Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vette: Slave of the Sith

Yay! Another set! Our favorite sexy twi'lwk Vette again. This time getting pounded by her Sith master! All 27 pics of sexy slave abuse at mongo-bongo-art.com. And as always, the set is free for members for the next month!

Yup. Vette again. Love rendering her. Not only is she cute, she has no hair so render times are super quick. Which makes things very handy. Now I was originally working on another set that I wanted to release along with something else. But it seems that scheduling wasn't going to happen quite as planned. So I ended up scrambling for something else to make for a set. And thus we have our little blue lovely Vette. From start to finish the whole set took less than three days. Which frankly is pretty damn awesome. Helps to have the character already made, use a pre-made pose set, and have minimal background. If it weren't for posing those lekku (the head tentacles thingies) probably woulda been done in 2 days.

Is anything new happening with SWTOR these days? Haven't really taken a look over there in forever.

Alice 4.0 by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Bioflow by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Sith Purebloods by Diaxus2 (Free is always nice!)
Short Style Hair by Zygote (apparently no longer available from DAZ)
M4 Bodysuit by Discobob (I soooo hate DAZ's new site)
SciFi Furniture Set by Tufif (no longer available)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Avengers: Hulk & Black Widow

Avengers Assemble! Or in this case pair up and fuck. So new set with Natasha Romanoff (or Romanova) aka Black Widow and good ole Hulk. 17 pics of super heroic fun over at mongo-bongo-art.com. With the set being free for the next month for members. Yay!

In case you are one of the three people in the world who hasn't seen the new Avengers movie - go see it! It's not the world's best movie, but it is fun and has some really great scenes (Hulk & Loki!). And of course it inspired this set. Now before anyone says anything about Black Widow in the set - all credit for it goes to Mihrelle. I just used her morph and texture. Perfect likeness of Scarlett Johansson. Speaking of which was really NOT a fan of Ms. Johansson when she first hit it big. Mostly because all the pics of her at the time were with the ridiculous clown make-up. Some women can pull off the "candy apple red" lipstick look. She is not one of them. But then saw some pics with normal make-up and was all "Wow!". Right. So just had to toss that in there. Back to the point of the awesome likeness. All credit goes to the vendor on that one. I tried to make a quick Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner actor in the movie). It came out looking like Bill Gates. Seriously. And on another sidenote, Edward Norton made a much better Bruce Banner. Course he is just an epic actor, period.

One gripe with the Avengers movie was Thor getting punked. He's supposed to be a freakin god, and he was just getting slapped around. Plus he was made into a bit of a side-character during the movie. But guess that's a bit dependent on box office sales for the other movies. Which is probably why it was more "Ironman & the Avengers" than a team movie. Oh! One more gripe. The Black Widow character. She's this hot sexy femme fatale seductive killer. In the movie it seemed like they were going for more of the cold professional ice-queen thing, instead of the sexpot assassin. Which kinda competed with the Agent Hill character (omfg Cobie Smulders is so hot!) who did a much better job of the ice-queen schtick. So that was a bit weird. Wonder if it was Johansson's preference not to be sexualized or the studio going with a PC female role-model thing or maybe something else.

Kavaro Hair by Neftis (apparently no longer selling anything?)
Menswear 1930 by Ravenhair (looks like DAZ fucked up their site - no vendor pages now)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Naruto - Hinata & Killer B

Little known fact - Hinata doesn't really like Naruto. She's just a complete whore for anyone with a Tail Beast sealed inside of them. Believe it! And when given the chance to see what the Eight Tails is all about, she can't pass up the chance. So a new set available at the paysite - www.mongo-bongo-art.com! 29 pics of everyone's favorite low-esteem kunoichi taking it hard and fast from Killer B. And of course, the download is free for members for the next month.

So had originally intended for this set to be around 12 pics and to finish it on Wednesday. Yeeaahhh. I should know by now that simply isn't the way things work. Once I start rendering, more and more ideas start popping into my head. And instead we get sets twice the size. Had fun playing with some effects that I hadn't messed around with for awhile. So it's all good.

Oh, and on a side note, has anybody else run into issues with the paysite not formatting correctly? On one laptop it looks fine and normal. On the other it's just a mess of text and pics on a white screen. Both running Firefox 12 so not sure what's up.

Warrior Maiden Braith by Surreality (does some great pale skinned textures!)
Sickle Sleeveless Hoodie V4A4S4 by SickleYield (has another great hoodie but for V5 - feh!)
Caleb Hair by AprilYSH (does great hair models!)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Groknar the Barbarian

This time around we have Groknar the Orc Barbarian getting a side order of Tavern Maid to go along with his meal. Some of you may recognize the goofy helmet and the orc wearing it from the old Wood Elf set. Well it is him and he's back doing what he does best! It's 30 pics of waitress ravishing fun, available at www.mongo-bongo-art.com. And the download is free for members for the next month. Gotta love DigitalDeliveryApp and how easy it is to adjust pricing. Never coulda done it with the old E-Junkie storefront.

Anyway, had been bouncing the idea for this set in my head for like forever and a day. Finally got around to doing it. And of course, all that time made me want to get it "just right". Spent ridiculous amounts of time working on the lighting. And gotta say, it did pay off rather nicely. Still took way too long though. But whatever. So obviously influenced a bit by Conan (in case you were wondering wtf that last pic was all about). And originally the set was gonna feature a different orc (see below). So got him all built up and looked at the coloration and realized blue just was not gonna work as well as green would. And since we already have a green orc he ended up getting another set, an upgraded look, and a name (lucky him!).