy “ for the Predator? Where do I sign UP? Giggle … oh and HI 2 a fellow canuck!! :)

@TheMadMonk: any species in the galaxy sounds just about right! Giggle … and I LOVE LOVE Game Of Thrones so it would be SUCH AN HONOR to be Daenerys! ♥♥♥
and to the question “scream in resistance vs scream of encouragement” … I m real happy that you caught that … cuz one turns into the other .. or both are blended in to make one eXXploding mix! Yummm … after all: Resistance is Futile, RIGHT? Giggle
Oh and your Predator-StarTrek(Borg crossover idea sounds HOT! ♥
And happy you noticed the Klingon brand … do you actually KNOW what it said? (YES I m THAT much of a trekkie … I asked Mongo to use actual Klingon! Giggle)

@Anonymous: “too tall????” I m 5’ tall 100lbs!! But since I ve always had a small complex about my size .. I guess I gotta say: THANXX!!!

@GreenSun: ThanXX! ♥♥♥

@Mongo: Do I even NEED 2 say how much I think you sooo TOTALLY ROCK as an artist and eXXpert in erotic yummyness? ♥♥♥

TheMadMonk said...

Jenny, Thanks for the kind words! I can't stress how much your participation and comments add a whole extra level of heat to these blogs!!!

Okay, I'll bite – both about the brand and (dreaming about) the super shapely ass it's burned onto – what's it say?

Yeah, I'm a bit of Trek Freak too. But you'll have too forgive me in that I lost my standard Klingon to English dictionary.

Btw – did you know that Klingon is the fastest growing language on the planet? Well percentage wise that is.

And while I don't speak fluent Klingon I will offer this salute in your basic Latin "Certa Dea" which when translated in context means "Assuredly a Goddess" which my dear you certainly are!!!

I lok forward to many more nasty adventures of your's that both Mongo and Zzomp (and a few other of these highly talented creative perverts) ca come up with!!!!

Later Mad Monk

Anonymous said...

ohhh come on...still no new set?

MongoBongo said...

Sorry dude... been feeling like shit all week thnx to this semi-flu. Just gotta finish postwork on the set. Thought it was gonna be done tonite, but looking more like tomorrow. :-( ... Fuck the flu. Fuck it in the ear.

Anonymous said...

damn now i feel like shit because i posted that. Relax and cure your flu. Your health more important than anything else.
Get well soon.

Jenny Poussin said...

I offered to bring Mongo some hot chicken soup wearing my Daeny Jenny Games Of Thrones fantasy seXXy outfit ...
FEEL BETTER soon Mongo! :)

@TheMadMonk: The Klingon brand basically identifies me as their Human Harlot (using the "nice" version of the word here! giggle)

Big Kiss


TheMadMonk said...

@ Jenny: While I all for the healing power of Jewish Penicillin (Chicken Soup) having it delivered by in a Daeny sexxxy fantasy outfit will probably lead to a definite raise in temperature and heart rate!

But then again most of this crowd probably believe in the old adage "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger."

And if the visage of you so beautifully decked out did prove to much for his weakened condition it would be interesting to hear him explain to St. Peter as why he can't get the shit eating grin off of his face.

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