Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zafo: Farah from LoQO

Yay! A new Zafo set for the site! This time based on everyone's favorite Egyptian cougar milf, Farah from The Legend of Queen Opala (LoQO for short), getting it on with two hung studs. Available of course at 20 pics of Egyptian architecture and hieroglyphics (oh, and lots of sex too!). And remember, all the money goes to the artist. Last set was a success for Zafo, so he was able to quit his second job as a toilet cleaner in a hostel for transients. BUT! He still has his flock of sickly aardvarks to care for, so we are relying on you for help. Won't you help?

And in case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, never been on the internet, and have no idea what it is, LoQO is fantasy RPG game made with RPG Maker by Gabriel Logan. It's in the vein of one of those classic crappy old-school Japanese hentai games, but without the bad translations. So if you wanna check it out, you can at his site, and if you are entertained by it, toss him a donation or two.


Anonymous said...

for your info Gabriel Logan is a woman.. :P

but still nice art

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I loved this game and all their OCs. Beautiful renditions here.

Anonymous said...

Great work as usual. It is just unfortunate, sad that both you and the Great work of Zafo are in a position-need to sell your renders. It is difficult to purchase so many, or one for that matter on my limited income.

That said, I did just e-mail you. I tried to click on a Zafo purchase. took me to pay-pal, OK. but once there it looked to be in the polish language only? Confusing & no clue what to fill out or where? Did I do something wrong? I didnt see an option for US in drop down.

Love, Love your work & Zafo - just wish I didn't need to pay for all of it. I just can't afford it or would so so for almost all of it.


Anonymous said...

Thats wierd.
But all you have to do is to chenge pl
in link adress to en.
Its right after <-this to en

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